Once Max said that, the voice of the entity rang out again saying, "I see. And from what you have said so far, I could immediately infer that you possess a type of energy that could let you rival with the fearsomely powerful, god-like beings of our world once you are able to fully harness it. Hmm. This is great. You have just added to my ocean of knowledge. I am glad you came here to my place to train yourself, and in the process, added to my knowledge that has seen ninety-nine percent of the fantastic and marvelous things in our universe." 

"So, this your world? What's it called? And where is it located?" The voice of the ancient being asked.

"My world is called Earth. It's a planet in a particular universe that I feel is parallel to this universe." Max immediately replied and told the truth so as not to anger this immensely powerful being who he couldn't see, and couldn't imagine what he would do to him if he tried to lie to him.

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