Genius Detective With Broken System

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Genius Detective With Broken System

By: Starfall_V OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Intelligence, Deceit, Cunning and Luck are concepts that tie to genius. Louis, who was born with above average intelligence, got all four concepts and became a true genius. And a true genius becomes a double-sided sword. Will it be a problem solver? or even a trouble maker? It all started when Louis got an injection of nanoparticles into his body. Something much higher than modern words appears and changes Louis' life. The system appears and allows Louis to make the impossible possible. He will easily solve the criminal cases he handles. What awaited him in the days to come were cases that were more complicated and would require even greater effort to deal with. (Some events that occur and locations are indeed inspired by the real world but have nothing to do with real life)

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    This is an intriguing work of art

    2023-12-29 19:37:43
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1. The Case
Intelligence, lying, cunning and luck are the skills most needed to solve cases.But sometimes intelligence is not accompanied by luck and makes a detective always failThe four concepts are things that must always coexist. If one is missing, it will be difficult to fill the void.Whether it's a difficult case or even an easy case, it definitely requires these four concepts.However, some people also have all four concepts but take a different path from the detective.Therefore, in today's criminal world, detective work is the most sought after and at the same time the least considered.Have you ever heard of a child who, when asked about their aspirations, said they were a detective?Does not seem. Doctors, teachers, astronauts, police, soldiers, or company leaders are the general answer in the environment.But the presence of a detective becomes a pillar for peace in the criminal world as it is today.......Sydney, Australia, January 29, 2004.A complicated case that requires detec
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2. Books and School
California, May 30, 1998Louis is 14 years old."What the hell is that... this is the fourth time you've been kicked out of a different school""I didn't give birth to you to be a burden like this!" The loud voice of an old woman snapping at a child in front of her."I didn't do anything wrong, I just said a different opinion than the old teacher" Said the boy. That kid was louis when he was 14 years old.* PpakkkA hard slap right on Louis' right cheek made his ears buzz."You dare to answer like that? I never raised you to be an insolent child like this" The woman took Louis' hand and entered Louis' room."Think about your mistake." The woman locked the bedroom door and let Louis inside.Louis just kept silent, it wasn't because he was shocked or felt sick, but because he was used to it. Slap wasn't the only thing he ever received from his mother. When Louis makes a little mistake he will definitely get a punishment that refers to physical violence.This is normal life for Louis. Ph
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3. Psychological Disorder
It was getting late and Louis was walking back to the apartment where he lived."Mmm, in the end it was me who got reprimanded" Louis spoke to himself."But, the fact that the fat guy is the headmaster's nephew won't change no matter what" He continued.Louis walked until he finally arrived at his apartment area. There, many people had gathered there as well as several parked police cars with their sirens still sounding.Louis approached the crowd and looked ahead. Whispers could be heard from the people around him."Poor thing...she just moved here" Said one of the people standing there."I heard that she moved here to send her child to school," said another person.Louis entered the crowd and stood right in front of the police line. In front of him was an ambulance and a plastic bag which Louis knew exactly what was in it.And from inside the apartment someone was taken out with handcuffs on his hands. That's Louis's father."She was already dead when I came... I just wanted to see
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4. An Uncaring Child
It was getting dark and Edward and Louis were still at the crime scene."The owner of the apartment? This morning I saw him leave in a hurry," said a woman who lived in the vicinity.*BeepBeepEdward's cell phone vibrated in his pocket. Edward carefully picked up his cell phone then looked at the screen."Peters?" Edward took the call from Peter."Her husband will be used as a suspect... if you have evidence, bring it here quickly." Peter's voice sounded a little shaky due to the telephone line."The detention will start tomorrow" Peter said over the phone."Don't worry, everything will be clear soon" Edward said then hung up the phone."Louis" Edward called Louis who was looking around with a flashlight in his hand."Yeah..." Louis replied."Let's check the apartment one more time" Edward said as he walked up to the crime scene.Edward and Louis came in and turned on the lights and checked around.“No fingerprints at all...” Edward muttered.After a while they finally found nothing t
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5. White Room
