213. Battle of Saka and Draken

Guratin saw the fight between Saka and Draken and smiled. It was just a show for him. It is only to be entertained before all its purposes are fulfilled. Guratin has a mission of his own; he doesn't care what happens. His goal is simply the destruction of the human world and control over the real world.

Guratin looked at the constantly rotating ball of energy. A little more, Samman is still keeping the energy stable, and the unification process is almost successful.

For Guratin, it doesn't matter if Draken wins or loses. He was simply taking advantage of what other people were aiming for and toying with it! Like those humans, playing game characters like him!



The array of six lightning needles arrayed into a sword, and the tip of the blade met a sword slash. Saka and Draken attack each other. They are trying to take down the opponent, and they have almost the same movement and speed.


Saka floated in the air, trying to hit Draken's back while rotating his blade aft
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