The son-in-law's revenge

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The son-in-law's revenge

By: Kiara CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After losing his parents in an accident, Richard lived in an orphanage and was then chosen by Mr Travison to marry his granddaughter Hellen, the beauty of whom many dream of. Mr. Travison chose him because he knows his origins, he knows that his grandfather is a very rich man but he did not reveal this secret to anyone. Unfortunately after the death of Mr. Travison, Richard has been enslaved in return for all that work he is paid for with ridicule and name calling. When his grandfather dies, he will inherit his Enterprise and he will become a billionaire in no time. With his personal powers and the money on his card. The whole world around him will become his territory. When his in-laws learn that he is now rich, they will all be devastated by the news. what will become of them? Will Richard take revenge?


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Zero dignity
The luxurious villa of Travinson family is well lit by games of light, nicely decorated with garlands, decorative objects. Tonight is Christmas, the whole Travison family gathers at the home of the matriarch of the Lady Travison family to celebrate this happy event. Many grandchildren, children, granddaughters and sons-in-law arrive at the family home. "Good evening Grandma, Merry Christmas" said one of the son-in-law giving Lady Travison a kiss. "Hold this little gift grandma". He said to her, handing her a small golden box. “Grandmother Merry Christmas. You look lovely tonight,” compliments another stepson. Once everyone is present, they all sit around a large table. Old Mrs. Travison looked at her various in-law grandchildren and laughed, making the whole family happy. Just then, Mrs. Travison's eldest grandson, Richard came in dressed as a tramp and said with a smile: "Can you make room for me? I would also like to sit down and chat with you". All eyes were on him, the who
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Chapter 2: conditionsMr Eliott Bander is surprised, Richard wanted to continue walking but Mr Elliot hold his arm." I am sorry!" Richard said without even looking at who he bumped into. Mr. Elliot doesn't let go of his arm and looks him up and down.When he walked into Mr Elliot, Hellen said "ooh My God! It's over for him".Elena got up from her chair and walked over to Mr. Eliott who was still holding Richard by the arm."We're sorry Mr Eliott" she said before slapping Richard hard. She slapped him so hard he was thrown backwards causing Mr. Elliot to drop his arm. he almost fell because he was not expecting this slap.At that moment, his cheek was on fire, he put his hand on his cheek. All this little spectacle left Mr. Eliott indifferent, but the members of the Travison family were in shock. Leo was happy."Richard get on your knees in front of Mr. Elliot and apologize quickly," Elena said angrily.As piloted, Richard got down on one knee and apologized."Sir, I beg your pardon!"
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The joy that was on their different faces disappeared and gave way to surprise, incomprehension and shock. Condition one was understandable, and almost normal because it was thanks to her that the company was going to take off, but condition two had no place, it was unthinkable. To consider it was almost borderline madness. How could she ask that Richard be considered a son-in-law of the Travison family? She had gone a bit too hard, hadn't she? After all, Richard was just trash, scum and a beggar, a man without dignity who was still alive thanks to the Travison family. At that moment the door opened, everyone turned around and saw a cleaning lady with Richard. When Richard passed in front of the living room door, he heard loud voices, he couldn't help but spy on them, he was so absorbed that he didn't hear a cleaning lady coming, she caught him red-handed. "I found him spying on you, when he saw me he wanted to run away but I quickly caught up with him." the housekeeper said prou
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Good news
Chapter 4: good newsThe man approached him and hugged him. Richard was surprised and gently pushed him away. The man pulled away from him and looked at him with a big smile. The moved old man said with tears in his eyes "Richard, young master, you have grown a lot, you are no longer the little boy I knew, you are now a man". In his voice we could feel joy and excitement."Are you Mr. Robert?" Richard asked uncertainly.“Yes, it's me! It's me! " The old man said in joy .Richard was surprised . Mr Robert been loyal to the Johnson's family how had he approached him so warmly?Richard's face changed to give way to hostility "how can I not remember you, when you chased my parents and me away like vulgar dogs. What do you want from me Mr. Robert?" He asked, frowning."Your grandfather is looking for you, when he learned of the death of your parents, he was so sad that he sank into depression, since then he has been looking for you Richard. And after chasing you, he stayed to surrender. R
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Certified card
Chapter 5He had just entered Mr Eliott, this day definitely revealed many surprises to him.Mr Eliott stopped his arm and looked at him for a moment, his face telling him something but he couldn't remember where he knew him from.When he remembered, he said in a mocking tone "aren't you the slave of the Travison family? I see that you really like getting into people". Richard said with an emotionless face "Sir, I'm sorry, I didn't see you".Mr. Elliot haughtily said "What's a waste like you doing in a big bank like this? Aah I see you're doing an errand for the Travison family"."I have nothing to say to you sir, please let go of my arm I'm in a hurry" Richard said pulling his arm out of his hand.He pulled his hand away and walked into the bank, Mr. Elliot not realizing what had just happened. How could a trash talk to him like that?He swore angrily "What a fool, by what right does he dare speak to me like that?" He went to get into his car and left the bank in a rage."Hello sir
