Greenhorn Base Camp

The Saint Veracles Starfield was a resource-rich zone in the Great Filament Upper Realm. In this star field, there were two powerful noble families that oversaw the running of the Starfield under the Ndlovu empire.

These families were the Viceroy family and the Avalon family. These two families were very powerful and the competition between them, both in the open and in secret, was very fierce. Still, there always remained a modicum of civility with each other and would not go all out against the other.

But recently, an all-out war had broken out between the two families over a recently discovered resource area that was abundant in many rare and valuable resources. The resources in this region were enough to push the development of both families by a considerable margin and make the strength of one family increase over the other.

Both families were unwilling to give up on obtaining ownership of these resources. Normally, both families had clearly distinguished b

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