My Harem System

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My Harem System

By: Zuxian CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Damien finds himself in the 'Hall of Affinity' and must prove himself worthy of the system by satisfying the Nether Mistress... After two days in the realm, Damien begs the Nether Mistress to allow him to return to Vegas to finish a business; he'd just discovered that a day in the realm equals a decade in Vegas. His request is granted. But when he gets back to Vegas, he cuts the link supposed to help him return to the realm. He has just made a big discovery; All the nine girls have turned on him... declared him dead and claimed all his properties... And at the bid of making them pay, he stumbled upon a life altering DISCOVERY!!!

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  • Zuxian


    Book 1: Crashlanded On an Island with Nine Beauties.

    2023-03-30 16:32:24
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Three Options. Choose One.
THREE OPTIONS. CHOOSE ONE. "Where the fuck is this?" Damien tried to focus his gaze in one direction. "A hall?"He wasn't sure yet. It looked like a hall. "A empty hall."He muttered. "What am I doing here?"The hall reeked of creepiness and eerieness. It was very dark and edgy. It was so dark that Damien couldn't see the corners of the hall. "How do I get out of this place?"Suddenly, a ringing sound came. "Ow. Ow."The depth and pitch of the ringing sound went straight into Damien's head. His palms were clasped to his ears as he dropped on his knees. He was in pain. And he couldn't help himself. Immediately the ringing ceased,"Welcome to the hall of Affinity."A feminine voice grew out of the emptiness. Damien threw his fallen neck up at once. At that particular moment, he forgot totally that he was in pain a few seconds ago. "What!"Damien exclaimed, trying to get on his knees. "I'll be straight to the point."The feminine yet sexy voice came on again. The only thing D
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Mr Coman.
"What did I choose? Did I choose the cougar? I hope not." "Never! I can't choose that. I already have nine super gorgeous ladies back in Vegas. I don't want to make any fucking lady cum. If it is any other task, I wouldn't mind. I don't want a cougar!!!" "The last thing on the mind of young man who is about to be a father is drilling the hole of some old lady." He started to feel cold breeze and cosiness crawling up his skin. That feeling was familiar with one of the feelings he had back on the island. "Help! Help!!!" Suddenly, there came a yelp from behind him. "What was that?" He spun around to see where the shout had come from. But immediately he spun around, he lost his balance. Splash! His body in the water! He pushed his head out of the water, breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. Looking around, he noticed a sort of raft flowing away from him. He deduced immediately. That was what he was standing on. He pushed his body through the water and climbed on the raft
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Damien snatched his lips, almost pushing her away. She was embarrassed. "What the hell was that? How could you kiss me without my consent?"Damien scolded, ignoring her signals for him to stop. "It's not as if you even know how to kiss. What the hell, chewing my lips as though she found some cow hide."He stomped off. While the lady tried to speak to the dignitaries, "I'm-- I -"She decided to walk away, too, covering her face. Dead stares!"How dare she do that? Who the fuck does she think she is? She must have so much guts to think she could casually do that and get away with it."Damien had walked out and was climbing the stairs, which led to the deck of the yacht. "If it was the other way round, and we were in Vegas, they'd be a myriad of critiques trying to have my throat. But now that I did it, I'd be called cruel and bad."He grunted again. "Fucked up society. I just want to punch everybody."He shut his eyes gritting his teeth. "If it wasn't because of that crazy bitch
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The Bargain; The Little Man.
Damien was dumbfounded and clueless. He just stared into the empty space. His lips trembling. "So which would it be? The first or the second option?"The feminine voice came again. "You know what you are doing. You already know what I am going to choose. That's why you are messing with me."Damien finally found his voice. "That's not true, Damien. You are quite an interesting male. You have a strong will, so I wouldn't be surprised if you choose the second option."Damien scoffed,"Are you kidding me? Who would want to go back to being a trash? I mean, who would go back to being ridiculed, hated, and wished bad luck even by his own family? Tell me!! Strong will, my ass."Damien's tone was fierce and precise. And because of the silence, which succeeded the agitation, he feared that he had lost the audience with the lady. "Are you still there?"He wanted to make sure. "Seems like you have finally made a choice. We will get to business as soon as possible.""What business is that?"
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The Emblem.
The emblem was lying face down; the dragon inmprint brushing the earth. Heave! Heave! Then flat again. Push! Push! Then, a little hand was seen pushing the emblem from beneath.As soon as there was enough space between the emblem and the earth, a body rolled from beneath the emblem. Thud! The emblem fell again. Flat! Damien rolled over his back, his face to the empty and blue sky. "God! That was so exhausting."He sighed in relief. Then suddenly, his face grew serious as though something had just occurred to him. "Wait a minute."He jumped on his feet. When he turned to the emblem, he noticed that he was about the same height as the emblem. "What happened to me? What the fuck happened to me? Why am I so little?"He ran to the emblem and tried to lift it up. His two hands beneath the tips of the emblem but he couldn't even lift it. Even when he did lift it, it was just a quarter inch high. He let it drop and jumped to the back; if he had stayed back, the emblem could have fallen
