Broken Dao heart (5)

"So you turned a coward in order to live , light Ancestor !". Ryden spoke with much disappointment in his voice.

"The valiant light Ancestor that fought fearlessly against the myriad races is no longer the same !".

The expression of the light Ancestor changed slightly as he glared at Ryden and sneered.

"What do you know !! . I have already done and sacrificed so much for the human race . Is it a bad thing for me to seek out for my own welfare ". The light Ancestor clenched his fists tightly and emotionally said.

"Despite the extreme danger that was involved in that battle , I disregarded my life and followed you and the Great Emperor into a miserable battle that claimed countless life.

It was your greedy motives and goals that lead to that tragic battle !!". The light Ancestor roared out with distorted expression on his face.

"You want to break free from the so called cage or whatever ! . Many Supreme beings fell in that battle for your greedy motives and ambition !!".

Ryden l
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