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"So, he's just a servant? I thought he was Erica's husband that she was always proud of," Anthony said with an innocent expression. "Yes, he is Erica's husband. But he's also a loser and a servant in this house. Don't mind him. He's stupid and doesn't know anything!" mocked Nancy. "I don't think asking for evidence is a mistake. We don't know if he's lying or not. For all I know, Erica got this partnership because of her talent," Nate insisted. "So, you think I'm lying?" "No, just making sure." "Oh, come on. Why would I bother coming here just to make up this kind of lie? That's not very cool in my eyes. And why do you keep interrupting my conversations with Erica's family? You don't even know about business." "Maybe I don't know about business, butー" "Then why don't you just shut up and let us chat comfortably? Go to the kitchen as requested by your family. Aren't you good at housework?" Nate clenched his fists, besides lying, Anthony also had an annoying attitude and liked to put people down. Exactly the same as Erica's family. People like them will never be able to respect people, because it is a disease of the heart. His wife getting was sold to a fat man, just to save her family business. She has no other option but to divorce Nate. Fortunately, his exile is over and he can save his wife and show her family that he is not useless, worthless husband and son in law but Billionaire Heir of Bluebell Holdings. He will also support his wife, her family will be kneeling down to have mercy on them, once they all looked down and humiliated them. Now, they will wailed their tail like a dog infront of him.

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"Here! Wash them properly, you lazy swine!"A shrill voice called out and Nate turned around, only to find a bundle of stinky and dirty socks being thrown at him.He caught the muddy socks in his hands while stepping backwards, still shocked by this unexpected gesture. Standing at the door was Maria, his mother-in-law. Her hair was pinned up delicately and there was a layer of perfectly polished makeup on her face, but the effect was spoiled by her upset frown. "Why don't you wash these thoroughly? Can't you see how dirty they are, I can't have my precious laundry be handled so carelessly!"Her words were dripping with arrogance, while Nate, the dutiful son-in-law in this opulent household, found himself caught in the crossfire. Before Nate could reply or react properly, Erica, his wife, entered the scene. Horrified by her mother's audacity, she rushed forward, trying to intervene. "Mom, please! What is this? Nate has dignity too, you know!"Erica's frustration was clear in her v
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In the grand hall of the McKinney family Mansion, all branches of the family had gathered, their faces reflecting the gravity of the situation. As Erica's uncle, the patriarch, stepped forward, an uneasy hush fell over the room."I am sure everyone gathered here knows the reason behind this meeting. The Rossi family has agreed to come to our aid, and they are willing to give enough resources that our financial troubles can be dealt with. But they do have an unusual bargain…"The gathering was waiting for him to explain further, and give his opinion on who the most suitable candidate was. But right then, Nancy, one of Erica's cousins, broke the silence;"Thank God! I know that at least I won't be the one to marry that ugly old man. You know, because I am already engaged to Victor! He is not only handsome, kind and intelligent, but he is quite well to do. And once we get married, his family can also help us out."She declared with an air of confidence, and her statement found favor amo
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The collective surprise and confusion that had settled in the room after the announcement was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected eruption of laughter, when everyone realized that it was none other than Nate! Laughter rippled through the gathering, as nobody could believe that he had actually barged into the grand hall so freely. "What does he think he's doing?" whispered one family member, their eyes narrowing with scorn. The amusement spread like wildfire, and soon the room echoed with mocking remarks directed at Nate. "He says he doesn't agree? But who even asked him in the first place?" "Oh, look! This tramp also has something to say? What's next, should we call every servant in the mansion and ask them for their opinions? Or should we take the advice of all the bums from the street?" "I think we have tolerated this freeloader for too long, that he has started to think he can participate in a family meeting now!" The relatives quickly dismissed Nate's opinion with a wav
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Standing at the center of this trial, Erica's doe- shaped eyes welled up with tears. In the middle of the collective mockery and disdain, she had hoped for a hero to step forward and rescue her from this living nightmare. Instead, all she had was Nate, who had also embarrassed her even more by making such an absurd proposal. Why did he have to come here, when she was already trying to make the best of the situation by negotiating with her relatives? Forget being her knight in shining armor, he had proven that he was nothing more than a clown?! Her hands tightened into fists as she tried to control her raging emotions, but her frustration and disappointment were carved on her face. These taunts and words were hurting her deeper than any physical wound. Meanwhile, the family members continued to mock Nate; "Have you finally lost whatever little brain you were unfortunately born with?" "I think you need to be reminded of who you are and which dirty hole you crawled out of! Is i
