Jade Battle God

"What a mind-numbing feeling of great power" Max said while the Ancient Being nodded it head in satisfaction at wherever it was.

And now holding the sword that previously rotated around him in his hands, Max focused on channeling large amounts of Kronous Energy into it to see what it would be capable of doing.

However, only until he had channeled huge amounts of Kronous Energy into the sword for about five minutes before it began to emit a dazzling, resplendent light that caused everywhere to be dyed in it color.

As soon as this happened, with the sword emitting a dazzling light that illuminated the region, strong pulses of power that produced the feeling of incomparable and horrifying sharpness, began to emit from the sword, causing the solid brown earth beneath his feet to immediately slice apart, and the air to churn and at the same time, shred apart as it was being affected by the power of extreme sharpness emitting from the sword.

"Really cool" Max s

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