(Not) A Vanilla Levelling System

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(Not) A Vanilla Levelling System

By: Gru OngoingSystem

Language: English

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[Complete the missions, gain experience, and improve your stats!] Ever since Harry McKane was given the System, his life became considerably simpler. He gains the admiration of his peers, is no longer looked down upon, and, most significantly, need not worry about his financial stability. One thing Harry failed to take into account was the possibility that other players may force him into player against player (PvP) combat. His safety is constantly threatened by a series of strange and inexplicable occurrences. All the way from the advent of a mysterious female called Evangeline Hudson who hunts player like him, to a string of unexplained deaths, and ... the approaching zombie apocalypse? "Hang on a sec. I just don't get it. Zombies? Not monsters?" "Do you believe that everyone else is as traditional as you are? Everything needs a little improvisation."

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"If there's anyone in this town who could be called "superhuman," it's probably Jason."I looked right at the Class Rep to confirm what he had said. "Jackson?""Jason. Without the K. I' thought you know him. His name is well-know throuughout the city.”I nodded my head. It seemed possible that this was another elaborate fraud. A rumor about someone that was not true or was exaggerated. But because time was running out, I had to take advantage of every chance that came my way. "Tell me."I think the Class Rep will do it even if I don't ask. Look at how happy he was when he opened his mouth!“First, he has a big body. Not the big fat kind, but the well-balanced and athletic kind. He doesn't even look like a high school student. He's even bigger than Mr. Henderson. But he moves with surprising dexterity. He has sharp eyes and. Because of this, the school has put its faith in him to win many athletic competitions.""That wasn't the qualification I was looking for." Sigh! I was too optimis
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"You're the only one I can ask for . You're the one who knows Jason best."Carl scratched his head and looked like he didn't want to be there. "You're putting me in a difficult position, Harry. You know how Jason is."I know.He was a living beast. The raw strength of two adults, the agility of an athlete, and the sharp instincts of a fighter. And it's all backed up with uncontrollable emotions.One wrong word and your life is no more.And "lucky for me," I was put in a group with him to work on the final project. "It's also for his own good; he'll get it." Jason did have three friends, or maybe he saw them more as his subordinates, but I could only count on Carl.We've known each other since we were in grade school. Our homes are next to each other. Even though our relationship has been a little rocky lately, I'm glad that he hasn't changed too much in his attitude."I'll do what I can."I took a deep breath of relief. I said, "That's my friend!" as I tried to give him a light punch
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The nurse didn't dare say how much it was. "But I'm sure it will be covered by insurance."That was terrible news."You've got insurance, right?"We really wanted one. But not only were the payments too much, but the process couldn't keep going.I wasn't born in this city.When I was about five years old, we lived in the capital. Mom and Dad broke up at that time.If I'm not mistaken, there was a custody battle and a divorce lawsuit, but Mom took me away before everyone found out about it.She chose this place because it would be the last place Dad would look if he were looking for us.And because none of our relatives lived here, it's hard to get things done.When my mom and I asked for it to be done faster, the city council always came up with a reason we couldn't argue with. And that goal is becoming more and more clear every day. On the last try, the person in charge wasn't even embarrassed to ask for money to make things easier.Damn corrupt bastards.They don't think twice about
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I recall hearing sirens. Ambulances and police, I think.I could even picture Liz talking to an officer.My body was put on a gurney and moved to a different place. It was shaking and rumbling.I went back to sleep after that. It was long and dreamless.When I finally opened my eyes, I could smell the medicine, hear the electrocardiogram machine buzzing, and see the writings.There were more of them this time.[PROFILE][NAME: HARRY MCKANEAGE: 16 LEVEL: 1 STRENGTH: ANALYSIS AND FAST THINKING WEAKNESSES: TOO SCARED TO MAKE CHOICES... click to see more][NOTIFICATION] (THERE ARE 3 UNREAD MESSAGES ...)[MISSION](......)There are a few more columns with different words below. But since it didn't make much sense, I didn't pay attention to it.I was more interested in where I was. The hospital? The same one where Mom was treated?No, no. This one seems more exclusive. I even got a room by myself.When the door opened and Liz walked in, I was unsure how to greet her. "How many days?"
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"For someone who looks like a loser, you have a lot of guts."The prison was one of the place I should have stayed away from. I already had too many problems, and the last thing I wanted was to get involved in illegal matters.Yet, here I was talking to a criminal about the possibility of selling a new kind of drug.I don't think it's quite right to call it a drug, either.During the first [Mission], I found out about this. It was about introducing the [Store] and the items I could 'buy'.There were many categories, but I could only buy potions because everytime I try to explore it furteher, it always said "Your level isn't high enough."The various [Missions] I had done also provided compensation. They included things like Gold, Charisma, and EXP Points.L, I was very happy to see that my Gold balance had reached 100.I thought it was real money worth a hundred grams of Gold, but it was just a way to trade things within the system.Except for [Attribute Points] and [Skill], I was sta
