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By: Boubledouble OngoingMystery/Thriller

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It's about a young dream that wants to find meaning in life and wants to find something to love. But the path they took wasn't so beautiful. Lino is someone who is feared by one school. Lino always gets into fights either inside or outside the school. Life changed after Mom's death. Give up all his dreams and live with what he wants. Karina was a student who became a victim of bullying just because she was poor and her mother was an employee of her school cafeteria. He worked so hard that he could live together with Mom. By chance, Lino meets Karina who tries to end her life. From then on they started meeting by chance. Karina has a big dream, making Lino feel jealous and feeling how she can achieve her dream. Will Lino rediscover his dreams and start his new life? Will Karina achieve all her dreams?

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It's raining very hard. Dark clouds cover the sky that turns gray. The same footstep goes in the same direction. The wet soil of the rainwater makes the feet that pass through it dirty. There's a sound of someone crying, there's also a whispering sound that seems to be feeling sorry for someone.A smiling face in a black frame. Everyone wearing black clothes walked into an excavated field. The cry of a middle-aged woman who looked so sad when the body had been buried by the grave digger. The body fell trying to hug a tombstone that read,[Diana Rosalia, 1977- 2017]Losing her precious child is a deadly weapon that seems to destroy her world for a mother. Seeing his now dead son, seeing his son that he can no longer hug forever. Leaving herself first was the most painful thing for a mother."Lucas ... my poor granddaughter, Lucas …," she said, embracing me as if she knew her granddaughter. It's the first time she's hugged me in front of a lot of people. An old woman who doesn't know he
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Eating or Being Eaten
-In 2022-BYURRR!!!One bucket of what was immediately spilled on a girl wearing a uniform. She was shaking — shivering in the cold. It is not ordinary water but water mixed with ice. A round of laughter that sounded so loud. That poor girl can only be cornered in the corner of a decayed wall.“HAHAHAHAHAHA …”"Oh, my God! So wet," said the girl wearing the same uniform, with long hair with a sadistic smile. "It's been recorded, right? We'll upload it to go viral. Yuhuu! Hahaha!" she added while squatting in front of the poor girl.Sounds like sobs, and makes her face turn sadder. Slowly tilt her head sideways — staring coldly at the girl wearing the name tag 'Karina Rabella'."Oh, my God, fuck! Don't cry, it's not fun, hmmm ..."Suddenly the hair of the girl named Karina was pulled back until her head looked up. The whole body was soaked, and so was her wet-looking hair covering half of her face. Look into the angry eyes of the injustice he's feeling right now, blushing like burning
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Repeated Nightmares - Part.1
Flashback~-In 2021-No more power to continue his footsteps. Her vision is getting blurry. The increasingly claustrophobic breath prevented Karina from standing up, until she finally fell sitting on the dirt road in a completely unbiased rain. Her body began to numb slowly."Hi kid, are you okay?" said a person holding both shoulders who almost collapsed.Two men wearing police suits went to her."Are you all right?" he asked back in a worried tone.Karina, who had begun to lose consciousness, could not hear the words of the police who tried to wake her up. All her eyes darkened, and only faint voices were heard, Karina felt her body lifted and she could only surrender."You bring her back, and immediately take him to the hospital. I will continue to look for them !!!" said one of the older police officers compared to the police who now carry Karina on his back.The intense scent and the cold seemed to make her body feel frozen. With an opaque look, Karina tries to open her eyes. The
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Repeated Nightmares - Part.2
Flashback~-In 2021-"No no, ma'am. I'm supposed to help, this...!" while giving a plastic bag containing hot porridge."What is this, sir?" Karina asked confusedly when she received it."Burial, don't forget to spend it and take the medicine to heal quickly," he said."Thank you, sir.""Yes. It's our duty as police, and then, to be careful on the road. I'll excuse you." he said, who then walked to another police officer."Come on," said her mother."Eung."Karina and her mother resumed their steps. But when they want to step out through the exit, they have to be held back when an ambulance arrives. The atmosphere became very tense — panic, as a doctor and several nurses ran out. Seeing the riot makes Karina wonder what kind of patients make them so hasty.Karina's eyes were shocked when a patient who had just been discharged from an ambulance car was pushed by several people. It's like a slow time when he runs across a student lying helpless with a knife stuck right in his chest. It'
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An Unexpected Meeting
-In 2022-Instantly Lucas's eyes were immediately startled, waking up from his sleep breathless Lucas woke up after a bad dream. Dreams that have been so real and so scary have been haunting him for the past year. Trying to calm him down because the dream was still attached to him. Turns out he was awakened by the sound of an alarm clock. Soon Lucas shut it down. It's morning, he has to hurry to go to her new school. Standing in front of the glass, looking at his face, feeling so unfamiliar. The trace of the dream is still shadowed in his mind. It's been about five months that he's been living a long silence after the storm. Lucas's tired of the life he's living, it's just that he wants to complain.Wearing a black jacket, taking his bag and his phone. Lucas walked off to school. Lucas walked after getting off the bus. The first day of school but it feels like he's tired of having to get through today.TENG NENG … TENG NENG … TENG TENG TENG!!!The sound of school entrance bell has be
