Million Dollar Wealth System

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Million Dollar Wealth System

By: Alpha1 CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Dorian was betrayed by his wife when she got to know that he was nothing but an illegitimate child of an ultra rich family. Being left with nothing, he was about to end his life when suddenly he heard a notification sound. [Host detected… Introducing the Million Dollar Wealth System. ] [ Spend 1 million in one day or die ] Dorian, fueled by anger and vengeance, decides to get his revenge on all those who wronged him, “I am coming to get my revenge, you losers.”

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  • Mydas


    I just started and I am on chapter 8, but I must say, the story line looks interesting and I love the fact that people didn't believe he was no reach. You know the kind of look people give when they know everything about you...kudos to the writer...

    2024-01-05 06:12:29
  • mian zain


    very good story. give it a read

    2023-12-13 00:19:22
  • Qamar Zaman


    "Million Dollar Wealth System" is a captivating story centered around Dorian, a young boy who experiences betrayal and isolation due to his impoverished background. As he rises from rags to riches, Dorian's transformation

    2023-10-11 17:10:08
  • Good Loser


    garbage story with the pacing of cartoons. There are no details given so it feels more like a rough draft.

    2024-04-08 04:05:34
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234 chapters
Betrayed By Wife
Dorian approached the towering gates of the opulent district, he was overwhelmed by the sheer extravagance that surrounded him. There were acres of meticulously mowed lawns with vibrant, exotic flowers that seemed to defy the laws of nature. A reflective sheen of the cobblestone streets whispered under his worn delivery shoes. There were ancient oak trees arching overhead, casting dappled shadows on the pristine sidewalks. Their branches were heavy with history. Along both sides of the road, mansions adorned with ornate balconies and ivy-covered facades rose like monuments to prosperity. From the golden details on streetlights to the gleaming fountains adorning traffic circles, every detail radiated luxury. The air seemed richer, filled with the scent of freshly bloomed roses and hints of designer perfumes. Dorian gazed with envy and admiration upon this lavish world, his humble origins coming into sharp relief against this lavish setting. As he stood before the massive oak door
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System Installation
Listening to Emily, the guards grabbed Dorian’s both arms and dragged him out of the door. They pushed him down the stairs and with a push, they finally let him go. Dorian stumbled when he was pushed and fell down on the road. “Bastard.” Giving him one last disgusted look, Emily turned around. She held the man’s arm with arrogance and smirked at Dorian before she finally went inside. The thud of the closing door echoed in Dorian’s ears, breaking his whole world. Everything was over. He was alone again. Everyone left him again. He screamed those words silently in his mind, still sitting there on the ground. The pain of rejection and betrayal sinking in his heart made him feel vulnerable. Tears started falling out of his eyes uncontrollably. All the pain which he was holding in his heart until now started coming out. He muttered, “She can’t…” His gaze was still stuck on the door in front of him, hoping that his wife was just joking, it was all a prank. He still wanted her
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Revenge From Family
The cold wind blew bringing calmness to his burning heart. “Welcome back home, Dorian. You are back at the place where you lived all your life,” Dorian mockingly said to himself. All the memories of his childhood started playing in his mind. When he was just a baby, he was sent to the orphanage by his father and his stepmother, saying that he was a curse on their family. He lived there for some time but he was always bullied there too, so at the age of twelve, he decided to get out of there and live on his own.“I thought happiness was out there… in that luxurious world. I wasn’t able to find it even after so much time.” Running away from the orphanage, he struggled to find a place to live and eat, but one day, he found this building. Just like how he was standing on top of the building and gazing at the city lights, he did the same thing when he first came there in that building back when he was twelve. Dragging himself to the back of the rooftop, he recalled the small makeshift
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As Stephney saw Dorian coming out of the neighbouring house, her eyes widened. Her legs started trembling while seeing Dorian sitting in his expensive car and driving it."Oh, my God! This cannot be real. I saw Dorian coming out of the neighbouring house and driving an expensive car,” Stephney spoke with a trembling voice.“Haha, you may be seeing this in your dreams,” Mark laughed and replied to Stephney.“Don’t laugh, I swear I saw him,” Stephney spoke loudly.“Don’t worry, maybe you have a misunderstanding," Mark said and left the room.Stephney was confused whether the guy he saw was Dorian or not. She decided to watch the house in order to clear her confusion. She spent hours sitting outside the house, but to no avail. She eventually gave up and went home, still unsure of the identity of the mysterious man. The next day, she got her answer...“Oh my God, it's him. I can't believe my eyes.” Stephney spoke in a little fear.When she saw Dorian, she felt extremely jealous and confu