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"80-20."I widened my eyes.Not only was I shocked that this jerk was so brave as to talk about illegal deals in prison, but I was also shocked by his unfair offer. "What? So-sorry, sir. I understand what you're trying to do, but don't you think it might make one of us feel unfair"Shane made a grunt. "It's distribution uses one hundred per cent of my resources."I nodded. "Sure. But I'm taking care of 100% of the production. Since our work is the same, how about we divide it more fairly? 50-50?"Shane laughed again and then pounded hard on the table.When I looked at him again, I realized those eyes were ready to kill."I have to remind you that it's because of my kindness that you're still sitting here."I coughed.Even though I had been in many situations where life or death was at stake, this still drive me crazy."70-30. This is as much as I will ever give," Shane said in more dangerous tone.But I didn't let that stop me. Not at this point. "This is great, isn't it?" I said this
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Hudson seemed odd from the first time we met. I tried to scan her with while we were talking, but this is what I got: [NAME: EVANGELINE HUDSON AGE: (Unknown) STRENTGH: (Unknown) WEAKNESSES: (Unknown) ... click to see more] What does unknown mean? Even her age? When we talked about System, I thought she was a fantasy novel or comic book fanatic who couldn't tell the difference between a fantasy world and the real world. Until I witnessed something she did to Jason. I'm just guessing, but it seems to me that she also has [Advanced Observation] or something similar. But, unlike me, she needs a physical touch. His process is also more complicated, and the results may be more specific. If that's the case, I can see why System wants her to leave as soon as possible. Her purpose doesn't make sense, either. Why is she hunting people like me anyway? Does that make her stronger? Wait. It could be possible That could be a good foundation. What I'm going through is almost like an R
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"Don't pretend to be dead. I won't be fooled by your acting again."I wasn't pretending to be dead in the first place."Well, that's better," Hudson said when I opened my eyes and looked back at him. "I get a bit annoyed when the person I'm talking to doesn't look back at me."While the girl was babbling, I tried to stand up and take the opening to escape. Wait, what is this? My hands ... are tied? Since when? And where did this rope come from?"Ah... you shouldn't try to escape, or struggle. The rope I'm using has a unique technology. The more you try to untie it, the tighter it will get, perhaps to the point where it will rip and mince your flesh slowly."I gulped. If this was a normal situation, I would have laughed right away. However, I think Hudson was joking she said that, and she also has the similiar power as me.She had a system, and definitely had all sorts of strange devices that could be utilised."Good. You still have some common sense. Now, tell me, Class Rep, wait, you
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I just had a weird dream. I caught a windfall, dealing with some scary-looking guys, hit and hummiliate Carl, then almost... kissed a girl (?).Duh. That's an embarrassing fantasy for a wet dream.I checked my bottom, it didn't feel damp, let alone sticky. So it was just a silly sleeping flower.Am I that desperate, huh? Yes ... I was indeed in that phase, and last night's dream indicates that my puberty is in its prime, but still...But what if it wasn't a dream? At least the part where I got a wad of money.I picked up my mobile phone, intending to check Mum's m-banking, but immediately decided against it.What the hell was I doing? Hadn't I stopped expecting those delusions?What I needed to do now was work harder and more effectively to pay Mum's operation.That's when the mobile phone notification came, a text message from my colleague Fletcher. It wasn't just one.William FletcherHey, dickhead, did you rat me out to Liz? I'll forgive you this time, but there will be no free d
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It was a vague vision of something that never existed, or at least I tried to pretend it did.I saw my father wearing a white robe approaching me bound. I was only four years old and felt so scared. Father's eyes were like a hungry wolf ready to pounce on me at any moment.In his hand was a syringe. It was shiny, sharp, and looked painful.I struggled, screamed, and begged for mercy; but Father didn't stop. He buried the needle deep into my skin.I even remember the pain and the instant goose bumps ran down my body. My hands ached again, I felt so much pain in the back of my head. My tongue was even accidentally bitten off in the painful process, but I felt no pain. It seemed like these overlapping sensations were making me half-numb.Another vision came, this time I saw the current me. Each time it came, it was like a dagger lodged in the brain. But each time, I finally understood more. I finally knew what was going on.I got my memories back.*#*"See? You hit him too hard! What if
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