"Red Dragon Fists, should we go after him and recollect the treasures that he was given?" The man asked further with narrowed eyes.

"Well, we can't possibly do that now. Look at those elders, they have been looking at the boy with eye expressions that I can't really understand." The man called Red Dragon Fist said.

He then said further, "I think they might also want something from the brat. So, let's keep our cool till the opportunity for us to strike shows itself"

"Hmm. Alright boss. You got it" The man speaking to the man called the Red Dragon Fists said.


At the tables where elders from different sects sat, one of them suddenly said, "Why is none of you pursuing the boy? It's unlike you eccentric old men."

Once the elder asked that, he continued with a smile appearing in his face, "I know that you elders are itching to ask the boy various questions that

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