*BeepBeepThe sound of a telephone ringing on a table in a restaurant."Are you sure that's not important?" A woman is seen saying while reaching for a drink on the table.A woman with short, shoulder-length black hair and clothes that were considered quite valuable at that time sat at one of the dining table."No, it's okay, just ignore it" Louis in front of the woman was also enjoying the food in front of her."Hmmm, are you sure you're not going to school?" Louis asked the woman."Mmm no, my brother doesn't let me go to a normal school" Said the woman."It's fun to be rich, isn't it..." Louis leaned back on the chair."Mmmm it depends on people's views. Sometimes people might like that, but to be honest I don't like that." The woman seemed to have a withered expression."Getting an easy life but having to sacrifice freedom is not fun at all," continued the woman."Mmmm" Louis stared at the woman narrowing his eyes slightly."Ah, then I'll go first, I have to pick up my brother at t
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6. Incident
*KreekLouis opened one of the doors of the room.“Looks like it's been here a long time” Louis started sorting out the scattered human bones."What exactly happened here?" Edward muttered in shock at the sight.The state of the place looked like it had been abandoned for years. the bones in the room gave Edward chills.After exploring the room, it turns out that not only there, but also a room that goes underground and also contains exactly the same room but a lot more."This... much more than the first hotel..." Edward said as if in disbelief."What did they do to these people?" Edward walked down the hall with Louis."No matter how you look, this is a research laboratory" Louis looked at the room one by one."Is the government behind all this?" Edward was curious.Louis turned on his flashlight and started looking around, Louis found a room that seemed different from the others. The room contains a large photo frame.The white walls and the lights that didn't turn on made the photo
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7. Third Building
Ohio, April 27, 2000.In a remote building on the outskirts of the forest.Fill the building with the same shades of white as the other two places."At the age of 16 you can already be an assistant detective... Is it because your parents have influence in the police?" An old man with half bald hair, round glasses and a slightly pudgy stature.The old man held a cane in his left hand and a gun in his right which he pointed at Louis.Instead Louis sat in a chair with his hands and feet tied to the chair and a cloth covering his mouth. He looked resigned to being tied up in that place."Nnnngg" Louis tried to say something but the cloth on his mouth was interfering."Actually we have investigated you young man, your mother was killed and your father is in prison, so I'm guessing you're an assistant detective not because of the influence of your parents" said the man reading a file in his hand."Detective Ed took custody of him and was appointed assistant detective a few years later," con
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8. Crime Solver Type System
Edward heard footsteps behind him and turned, weapons at the ready. But it was too late - one of the thugs sneaked up behind him and now pointed his own gun directly at Edward's head.Thinking quickly, Edward grabbed the man's gun and released the magazine, Edward spun quickly to the right and grabbed the man's neck then threw him down.Meanwhile, footsteps were also starting to sound from different directions indicating more people were coming towards him. Edward took a different gun then ran up to the 3rd floor.Edward stopped on the third floor and waited for the people to come up, a moment later one person came into view, Edward swiftly pointed his gun at the people on the stairs and then started shooting.Two people were hit by gunshots and immediately fell down, while the other three stepped back to dodge and fired back afterward. Edward ducked to avoid the shots.Edward replaced his gun again and ran to the left because he saw the people starting to come in a group.Edward hid
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9. Side Goal
WEEE-OOOO WEEE-OOOO!The sound of police sirens began to be heard approaching where Louis and Edward were.Dave got out of the car and rushed into the building carefully. On the first floor he didn't see any movement of people or anything strange."This is the place, where is Ed?" Dave muttered.Soon, Dave and his troops climbed the second floor. They were shocked by the corpses in front of them, dozens of corpses with blood splattered on the floor decorating the second floor hallway."Ed!" Dave called to find out Edward's position.Edward and Louis went down to the second floor with one of Vincent's subordinates tied hand and foot.Louis' appearance also looks cleaner, although there are still some bloodstains on his clothes.And he also closed his right eye again using a black cloth. Dave lowered the gun and put it to his waist."Ed... this place..." Dave looked around."Yes, there's no mistake this is a kind of lab" Edward said."And you didn't tell us about this place before inves
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10. Mission
"Joking? That's not funny" Rinn panicked and annoyed at the same time."Haha, after all the gun wasn't filled with bullets anyway" Louis pointed at the gun in Howard's hand.Howard was silent for a moment. Louis walked up to Rinn and started talking to her."I'll be a bit busy due to some cases, so I might not be able to help you much, sorry" Louis said to Rinn.Rin nodded with a slightly disappointed expression. Louis turned and waved at Howard. Howard showed a smile at Louis even though inside his mind right now he was furious."I just came here to say that, I can't reach you by phone because my cellphone is broken" Louis said to Rinn.Louis said goodbye to Rinn and Howard then left the place.“Rinn” Howard said coldly.Rinn showed a sad face and turned her head in a different direction."I was never told that the people you are referring to are the police" Howard sat down in the chair with a glare on Rinn."No, he's not a cop, he only works for a private detective agency, so he has
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