My Beast Capturing System

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My Beast Capturing System

By: GREAT OngoingSystem

Language: English

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George was your normal average guy on the street, doing the bare minimum, barely keeping his grades at the university afloat while dating the girl he loved. His life was simple but he loved it. Not for long though. It all changed after the sudden death of his parents in a ghastly car accident on the day he was supposed to graduate out of the university. On that day, George lost everything, not just his parents. “George, I heard your parents died in an accident, sorry”. “I wanted to inform you that Harley asked me out at the convocation”. “Of course I accepted, so that’s it, we’re done”. On that same day, he lost his girlfriend, his everything and life suddenly lost meaning to George. He lost the motivation to live. ‘This is my fate’. He thought. At the verge of giving up on living when he thought it was all over, a beautiful red-haired girl with chubby cheeks visited him. “You’re George Churchill right?” “Your grandfather sent this to you”. A system, stuck inside a visafone! The next day, George woke up to his mysterious family inheritance that enables him to do what he loves best, capturing cute pet and majestic beast pictures for a living. The only difference this time was, with each successful mission and capture, the mysterious visafone pays him real money…, real money! George’s life changed! “Perhaps, my fate is not that of misery afterall”.

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    Ok, I think it's time for a review. The book is an entry into a genre that I've never written before. To me, it's a refreshing experience and I love it. That decision is up to you though so dive in, read a few chapters, then make your decision to drop or continue.

