214. Attempting to Take Access

A human hiding behind the energy cover. He had indeed entered Universal Chaos from the start, but he did nothing and just hid. He was one of the players who chose to fight Genos, but he didn't do anything and just hid behind the battle that was going on.

He has a mission, and things are getting closer to his goal. He had to get what he had been after. This time, he had to get what he wanted.

He uses stealth powers, hiding himself well.

[With the stealth skill used at the highest level, you are hidden, and only those with high power can notice your presence.]

Although there were strong users who had high abilities, They would all pay no attention to him. Everyone was in a combat position; they would not have time to look for the whereabouts of the hidden players.

The player's eyes were only fixed on one character, Guratin. He will only get Guratin; that is the ultimate goal of everything he has prepared.

The Universal Key of Chaos is within Guratin's power. Whoever kills him will get t
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