Meeting The Peerless Heavenly Goddess, Xiao Bilan

Many minutes later since they were moving at great speeds, they finally reached a cave where they found the item which was in the shape of a pill.

Then with feelings of happiness and excitement bubbling endlessly in their hearts, they quickly dashed away with Max out of the cave that they were in to leave the mountain.

As soon as they came out through the entrance of the cave and into the valley that the mountain which the cave was in bordered on, they came across the group that Xiao Bilan was in.

"Elder sister Bilan. You are here too?" Shang Fei asked with shock when he saw Xiao Bilan.

"What? Do you think only you guys can kill beasts and take that pill-shaped object to the sect to be rewarded with herbs, medicinal pills and other cultivation resources? Eh?" Xiao Bilan asked with a broad smile surfacing on her lips while Shang Fei only shook his head with a smile appearing in his face.


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