Under fire (1)

Immediately the female voice said that and ceased, Max quickly stopped what he was doing and looked at Xiao Bilan who was staring into her spatial ring.

At the moment, she was searching within her spatial ring to produce a movement artifact that she would climb on and would quickly move her to the center of this seemingly, boundlessly vast region before the three days that the voice gave everyone of them was over.

And after sometime, she produced a chariot-like artifact from within her spatial ring and climbed on it.

Once she did so, she looked at Zhu Lian and asked, "What are doing standing there? Come on in"

Zhu Lian who was spoken to nodded her head and rushed towards the chariot to climb it.

Then they both looked at Max in the distance with Xiao Bilan calling out to him, "Max, we have to leave here on time. We don't any more time to waste."

"Alright. I am coming over" Max said and quickly kept the shovel which had reverted into a rod bac

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