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The bank manager walked towards them, his face filled with incomprehension. “What are you doing gathered here? Are we in the court of the petro king? This is a bank and not a show shop." he said angry. The employee rushed to answer him "hello sir! It's this gentleman dressed like a tramp, he claims to have a certified card sticking out for the others, he's the one who created all this scandal" she said, fingering Richard. She hastened to tell him because she was afraid of being fired. The bank manager turned and looked at Richard with a curious air "sir, it was you who caused all this?" "Yes sir it's him! Guard, please step outside" the clerk said hastily. "Sir, I didn't cause anything, I came here to know the balance of my account and withdraw money but this lady refuses to offer me these services" Richard said annoyed. "Sir ask him to show you his card and you will see for yourself" the employee explained looking at him. When she said that, Johnathan added "yes Richard show
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He pedaled while miming the words of a song that his parents liked to sing to him when he was little, which brought back some memories of his childhood, he missed his parents a lot, he felt a void in him. A tear escaped his eyes and crashed on the handlebars of his bike and in that moment he knew he would never forgive his grandfather, even if he wanted to, he would never get there.Another tear fell and he quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand. Then he began to think about how he was going to give Hellen the money, if he had to tell him that he was now rich or he had to hide it. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't see a car speeding towards him. He looked up and saw the car rushing towards him, he avoided it at the last second."You bastard! Motherfucker! Can't you watch where you're going? What are you doing on a road like this with a bike?" The angry car driver insulted him before continuing on his way.Richard didn't even pay attention to him, he didn't eve
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She turned to face him, looked at him in amazement, then laughed so hard that everyone in the house heard her laugh. Richard didn't understand why what he had said amused her so much. He was very serious, and what he said was true.Elena stormed into the bedroom . Seeing her,Hellen stopped laughing and looked serious."Honey what's going on? Why are you laughing so hard? We hear you all over the villa" Elena asked, frowning."Sorry mum! Richard was telling me such funny jokes, I couldn't help but laugh." Lied Hellen, because she couldn't tell her mother the truth, that Richard had just told her he was a billionaire. How would she react? She would surely have thought Richard was crazy, and that was going to get him in more trouble than he already has.Elena wasn't totally convinced by what she had just said, but didn't insist at the risk of offending her and making her no longer want to go out with Mr Eliott. Such the materialist that she was, she only thought about money. She smiled
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at the restaurant: exorbitant price
Hellen spoke, which snapped him out of his thoughts"Harley invited me, she asked me to come accompanied and since mom, dad, Emerald and Solomon are at grandma's, so there is only you to accompany me".Richard was disappointed to be his last choice."Who will be at this party?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. He didn't want to have any bad surprises, already being in the same place as Sarah was going to be difficult for him and if we added more of Hellen's friends it was going to be hell for him."I don't know, probably lots of our other friends," she said disinterestedly."I have to go? I mean you know your friends don't like me especially Sarah.""Believe me, I don't want it any more than you do. But if you don't, it's fine, I'll manage to find someone else" she says, turning to leave the laundry room, hoping that he will stop her and that's what he did."It's okay, no need, I'll go with you" he said in spite of himself."Okay! Great get ready, we're leaving in an hour" she said befo
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Harley discovered ?
Chapter 10Harley didn't believe what she had just heard, then she asked aloud, "How come it's so expensive? Didn't you make a mistake?"The waiter frowned, handed her the bill, saying, "Check the bill yourself. The lady next to you just ordered braised A5 meat which costs $10,000..."Hearing the server's words, everyone jumped and then looked at Lynseh, who was sitting next to Sarah. She had just finished her meat.Everyone looked at her. Lynseh panicked and instinctively paled. "I...I didn't know this meat was so expensive...Harley, I'm sorry..." she apologized.Harley said fiercely, "Your apologies won't help now...I only have about 10,000 fucking dollars..."After a moment of silence, Harley gritted her teeth, looked at everyone, and said, "Well...could someone have some money on hand? Help me pay the bill, and I I'll give it to you later."Hearing this, everyone checked their wallets. Linsey said she didn't take any money with her. Sarah took out about 1000 dollars. Hellen and Dy
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