Three-Headed Giant Star Lobster meal

When they entered and sat at a table, a young lady came to their table and asked what they would like to eat.

"Uhm... Can we see the menu?" Max asked, since he didn't know what particular meal to order for.

Then when the lady looked at him with surprise in her eyes, Zhu Lian quickly said "Actually, he's new around here. Just give us the most expensive thing on your menu. He can afford it."

"Oh, okay. Be right back" The young lady said with a nod of her head. She then turned around to go bring the most costly meal that they served to VIP customers around here.

A few moments after she left, Max looked at Zhu Lian and asked with a puzzled expression in his face "Uhm.. Zhu Lian, did you just mention that the waitress should bring the most expensive meal served in this restaurant?"

"Yes I did." Zhu Lian responded.

She then continued by asking further "Any problem with that?"

Then before Max could speak or give a response to the question th

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