Trapp continued to watch on as the scout carefully approached his teammates in his concealed state. As he watched, Trapp could not help to compliment the skills of the scout... his concealment ability was very advanced. Although it was not perfect and there were flaws that could expose him, the scout used his incredible skills to make up for those flaws.

For example, although the scout's concealment ability could obscure his appearance and make him invisible to the naked eye, it could not conceal the sounds of the scout's footsteps or the smell on his body. Also, the visual concealment was not perfect because when the scout moved, it was still possible to notice traces of his existence. This was how Trapp had noticed him in the first place.

But despite these flaws, the scout was able to move soundlessly, and he did not emit any odor or smell. Also, when he moved, he limited the speed of his movement so that the traces of his movement were almost unnoticeable. This prov

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