Battle with The Ravaging Shadow (1)

Then after a focused, really high-pitched scream that caused their ears to burst and bleed, including that of Max which however rapidly healed in the next instant, the male said looking at Max, "Mortal, how were you able to gain entry into this place? And where did you get these marveling abilities from? What forbidden fruits of essence did you eat? Or what land of fortune did you accidentally stumble into?" 

Then before Max could say anything, the white-robed male who looked lean and pale like he was sick and hadn't eaten for days, and had a silk-straight, violet-colored hair that reached his waist and also gently fluttered in the soft wind that circulated about in this region, said with an awed expression in his face, "I have been watching your battle. And I must say that I am really impressed by you."

"Your abilities, movement skills, strength, and artifacts are just out of this world. So, I would like to know, where did you get them

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