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The housekeeper's words had acted as a catalyst, transporting Nate back to the day when his life had gone upside down. Three years ago, the household's usual routine had been shattered when the old man fell unconscious on his way to an important board meeting, and the results of a primary examination showed an attempt to position him.Chaos erupted in the household and he was rushed to the hospital; as soon as the old man was admitted into the ICU, the family members started pointing fingers and shouting in anger and disbelief. Meanwhile, Nate was sitting in a quiet corner of the ICU, sulking by himself.He was wondering who could have committed such an act against his grandfather, watching his family accuse each other without a second thought. But suddenly, he heard his own name being pulled into the middle of this ruckus. One of his aunts shouted through tears,"Nate! He was the one who took the tray of coffee and snacks to his grandfather's room this morning; I saw it with my o
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As Nate watched his wife and mother-in-law walk away, he felt a sense of urgency and anxiety. With every step, they were moving farther away from him, and he wanted nothing more than to run up to them and clarify the situation, so that the misunderstanding could be stopped right there. But at the same time, he knew there was no point in going after them, if they had already made up their minds about him. Most importantly, even if he narrated the whole situation regarding his grandfather and the dark stain of blame on his reputation, that had just been cleared up… what were the chances that they would believe him? What if they declared him as a crazy liar, just like their relatives had just dismissed his offer for help just some moments ago? Going to them and making such claims without having any proof in his hands was a recipe for disaster, as it would negatively impact his reputation and their trust in him. It was at this moment that a sudden idea sparked in his mind. He saw a
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As Nate stood there, feeling the sting of Justin's mocking remarks, anger and humiliation coursed through him. Initially, he had been somewhat happy to meet an old classmate in such an unexpected setting. But that joy had quickly transformed into bitterness, ruined by the mockery hidden under the disguise of catching up. His face darkened as he realized the true intentions behind Justin's words, and he wanted to give him a fitting reply cutting retort, one that would make both Justin and his snobby girlfriend shut up. But there was something else nagging at his mind, reminding him that he was here for something more important. First of all, he needed to take control of the company, secure the future of his wife's family and stop her from making the decision of marrying someone else. Compared to these concerns, the two clowns standing in front of him didn't seem important at all. So, he simply decided to pay attention to his priority and ignore Justin's comments.Still, on hearin
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CHAPTER 8 I am the Nathaniel Pemberly
The smug smile on Justin's face was causing Nate's temper to rise. It was clearly his unlucky day today, because this leech named Justin had stuck to him today without any reason, and refused to leave him alone now. But he still managed to keep his cool. Instead of wiping that grin off of his face like he really wanted to, Nate cocked one eyebrow at the receptionist.With a sneer, he spoke up in a challenging tone;"Well, I could leave right now, if you really insist. But remember: you absolutely shouldn't beg me to come back later, under any circumstances."As soon as he said this, Justin burst out into laughter, dismissing Nate's statement with a condescending tone."What did you just say! Beg you? What a silly man you are! Hahaha, do you really think we will get scared on hearing this?" The receptionist, who was the primary audience for their exchange, shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She turned her gaze towards the ground, feeling a sense of second-hand embarrassment for Nate.
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Chapter 9."You told me to get out of here yourself. Told me that I didn't belong here and had no interest in meeting anyone," Nate said in a high voice that echoed throughout the room.Clara who had thought Nate was an ordinary person could only remain silent, biting her lip in fear, afraid that she would also get into trouble from her attitude a few minutes ago. Especially now, she saw the vice president who looked so uncomfortable and angry with Nate's explanation."Is that true, Mr. Miller?" she asked in an annoyed tone. Her eyes narrowed at Justin."No, Miss Adams. I can explain what happened before. This is all just a misunderstanding. It's not like you heard-"Before he could finish his sentence, Nate interrupted him with an equally annoyed tone."So, in this case, I'm at fault for lying and saying things that aren't true? This could just as easily be considered as ruining someone's good name. Isn't that right?" Nate's stinging words sent Justin into a tizzy.He couldn't even b
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"No! Pleaseeee...please...." Justin squealed loudly as Nate was about to walk away from him and quickly pulled his hand away. He was crying hysterically from the fear of losing the only job he had. And at all costs, he would try to keep it even if he had to kneel pleadingly before Nate."It's useless. I can't help you not get fired," Nate said, rolling his eyes lazily. He looked at poor Justin who was crying nonstop. Clutching his arms with both trembling hands. It was obvious he was frustrated and terrified of losing his job."What do you want? I'll do it! Kneel at your feet and beg? I'll do it! But please, don't let me get fired. This is the only job I have. If I get fired, what will happen to me," Justin sobbed. He continued to hold onto Nate's arm despite his attempts to break free."That's enough-"Before Nate could finish his sentence, he was shocked with wide eyes when he saw Justin kneeling in front of him. With cries so loud they could be heard throughout the room. Heard by a
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