Veangence of the Abandoned Son-in-Law

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Veangence of the Abandoned Son-in-Law

By: Qeemahhh CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Darius Anderson thought he'd be a nobody forever, until one day he discovered he was the legitimate son of a powerful family. With his newfound wealth and power, Darius sets out to take revenge on those who wronged him and his mother. Will Darius be consumed by his thirst for vengeance, or will he find a way to rise above his past and forge a new future?

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    Really nice

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    great book

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166 chapters
Poor Begger…
CHAPTER ONEDarius hurried down the streets of Louisville, his heart pumping wildly in his ribcage. His hair, dark brown locks, was rough and tousled nearly covering his wide blue eyes.“Hang in there,” he whispered to himself as he turned a corner. The scent of roasted turkeys filled the air, tickling his nose and his stomach growled. It was Thanksgiving Thursday. And while everyone in Louisville was tucked in their homes, sipping on hot piping soup and peeling at the flesh of turkeys, his wife and daughter were in the hospital, sitting by his mother as her condition deteriorated every minute.Hissing a curse, he marched faster towards a suburban home surrounded by little white fences at the end of the street. Pushing the small gate aside, he raced towards the door and gave a sharp knock.“Dad?” He called out when there was no reply. “Hello?... Ah hell, fuck this.”Pushing the door open, he stormed into the building. The warm rich scent that had prevailed in the air outside was much
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Lick my feet, Begger.
“Lick it like the beggar you are”Despite all that Darius had experienced in his life, he had never licked another person’s feet, not even his Father. But here his stepmother was telling him to bend and lick her feet.Darius’ face turned red in anger and embarrassment. How dare she! He had been taught by his mother several times to never bow down to anybody who wanted to humiliate him no matter what he had to suffer. So it was already ingrained in him to never bring himself too low for anybody.Immediately he stood up straight in anger as he glared at his stepmother and spat angrily. “Keep your money to yourself! I would never humiliate myself in front of you for any reason!”Instead she mocked him with a sinister laugh and asked him. “So how do you plan to treat your poor mother? I think you’re just so proud that you’ll rather see that bitch die than beg for help”“There’s no one who can help you Darius but I and my husband. But you’re too proud to beg. Since you don’t really want th
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The Phone Call
Darius was brought out of his daze when he heard the beep and realized the call had ended.‘My mother is from the McArthur family? Isn’t the McArthur family the richest family in this country?’The McArthur family was crazy rich, they had a wealth that could not be exhausted even if none of the family members never earned money and just spent money for the next 10 generations of descendants.It was a family that accumulated wealth from generations to generations. People often wondered when and where their family started to get it’s wealth, but it was a closely guarded family secret. Nevertheless, they were so rich that people often wished that they had been born into the McArthur family.Darius was one such person who had fantasized about being born into that kind of family, but to think that he actually was!As he was still thinking, he heard a notification sound on his phone and checked it. He saw a message that showed proof that the hospital bills had been settled and that all he n
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Divorce your wife
“Hahaha! Hahaha! This guy has finally gone crazy”Even though Carla’s family was laughing at him, it was an evil laughter as they mocked him. His grandmother in-law looked like she was about to pop a vein on her forehead.“You must be mad. Do you think you think I’m joking with you here? Or you’re trying to take advantage of the house that we have you and swindle someone with it?”His wife’s grandmother was obviously very irritated at him and she looked like she was about to explode.“After everything we’ve done for you ingrate, this is how you choose to reward our benevolence towards you? We provided a house for you to live in, gave you a job and now you think of it as a perfect time to show your true colours?”In her mind she had always disapproved of Carla getting married to Darius but her granddaughter was just to stubborn. Despite knowing Darius’ financial state, she still stayed with him. Her grandmother never knew what was going through her mind and she had always failed to ge
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He was no more a little boy!!!
The whole room was silent for a moment. Everyone was stunned. Though grandmother had known that Carla did not want to marry Philip, she never Carla expected to speak of Phillip like that.Darius who had been listening to how Felicia was telling his wife to divorce him and marry another guy had. Frown on his face.Though he was a bit relieved that Carla was very determined to disobey Felicia’s wishes, it was still annoying that Felicia would say something like that in his presence. It just meant he was nothing in her eyes.But after that call this morning, he knew that things were bound to change. He wouldn’t be subject to such disrespect if he was rich in the first place. Though it would be a headache, he had to convince them somehow.“Madam Felicia, you don’t have to worry about my financial situation anymore. I received a call just on my way here and it’s good news. I can handle all the problems now.Darius tried to sound convincing but they just didn’t believe him.Carla’s mother,
