Ocular to the Dying Sun

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Ocular to the Dying Sun

By: Acrimony Nate OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Life as a Prime Magician in the realm governed by Slitark is filled with demands befitting only to serve the people. Yphemu succeeds in this by pushing herself to the brink, but because of this, her firstborn dies accidentally during crossfire. Uran's life is filled with those he valued most dying at the cusp of happiness. Tired of having nothing more but hardship, he strives to live better even if it meant crossing political lands. This is the story of how the Prime Magician becomes an individual in their own right in a world dependent on the dying sun.

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The Birth of Passing the Magician’s Baton; part 1
░░░░░Large chains shackled the lands under the foot of a young girl curiously peering over the edge beyond the magical concrete fence. She calls herself Green. She stood at the edge of their family’s property, a good mile away from the edge of their house fence. Soil faintly disappears under the extending lush grass-covered ground that floated into vast cloudy nothingness.Over, yonder high above the trees, Green’s tiny head illuminated with bright sunlight through the yellow leaves of a tree, its veil covered into a lovely hair for Fall.‘Tis season of “Taglagas,” a point of the year the lands shift gradually. The rock is considered a source of light in their world, where chains bind from the ground to keep afloat, repositions to loosen its magical hold and slowly lower them away from its warmth.This season is not the first time Green experienced Taglagas. She remembers how the season goes and comes. But she forgets how th
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The Birth of Passing the Magician’s Baton; part 2
▓▓▓▓▓Strong gusts of wind, coming from the east of the barracks, going south brought the smell of magic into the air. There are several reasons why the wind’s direction is undesirable for most of the soldiers within the barracks. Because that is the location of the Dire crystals newly harvested, sought throughout Angwail after the Ocular.The simplest “Barrier” spell can help protect this place, in the middle of a dense forest surrounded by a mountain range. Beheld every second year after the last Ocular, this place is often isolated, in between whenever it is not needed. Caretakers are only allowed a month before the Ocular, so any event before stocking Dire crystals would be a different issue. After the Ocular, when all possible Dire crystals have gone through treatment accordingly, it remains open for an entire month until all the crystals within are delivered. Many citizens from across the kingdom, private companies, and the public await
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Dire-eater Fascination; part 1
▓▓▓▓▓Explosions ring through echoing past the mountain range that surrounds the forests where the barracks are of the Dire crystals. The airships in the docking bay are trapped because of the ongoing battle outside the barracks walls. All ships hovered in preparation to lift off for departure, but none of them could inch farther than the roof of the garage or the people inside of it being trapped and nervous. The only respite they believed in was the power that lady Yphemu and her men held in battle.Sure enough, proving that they are as capable as one says, they end the distraught with the force of a hammer on the nail and affix their win with shouts of victory. Securing their leave was a priority they had to take in this window of opportunity. With the magicians on the rooftops ready with their wands, each one cast long-lasting shield magic that extends to other magicians on Festoon’s, a five-man passenger airship, above them. They spread the protection’
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Dire-eater Fascination; part 2
Before he could plunge into the skies, which he most likely will never notice even if the strong winds slapped his chubby face, a dark-gloved hand covered the tiny ones that held the latch. Its pair patted his head as the child felt his body be pulled from the window. He heard a soft voice speak behind him, saying. “What is it, Ame? Do you see your favorite Moth-Rays*?”Ame, the chubby child, looked away from the window and gazed at the man he knew as his father. Known to him as a dad, but to others as Captain Uran. Rifeus to those close to him. The sound of the winds from the outside stopped as his father closed the window. Fondly carrying him from the cushy window seat and then settling him on the sofa bed just beside it, he was laid there while the other children sat around, peacefully settled with their closed eyes and wriggly bodies.Uran’s sleeping quarters within the captain’s cabin of the Sunflora are divided into two rooms, a type of gu
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Dire-eater Fascination; part 3
▓▓▓▓▓Sweat trickled down the wrinkled neck of Elder Lymantera as she held the crib when the shaking started. Sounds of chaos and magic surround the rock walls of the building they reside in, a part of the private building within the barracks that serve as the living area of the Prime Magician and all other residents. The place also contains several empty rooms to accommodate anyone not part of the ceremony but who needs to stay in the barracks.The room’s walls are barren with a large ornate cabinet, wooden sofa, table with a plate of cookies, and a few bottles of milk; finished with a king-size bed with a Slitark shard chandelier on the side walls. Two windows bring light to the room that shows the expanse of the showy garden that is used to receive guests or for bigger parties, or official celebrations. Big as the garden may seem with its well-cultivated landscape and plants, it was still enveloped by the tall trees and the vast valley. Hiding it from the view
