Breaking the Helm of Gods (1)

After Max had heavily punched away each of the high-ranked cultivator guards that stood in his path using the jet boots that enabled him to move at a high speed, he used it to fly back to the ground and immediately deactivated it.

Then now faced with the powerful, Helm of Gods defensive formation that protected the buildings were many type of treasures were stored, Max began to think of what to do. 

Suddenly, a particular thought flashed in his mind that he should try to forcefully stimulate the flow of Kronous Energy in his body so as to acquire more strength which he would use to shatter the luminous shield and gain unrestricted entry into each of the buildings. 

He however discarded the thought as soon as it came up in his mind. And this was because from the size of the glowing shield which stretched for miles to envelop all the large and towering buildings, he felt that he wouldn't be able to contain the st

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