Chapter 216 - Enthusiastic

Chapter 216 - Enthusiastic

Alex turned his gaze to Sia, and Mala, one by one, took a stance. Seeing no one showing angry or jealous faces at each other meant that both Mala and Sia accepted the maid Alex was about to do next.

He brought his face closer to the left, waiting for the response of the girl who was there. Slowly Sia also brought herself closer to welcome Alex's lips. Sia can now feel the small and warm lump she could only see before.

Alex's movements differ when he kisses Mala, whereas her opponent's condition is passive because she's asleep now. There are more exciting movements. Mala is still on Alex's body and then directs Alex's hand to his chest.

A touch that hadn't been felt in a long time felt so precious to the girls and Alex. She didn't waste the opportunity, busying herself with the unused parts of Alex's body. Mala saw the chance of the cloth wrapped around Alex's waist.

She tried to untie the knots that held her together because she felt a big m
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