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Forgive Me; part 1
Running around the clunky engine room, helping the crew adjust and fix several steaming machinations was all Uran did once he finished helping clear the number of Dire-Eater Sprouts from the top deck. His purpose had diminished once they were manageable enough for the remaining fighters of his crew and the just-arrived hired escort mercenaries that adds to their fighting power. His next instinct was to place himself in the presence of the captain’s quarters and deck but sensed that the engine room will need all hands as the newly fixed machine core still needed time to get acclimated running a burden three times it can manage.Meaning, it hasn’t been used at speeds above ground that have an opposing wind running 2km per knot. The Shroud gleamed under the night sky as it showed signs of being overused in acquiring energy from the Slitark’s moonlight. Though no one can assure how fast or long the Shroud-cable sail can go and support the distribution of the cor
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Acrimony Note 1
Hi! Nate here.This is my new novel here in Meganovel, with the first and second chapter complete, and a preview of the third. As for now, it will be in a month long hiatus due to the incoming season, Deccember, and how busy we are at the forefront at home and other places. After writing a science-fiction erotica, Suitable Bags of Flesh, I've moved on from the long narrative of the monster-x-human shipping and crossed over to fantasy-fiction with a focus heavy on magic and slight drama. It's not that heavy for anyone to read but is more of an adventure to the realm of Slitark and the Prime Magician as the focus. I've made artwork and character design study based on how I imagined my characters would look like, hence the cover. You can look through my pixiv, just search for pansikoser, so that you can preview the art and other designs. Thank you for taking time reading this. There will be instances that I will update something, like related artworks and the likes during this season.
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Acrimony Note 2
Hi, Nate speaking Happy holidays! There's a new artwork done for Yphemu: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/103333007 It's a partially livelier colour of hers~ Can't wait to see if we can come up with a new cover for the coming new chapters, starting on January. So for the mean time, we'll get ahead to some spoiler territory. “Captain!” the crew member shouted. His response was quick as he saw Ugnile’s trapped half. Swiftly reaching through a space he could fit his arm, he pulled the tree with effort, almost looking like he’d pop a vein on his neck. Without telling twice, the crew member quickly pulled Ugnile from under, care was not in his vocabulary momentarily, but it was necessary since the blood from Ugnile’s injuries poured badly. Coughing, he was pushed up by the crew member in time for Erizoma to arrive, blood-soaked and sweaty. “Captain, the rod of light seems to have eradicated the Dire-eaters,” pointing to the direction of the disappearing thread, “we could still make
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Forgive Me; part 2
Before they could finish, Uran had already left the room, knowing by the distance of where he saw the monitor of the navigator’s map that the steering of the ship has succeeded and all they need is to automatically wait and see their docking timing. Jaaron and Pemmi are left to their devices, knowing full well Uran’s intent by leaving them. Jaaron can be seen from behind Uran’s back hurriedly going to the steering platform to double-check with Pemmi so that their course won’t be disturbed as Uran went out to check on the rest of the ship.He knew that his current crew is not up to par with the numbers that needs to manage the entire ship when danger arise, and it shows in this current situation. Included in this number are the civilians that live with them, that are families of the crew involved. Their safety has always been a priority despite the circumstance of Sunflora, but there can never be a guarantee. One way or another, a family member riding i
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Acrimony Note 3
Happy New Year to all! Nate here. January has finally come! This is the official month of posting for the continued chapters of the novel. Much of the story will slowly progress into the action heavy scenarios of the first few chapters. I cannot wait to fill in on the new chapters as well as the coming months. This will be a familiar and unfamiliar territory overall. Thus as much as there will be familiar like scenes comparable to other fantasy stories, elements like this are inevitable. Please bear in mind, there will be Tagalog elements within the story. Mostly words or names, and the occasional phrases. This not a pure Filipino work, but their history and language basically derive from my native tongue. This is a conscious decision more as a reference than hard driven origin or the likes. These kinds of things are not ideal representation, I know, but the story is not a hundred percent Filipino because mostly it's a mix of European sort of elements. We are talking about a fictio
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