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Bad Prejudice
The sky suddenly darkened with a distant roar. The gust of wind felt stronger, exhaling every strand of Karina's hair.But why be quiet? The student who told her to shut up had no more voices from there. If maybe he's gone, thought Karina who hesitated to look back, she wanted to make sure. With one long breath, Karina ventured to turn her head, but she saw only the figure of the student walking out — vanished behind closed doors. "Who was that?" thought Karina.***TENG TENG TENG!! TENG TENG TENG TENG!!The sound of the bell went home. Say thank you to the teacher before the end of the lesson. When the last teacher came out, they immediately scattered out of the class to make the classroom very crowded and full. Some students still have to be in class because of picket schedules.Karina put her chair on the table. Until suddenly Clara just crawled up from behind."Please, today I have lessons, so please take my place. Okay, bye, Karina !!!" Clara said in her sweet voice but not Karin
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The World is Hard - Part.1
"Please don't act as if we're close," said Lucas.Suddenly Frank's smile, which started as soon as the story disappeared in a flash, hears Lucas's refusal. The atmosphere slowly became distant from each other."Why do you hate me? Is it because of your mother's death?" Frank asked with a serious face.Hearing that Lucas's irritation towards her grew more and more. The wound was supposed to have gotten better but suddenly he came and sprinkled it with salt water. His sweet voice was not exactly what he had sprinkled on him."Get out!" said Lucas, affirming his words."What? Lucas! Are you serious?""I said get out of the way! Fuck!" said Lucas — looking violently at the fury that was so turbulent inside him. Not wanting to vent his anger in a public place, Lucas chose to leave behind people who didn't even know what his mistake was, and with his pedals acting as if nothing happened, who else if not Frank?"Lucas! Please, Lucas!! Listen to me! Lucas!!" he said, trying to persuade Lucas
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The world is hard - Part.2
"Sorry sir, I'm sorry sir, I'm sorry," Karina said, bowing her head to 45 degrees. His body was trembling with fear."WHERE TO WORK!! YOUR PAYMENT I cut 50 percent!!" he said, who then left.BRAKKK!!!He was so angry that he slammed the door so hard that the window was shaking. It feels like the soul is floating with fear, otherwise, she has to freshen up to work, Karina has fainted with fear. But it seems that the mental slowness that she has is getting stronger. Facing people like the cafe owner wasn't the first time. He had met someone so much worse that he carried animal names and other harsh words.Karina immediately walked out of the staff room to the cafe. She only works as a waitress and works 4 hours a day, a week only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It's true what the cafe owner said, she is only a part-time employee but can't show performance like a senior employee who works in this cafe. Even though her inner feelings are hurt by his speech, he has the right to claim r
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The world is hard - Part.3
The time is 9 pm. It's time Karina finished the job. But because he was late. The cafe owner told him to increase his hours for the next 30 minutes. The piled-up dishwasher never ceases to fill the laundromat. The kitchen is so busy because there are so many incoming orders.Both hands continue to clean the dishes with soap instead of increasing numbers as if there would be no end. Even the plates piled up and piled up almost fell, but quickly Karina and immediately prevented it. If all the plates are broken, then they're all done.This is no time to complain. Although tired and very frustrated, Karina tries to strengthen herself to keep doing the dishes. Didn't forget she had to throw away the leftover food that looked so disgusting. Stack up the heavy garbage even to make it have to discharge the remaining power to get to the trash can outside the kitchen room.After struggling hard she pulls two bags of garbage that are so heavy, Karina sits on a plastic chair that has been around
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She's Ostracized
No one cares about what she just went through. That's what class looks like. They're better off not caring than having to deal with Clara and her friends. And it's been the last time Clara took her clothes off, she did it because she wanted to avoid the punishment of Mr. Jack who was so cruel. He would not hesitate to punish his students for any reason to avoid his study hours.Punishment of running around the field for 30 laps. It's excruciating because the school grounds are half the size of football fields. Just breathe a sigh of relief walking out of class, ready to be unprepared, he has to accept the punishment."Hi, Lucas! Did you just come?" said the principal, named Maycle. He walks to Lucas who just came up with a confused face when he is approached by him."Now it's sports lesson time, you're already wearing clothes, right?" asked Maycle who already wears sports clothes."I didn't bring it," Lucas said casually."You don't have it, or you don't have it yet?" asked Maycle."Ye
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