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Boot Licker
Darius felt much better with himself as he watched other cars pass by the ones he was in. A little while later he heard a loud growl from his stomach. It was protesting that he had not eaten since the previous day. ‘Calm down, almost there. Things are going to be so much better now.’He picked up his phone and called the hospital. He wanted to check up on his mother and see if she was faring well. A nurse picked the call and assured him that the surgery had been completed successfully and that his mother was resting. He told the nurse he wanted to speak with his mother so the nurse took the directed the call to his mother’s bed.“Hello mum, how are you doing?” There was a tone of worry in his voice. He heard a low chuckle as his mother replied him weakly.“I’m doing well Darry, you don’t have to keep calling me everytime.” *cough* She paused and swallowed. She sounded weak and tired.“The doctors have performed the surgery on me. I’m feeling much better but I need to rest. I hope you’
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A new lady
Darius was relieved but also angry at those men for humiliating him that way. Thanks to this lady he had been saved from further embarrassment and they apologized. Darius just shook his head, there were a lot of dumb people around these days.Then he was wondering why the beautiful lady had decided to help him despite how he looked and the fact that they had never met before.He was unsure of how to address her so he kind of stuttered. “Uhm... Thank you miss...”“You don’t have to.” She cut him short without smiling.Darius looked at her face and was a bit mesmerized by how beautiful she looked. He hadn’t got a chance to take a good look at her yet and now that he did, she was nothing short of awesome. However, he brought his thoughts back to the moment and spoke again.“Why did you help me? Have we met somewhere before?” He asked curiously and a little uneasy. But she just glanced at him as she sighed softly.“Do I need to know you to help you? Not everyone is heartless you know? Bes
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You’re fired!!!
Darius was quite surprised that his wife called him. They hadn’t spoken since the argument the previous day, but he picked up nonetheless.“Hello, Good morning dear.” He greeted in a full tone.“Hey Darius, I had a discussion with Grandma after you left yesterday.”‘Wow, no greeting..’ Darius thoughtShe continued. “She still wants to you sign the divorce papers but after I spoke to her she agreed to let you stay on one condition. I’m trying to get a 10 Million Dollars deal from the Charlton group of companies. She said we must seal the deal before she’ll allow us to stay together.”‘Charlton Company? Isn’t that my company now?’ Darius thought.“That’s great news, Carla. Why don’t you go on ahead. I’ll come meet you there. We’ll work it out together.” Darius said with a little relief and excitement. Perhaps this was his opportunity to show who he was now and make them respect him. He’ll surely gat his wife back.“Okay, I’ll be there in 30 mins. You don’t really need to do anything. Dr
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Meeting Phillip
The butler had come to receive Darius himself so people didn’t really know who he was because he didn’t often show his face.After leading Darius into the office. They both sat down and the secretary served Darius a hot cup of coffee and some biscuits.Darius got himself to relax and then he began to explain to Maxwell about the 10 Million Dollars deal his wife wanted to get.Meanwhile, Darius’ wife, Carla arrived at the company and was at the receptionists desk. She was asking for an audience with the CEO of the company.She had been Chasing the deal for a long time but she handy been able to get it because it took a long time to book an appointment with the CEO. She couldn’t wait any longer and was asking to see the CEO to make things faster.The receptionist kept trying to delay her and was telling her that the CEO wasn’t available. Combined with the fact that an appointment hadn’t been booked beforehand. Carla began to plead with the receptionist.“Please, I need to see him urgent
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Turning her back on Darius
Immediately Carla left the office. She approached Philip.“Thank you very much Philip. I really couldn’t have done it without your help.”“This is a small thing Carla. It didn’t even take much to convince the CEO. My dad had everything handled. I can do much more than I'd ever need. You just need to ask.” He said smugly.She opened her mouth to talk but was abruptly cut off again, “I have influence all over the companies here. Just let me know anyone, I won’t hesitate to destroy them for you. When it comes to my woman, I’ll do anything.” He added arrogantly, a cocky grin on his face.“Alright Philip, I’ll take you by your word. I won’t hesitate to call you when I need a favour.” Carla replied, managing to throw him a smile before walking away.Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards him, catching Carla in surprise as she widened her eyes.“Let me drop you at home. It won’t be nice after signing a deal that was granted because of me and taking a cab home. I’ll drop yo
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