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"You must Die!!!"
When first Damien opened his eyes, they hurt. Then he opened them again. He was just waking from what seemed like a long sleep. He sat up. Immediately he sat up, he realised that his body felt weird, compared to earlier. "What happened after the crash? Where I am?"He looked quickly around him. There were wooden chairs and a table. It looked like he was inside a manor. Moving one of his hands, his attention fell back on the weirdness he felt on his body earlier. He lifted his hand to his face, then looked down his body, his jaws dropping,"I'm back to my old self?"He jumped up on his feet. He shook his legs and his body. "I'm fully grown. I'm a big man."He quickly reached his hands to his groin and felt it. He chuckled softly, "Oh yeah, it's there.""Where is the emblem?"A sudden voice grew out of the room. He knew who owned the voice. "Oh yes! The Emblem."He wasn't paying any attention to the voice at first. He only felt the need to find the emblem. He turned around, sear
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"How did you do it?"
YOU'LL RETURN TO MARIE. The voice was in his head, and it was very loud. But then other loud voices started to come from his side. His eyes flung open. He tried to turn his neck, but he felt pain,"Ow."He groaned. "Gentle man, are you alright?"A little voice came from beside him. There was an old lady seated next to him. Because of the confused state he was in, he couldn't even answer the woman. Instead, he looked to the other side. He was seated next to a window. He looked through. There were a couple of people and planes outside."An airport?"He asked himself. "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belt. The flight to Vegas is up in five minutes."He heard the loud speaker. "I'm in a plane. In a plane to Vegas?""Yes, you are, dear. Dreams do come true."The old lady beside him said. Damien had been talking to himself because of how confused he was about where he was. But the old lady seemed to have misconstrued. "You see, the first time I got on a plane, it was as
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"20 years? 20 ye---"
"What's taking so much time?"The yelled at Damien; Damien had been fumbling through his pockets for a while now. He had agreed to pay the caber forgetting that he had no money on him. "I forgot. I have no cash on me. I only have my card."Damien lied. JUST GO AWAY. PLEASE. "Then take me to an ATM stand and let's withdraw.""What!"Damien didn't expect that. "Oh, you don't want to pay? Is that why you are pretending? You are delaying me because you have no money? Is that right? So, you decided to bring to Boldyville to impress me?"At that point, Damien was lost. He had no idea what the man was talking about. "How can someone dressed like you vist Boldyville? You are one of those wannabes who just love to front, eh? Why did I even take you seriously in the first place? You must have ran away from that lady because you stole something from her. Or was it also because you couldn't pay her?"Damien was speechless."You don't even know me. How could you say those things?"Damien felt
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"Twenty years are gone now?""What has changed?""What did these girls do to my estate? What did they do to Boldyville?"Damien looked across the small motel room to the bed. The old man from the pub was snoring so loudly it would be mistaken for a raving motorcycle.He turned to the window and lifted the blind. "The day is bright. How did it happen so fast? It was just as if I took a nap."He stood up, stretching his body. "Where could they be? They are obviously not in the estate. Where are they hiding after stealing what belongs to me?""I never wanted to trust them. I always knew that they were shady and evil. How could I have taken such a ris---"A realisation dawned on him. "It wasn't by choice. If that crazy lady hadn't sent that bastard to take me away to the realm, all this wouldn't have happened. But then how could two days equals decades?"The old man grumbled, almost rolling off the bed. Damien walked to him and helped him lie properly. Tucked him in, then walked towar
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"Should I add you to the list?"
"It's you, Elisa, isn't it? You are Elisa."Though it was a voice in his head that had given a clue, yet staring at the lady and analysing the features of her face, Damien was slowly putting together the memories. "You have changed a lot. You have grown into a very beautiful woman."At that few seconds, he was mesmerised by her features and looks. Elisa was more curvy, bustier, and her skin clearer. "But then, what's this that I---""Excuse me, I don't know you. I think you have the wrong person."The woman snapped and turned around at once, walking away. Damien watched as she walked briskly away. She almost lost her balance with the manner at which she stomped. "She is the one. I'm positive."Damien nodded firmly. He hurried to catch her. He grabbed her arm and spun her around. "It's you, Elisa. Why are you lying to me. I know it's you. Though you are fully grown now, yet I couldn't have missed you in a glance."The woman eyes were bulging. She looked stunned and surprised. Then
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