31. The Unwelcome Visitor

dozed off in his temporary home made of leaves and sticks. It was just sticks for support and closely knit leaves for the roof just like Cheetah’s. The appearance of the first star was like a knockout blow to his senses.

Cheetah, however, was sitting outside his shelter with his back leaning on a tree.

Brahmuhn was sound asleep like a dead baby. As if he had no care in the world. No enemies that would catch him unawares and slit his throat, or worse.

‘Humph!’ Cheetah smiled at himself after staring at Brahmuhn for a while. He envied him. A boy who had worshipped the Vadhindi on his arrival at Chaponda Village during his teen years. A scrawny child who used to struggle with the simple concept of clutching firmly a spear. That scrawny child no longer existed but had been reborn as a mighty warrior. A man among men. “The Mighty Brahmuhn”.

Just then, Cheetah heard soft footsteps from behind some bushes behind him. He tightened the grip
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