Deep Waters And Hidden Undercurrents

Trapp looked at the people gathered together below him with a strange expression on his face.

'Are they talking about me?' he wondered.

'Come to think about it, it does seem they were implicated after I started killing in the base... I had wanted to draw out the guards and their superior so I would be able to get out of here and move to the central area. But it seems I ended up fishing out something more instead."

Trapp considered things for a moment and he felt he was directly responsible for this squad being discovered as they were carrying out their mission.. but he didn't really care about that...

It was not like Trapp was going to go down and apologize to them now. Besides, by doing this, Trapp was able to discover something very interesting.

Trapp looked at the squad members that were strategizing for a moment, but he quickly turned away as they weren't saying anything that interested him. Instead, Trapp's eyes followed the scout who was walk

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