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“Looks like my day has come to meet you. Besides, we also have some previous things we have to talk about.” A smirk appeared on Dorian’s face as he thought about the reaction Emily would show after seeing Dorian like this. Dorian drove to the house where he used to live with Emily after he got married to her. Dorian had been honest with her all along and never lied to her that he had a lot of money or anything like that, but Emily never cared about him saying that and just shrugged it off. He thought that maybe she really loved him, that's why she didn't even care if he had money or not.Sitting there in his car, he suddenly had a flashback and all the scenes of him with his wife started running in his mind.FLASHBACK:After finishing his last class of the day, Dorian dragged himself out of class. As he was walking in the corridor, he saw Emily standing there at a distance. Seeing Dorian, she widely smiled at him and waved her hand at him like she was standing there waiting for him
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Revenge Continued
Dorian’s eyes went wide hearing that. His hands turned into a fist as he was ready to punch that girl in front of him. He was just about to go towards her when suddenly the lawyer arrived.Dorian had also brought his lawyer with him. He called out to him before he even got out of the house and told him the location where he had to come to. He asked the lawyer to get the divorce papers ready and bring them with him. “Sir, the divorce papers are ready. Would you like to go inside and sign them?” The lawyer asked, stepping beside Dorian. “No. I don’t want to go to a house where bitch like her lives. I will sign it here.” With that, Dorian got the divorce papers from the lawyer’s hands. Putting the papers on the bonnet of the car, he signed them with no feelings for that girl anymore. After hearing what she had just said to him, he wasn't even sad any longer. “Looks like I am free again. Fake people are out of my life now.” With a smile plastered on his face Dorian turned around an
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Gold Digger
Dorian reached out where his classmate was sitting. He crossed his legs as he smirked at the expression on Alex's face. "Is this Dorian?" Alex asked again, wondering if his friend had already changed. Alex couldn't believe he had turned out like this. "Or maybe he is just fake?" Alex wondered. Alex decided not to bring up such a topic since he believed there was no way he could lay hands on such a type of cloth. Alex believed he borrowed it to show off and that is what people do nowadays. "So how is your wife? I heard you married months ago?" Alex requested as Dorian chuckled while sipping from the drink placed on the table. "I don't have a wife anymore." Dorian answered him without remorse, looking at the street filled with moving cars. Alex joined him to look at the street alongside him. "I guess she left you because of your miserable life!" Alex waited for a response from Dorian. Dorian realized how ignorant Alex was about him. His fingers moved from left to right on the tab
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My Car
"Tesla? The latest one? Who can then be the owner of the car?" Alex asked as he looked around hoping to see the owner of the car in one glimpse. "What if the person is dressed casually?" Thiago asked as Alex stopped looking around. "I need to know who the person is so we can connect. You understand?" Alex explained further while Dorian was looking at the foolishly. Dorian couldn't blame them. They believed it was not possible for him to be rich. "You should get going now! We need to figure out some things and you are the one holding us back." Alex scratched his head as he told Dorian. "I'm sorry but I need the company, which is why I am here! I have the money and I'm going to buy it." Dorian clarified the issue. "You mean the money you got from your wife? Stop acting all bossy, we are known you are a shadow to your wife. I guess she must have sent you here." Thiago stated as he rolled his eyes in disgust. "They got divorce already." Alex informed him as Thiago covered his mouth
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How He Got The Money?
"Yeah, I'm going to resign from my job." He informed his manager at the pizza company.Dorian decided to meet his boss at his office and tell him he would be quitting. There is no need for him to work there anymore since he will own his company soon and he has a lot to focus on now."How are you going to cope? I heard your wife divorced you?" His manager asked him as he scoffed at his statement."Thanks for expressing your care for me. I wouldn't want to quit my job if I didn't have something else I put my mind on. Thanks for accepting me." He said bowing his head as he walked out of the office.When he was looking for a job then and no one was willing to accept him, it was his boss that accepted him and he loved that about him.He was in his car already as he drove off to his house. He wondered how his life was going to be. He wondered if he would continue living this way?He wondered what would happen if he didn't need money anymore. He has money and he will make sure to utilize it
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Source Of Wealth
"I don't really like the structure also. Can you take me to the best building? Don't worry about the price." Dorian complained about the company building Alex took him to. This is the third building he will be going to and he doesn't like it"If I'm taking you to the best, you will pay extra money." Alex informed him and that is no problem for Dorian."I didn't say I couldn't pay." Dorian answered him."Okay then let's go." Alex instructed and they all came out of the building. Ever since they have been moving from one place to another, Thiago hasn't talked or said anything.Dorian entered back into his car as he drove off. They all insisted on taking Dorian's car, which they did. Dorian got to the place in just a few minutes and the exterior design was really captivating for him.He really can't wait for how the interior design is going to look like. Alex led the way as he followed him and they got to the entrance of the building. Dorian has never entered a building so big, but he lo
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