Taking on every bandit as they appear (1)

The instant his kicking leg struck that side of his rib, the bandit screamed out in pain. While the kick which carried an immense amount of crushing force with it, simply shattered the bandit's bone and sent him flying into the far distance where he crashed into the earth at a distance of fifteen feet away.

Immediately Skysword viciously kicked that bandit away which could have also possibly resulted in his death, one of the bandits that stood far in the distance, suddenly aimed out one of his palms at him and discharged large amounts of Ice Qi from it which then instantly condensed into a massive spear of ice that began to emanate a shocking freezing temperature. 

As soon as the large, crystalline spear of ice surfaced in mid-air, it instantly shot out at a great speed towards Skysword in the distance who then quickly turned around to face the sudden attack that had been sent out at him without any form of warning. 


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