Chapter 215 - Feeling a shadow

Chapter 215 - Feeling a shadow

She didn't want to guess why her mistress acted that way, but what was certain was that it was a ritual that had to be carried out for Alex. Sia saw Mala's crotch filled with water that didn't stop flowing. She didn't know if it was the rest of her bath water or another reason.

But what is certain is that Sia already knows what will happen next. While waiting for Neos to call them to dinner, Sia intends to go sightseeing immediately. Since Alex had determined she was in charge of palace affairs, Sia studied before going further.

"Where are you going?" Mala asks, looking at Sia. She is fully dressed and intends to leave the room immediately. The girl turned towards the voice that seemed to be directed at her. It was true. Mala was crossing her arms, waiting for Sia to approach her.

Sia didn't want to get too involved with the two-person ritual, which was invaluable for making sure that Mala might need her before the preparations. Don
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