Battling Swordstorm (4)

In my lifetime of more than forty thousand years to reach this particular stage that I am currently at, I have done a lot of good and bad things to reach where I am, with some of them including getting to a stage where I nearly lost my precious life and most parts of my bodies before I finally switched over to the bad side, since it pays far more than being good which is rather highly disgusting and nauseating. Haha. So, don't think that your fortuitous encounter with some perverse godly materials or ancient battle method will allow you to match up with the kind of myriad skills or techniques that I currently have, and the insane battle prowess that I painstakingly grew and nurtured over the years." Swordstorm said and looked at Max in the manner that he would look at a ant or bug. 

Max heard that and nodded his head.

He then said, "Out of all the City Lord-level cultivators that I have fought with in the past, only you have been able t

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