Battle with the high-ranked guards (2)


As soon as the attacks were unleashed by the guards, which then traveled towards Max at the speed that he wasn't really expecting them to reach or achieve, numerous deafening bang sounds began to ring out as the massive and fierce attacks composed from all sorts of Qi, struck Max in his body all at once, driving him into the ground as they repeatedly caused deep craters to surface and huge amounts of dust to erupt into the air such that it formed a massive dustcloud that hovered only a few feet above the ground and covered the entire region.

As for the numerous ice projectiles that he fired from the Ice Abdicator at the cultivator guards that he targeted, they were instantly pelted by them which then caused them to screech out in pain and agony. 

Although they could have dodged it since they floated in the air, but because they were knocked off-balance due to the blast shockwaves that prev

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