    2024-03-12 04:46:18
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93 chapters
Chapter 1: My fate
“Welcome, Mr. George”.“Your file says you’re applying for the position of a hunter in our company,” The blonde-haired male interviewer looked at him with shiny eyes. “So, why do you want this job?”“Well, I’ve always felt passionately about not starving to death, so?”Silence.“Ahem,” The blonde-haired interviewer adjusted his glasses, looking at the black suited man sitting opposite him.George was a handsome young man with neat black hair and shiny purple eyes. His shiny purple eyes did little in enhancing his stature though, it was clear from his second-hand suit and mannerisms that he faked it all.That simple glance already made this interviewer lose interest.He looked down only to see his second-hand black shoes.‘Like I expected, another f*cking loser looking to earn some quick bucks!’The interviewer looked at him with a poker look now on his face. “It says in your CV that you are quick at mathematics”.He looked him up and down. “What is 17 × 19?”“32”.“That’s not even clo
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Chapter 2: Beast Capturing System
George felt like he was dreaming.Considering the fact that he even had dreams where he became James Bond, fighting villains and riding cars through skyscrapers, he was not surprised by it.‘Well, what story does my dream has for me today?’[Initializing System…][System Boot Successful!][Testing Bloodline…, please wait…][Bloodline Test Successful!][Result: Compactible!][Congratulations George Dickerson! You have inherited the ancient family heirloom of the Dickerson family!]Inside his dream, George’s eyes widened. ‘What the heck?’‘That’s my mother’s maiden name!’‘Is this grandfather gift from my mom’s side’.‘Damn! Mom never really told me much about her family, I only know dad’s family, perhaps they’re really a mysterious James Bond family’.This dream felt like a first person POV interactive game to him.He was amazed. ‘This is new’.[Tape from previous system holder has been detected!][Do you want to listen to tape?]Silence.5 seconds later, George was surprised. ‘Damn, i
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Chapter 3: First mission
-----[Welcome to the Beast Capturing System Interface!][Introduction: This is a system where you can capture real life beasts using the visafone’s camera and exchange them with the interface for real money. If you perform admirably, you have a chance of upgrading the system in the future.][Current System Level: 1]…[You have received your first system mission: Capture a Felis Catus- Egyptian Mau!][Mission target description: Click to expand!][Mission reward: 5,000 NUS Credits]----Silence.George just stared at the interface of this visafone, holding back his urge to laugh but he couldn’t for long. The next moment, he burst out laughing.“Muahahaha, f*cking scam!” He roared.“I was f*cking scammed again!”“How on earth did I actually believe a miracle happened?”“I never learn my lesson”. Bonking his head, he slumped down to the ground where his tiny student bed laid, the only real property in his apartment.George sighed, cursing in his mind. ‘What a cheap scam!’‘Who would be
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Chapter 4: Egyptian Mau
Instantly after leaving the pet shop, George hurried to a corner before fishing the visafone out of his pocket again as he looked with anticipation on his face.“It’s the moment of truth!” He rubbed his sweaty palms together in anticipation as he stared at the visafone“Please, don’t be a scam”. He prayed.-----[Welcome to the Beast Capturing System Interface!][Current System Level: 1]…[Congratulations! You have captured a picture of your first animal!][You have captured a HD picture of a cat: British Shorthair!]…[You have received your first system mission: Capture a Felis Catus!][Mission target description: Click to expand!][Mission reward: 5,000 NUS Credits][Mission progress: Uncompleted!]----Silence.For over a dozen seconds, George just stared at the screen of the visafone in silence. Then still in silence, he fished his android phone out.At this distance, he easily connected to the university hotspot.He connected to google again.{Image=}{Felis Catus is the scient
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Chapter 5: Money!
-----[You have completed your first system mission: Capture a Felis Catus!][You have been rewarded with 5,000 NUS Credits][Click to claim your reward!]----“Phew!”George wiped off his sweat, feeling immense relief as soon as he saw this notification in the interface of the visaphone.‘F*cking finally!’ He roared in his mind.Growl!The hunger came back though but this time he didn’t react pitifully, his face contorted in anger. He was now equipped to show his stomach who was boss.He was now ready to climb down from the tree, but just as he moved…Click!The door to the first floor of the 3-storied building opened the next moment, and from it came out a beautiful blonde-haired young lady with thick curves.On top the tree, George froze even as he gulped.‘F*cking Count Luke!’‘So, this is what you do when your wife is not around huh?’‘F*cking cheater!’‘And not with some random girl either, a girl this hot? F*ck!’Perhaps, it was due to his agitated reaction but a tree branch br
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Chapter 6: Unlocked; mission hub
“Whatsup?” George swaggered into the familiar shop.With a poker look on his face, the 12-year-old boy turned to face him. “You came back?”“What do you mean by you came back?” He snapped. “Get me some…”The boy interrupted. “Some more small bread?”“Shut up!” Glaring at the boy, George exaggeratedly fished out a 1,000 NUS credit note out of his pocket and plastered it on the boy’s face.“There, that’s money boy, money!” He grinned.“Now, get me what I ordered previously; I told you I’ll be coming back with money right?”Silence.With surprise written all over his face, this little boy stared at him with suspicion now appearing on his face, as if questioning where he went to steal from.George cursed in his mind. ‘This brat!’“Just get me what I ordered!” He glared at him.“Hmm, ok”. The boy shrugged and went to fetch it before giving him his credit left over from the money.George was surprised, he looked at the boy. “815 Credits?”“Yes”. The boy nodded. “Small bread is no longer 140
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Chapter 7: The man on a mission
{Free hotspot network detected: ThievingRockstar!}{Connect to hotspot?}{Connected successfully!}…{Image=}{Canis lupus familiaris is the scientific name of domestic dogs.}{Dog (Canis lupus familiaris), domestic mammal of the family Canidae (order Carnivora). It is a subspecies of the gray wolf (Canis lupus) and is related to foxes and jackals.}…{Image=}{Buteo is the scientific name for Hawks.}{Buteo describes medium-large, widely dispersed raptors with muscular bodies and wide wings. They are often referred to as buzzards, which is the old terminology of the species; it changed to hawk in more recent times.}{In fact, the name Buteo is Latin for a buzzard.}…{Image=}{Gallus gallus domesticus is the scientific name for a hen.}{It is closely related to a wild variety of chickens of the family Gallus Gallus.}{The younglings of a Gallus gallus domesticus are the chicks of a hen.}…{Image=}{Panthera Leo is the scientific name for Lions.}{The Lion (Panthera leo) is a large c
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Chapter 8: A masterpiece
“You’ll really pay me 500 NUS Credits if I manage to hit the hawk?” The boy looked at the uncle before him suspiciously.“Yes,” George nodded with a gentle smile on his face.“Not necessarily hit it, all I need from you is to startle the hawk just after it catches the hen’s chick, make him drop the chick”.“Oh!” The boy finally understood, then he smiled. “I can do it”.He didn’t care what this uncle wanted to do with it, all he knew was that he was about to get 500 NUS Credits richer.For a little boy like him, that was a lot of money. He was happy.Seeing his enthusiasm, George smiled. “Good, then follow me”.25 minutes later, George and his temporary partner were in position and they both had their weapons ready, a stone and his visafone camera.It took George more than 3 hours to make sure all the conditions were met for this moment. Finding a hen pen, one that was not restricted to outsiders, and waiting patiently for a hawk to show up.It was exactly 14 minutes after 3pm that th
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Chapter 9: Exceeding the level of hyperrealism
-----[Welcome to the Beast Capturing System Interface!][Current System Level: 1]…[Congratulations! You have created a masterpiece with your camera!][You have exceeded the realm of hyperrealism!][You have entered the realm of beast taming with your camera!][Congratulations! You have tamed your first beast: Black Panther!][Upgrade system to access taming benefits and details!]…[You have completed hidden system mission: Creating a masterpiece!][You have been rewarded with 100,000 NUS Credits!][System Account Balance: 252,500 NUS Credits!][System Account Maximum Limit: 990,000 NUS Credits!][To access your reward, click on bank payment option for it to be sent to your local bank account!]----Wiping off his imaginary tears, George finally came to.His eyes widened as he noticed the Black Panther incline its head for the first time, this wild beast looked at him with its brown eyes for a few seconds before turning away again like nothing happened.George’s eyes remained widen
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Chapter 10: Ambition
That night, George slept like a baby, at complete peace.And during his sleep, he had another crazy dream.George saw himself become the President of the United States of Nuspearia.The world, he finally achieved it.Fame, money, girls, all that he had ever dreamed for and fantasized as a kid came to fruition before his eyes in this dream.It almost seemed too good to be true but it was real, until he woke up.George woke up in the morning to the cock crow.Sitting up from his tiny bed, he had the most satisfying look on his face as he looked outside at the golden rays of the sun peeking into his room.The sight made his face erupt into a smile.He picked up his android phone and looked at it again, smoothly navigating to his bank app and checking his account balance.{Crack Microfinance Bank!}{Account Balance- Savings: 200,000 NUS Credits!]The mere sight of it made an even bigger smile erupt on his face.Having withdrawn 250,000 NUS Credits out of the 252,500 in his system account
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