Chapter 214 - Tasked with finishing

Chapter 214 - Tasked with finishing

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the man had fallen asleep drowned in a pile of pillows and cotton. Mala invites Sia not to disturb Alex and prepare before anything sudden might happen to the nobles.

"What will they do after listening to Mr. Alex's decision?" Sia asked Mala. She took off her outer clothes and left her underwear while waiting for Mala's response.

"Don't you understand, Sia, that they still have a common connection?" Asked Mala back. She could only shake her head. These people may declare war on Alex when their king is out wandering.

Form alliances and associations to rebel and kill Alex and the two girls. Therefore, he withheld all access and wealth of people out there so as not to arbitrarily create good relations between fellow citizens of the city of Uruk.

Without money, they would have been in trouble, but when the ties that had been made for a long time were so strong and not easy to break be
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