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By: Patrick Meg II OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Tyler was working for the school’s football team to earn some allowance. He’s poor so he’s always being treated like trash by the quarterback and his underdogs One morning when he woke up from a hangover, Tyler saw his bank account had 100 billion new income. . He’s rich now! He never thought this could happen to him so suddenly.  Would his newfound wealth put a hinge on his behavior? Find out!!!

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Chapter One
Tyler walked out of the store with a wipe and mop in his hands. His tight janitor uniform clinging softly to his skin. He paused at the entrance to gaze at the long frail of seats he's going to clean. A sigh escaped his lips, contorted and distant chatterings howling at his ears. That has been his dilemma for the past two years. He works as a janitor in a school football's team as a means to an end. He'd have to clean the seats at the auditorium, wash the bathrooms and do the laundry. Every part of his job was quite easy, but the laundry part was like hell on earth. The stinking stink of those boots and socks makes him want to throw up, and sometimes he's forced to cover his nose - in other to do the job. Pathetic. The football team's quarterback - Raul is Tyler's worst nightmare. He treats the poor janitor like some piece of worn out socks - ready to be deposited at the city's waste reserve. Tyler tries every trick in the book to avoid crossing paths with Raul, but there's no fli
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Chapter Two
Tyler caught sight of his girlfriend bent by the wall in a doggy position with a guy thrusting deep into her from behind. They halted the act immediately Tyler barged into them. Thank Goodness it was meant to be a quickie. Charlotte only had her skirts rolled up. "Charlotte!" Tyler exclaimed. His lips formed a silent 'wow', as he stood still like a mannequin trying to process everything. Moments ago, he was being bullied by Raul and some daredevils and he thought that was enough misfortune for a day, but right now - the word 'misfortune' has got a new synonym - Charlotte. Tyler tried to utter a word but only his inaudible blabbings echoed. His hands flew to his mouth in outright shock, as he watched the two fornicators disengage from each. The guy - who is a member of the football team quickly zipped his pants, sweat dribbling down his pale face. Charlotte rolled down her skirts. The frown on her face spoke volumes Tyler never expected. If it was some Disney movie, Charlotte shoul
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Chapter Three
Tyler curled up on his bed, with thoughts skimming through his mind. The incident with his girlfriend and the teammate replayed in his head again. That thought sent shrills of rage to his heart. He rolled over, peering at the room in a flitting gaze. His rent will soon be due, and the crazy landlord won't hesitate to throw him out of the room if he fails to pay up on time. Every shot at possibility turns back against him. It all ends up in shackles and pains. The only thing that feels theraupatic and fulfilling to do is when he picks up his pen to write a journal. For the last few years, Tyler writes down every emotion he feels. He writes these journals in form of letters to his favorite actor and TV presenter - Will Donalds. Tyler sees Wills as a role model, and they seem to have a few things in common. Will Donalds worked as a janitor in a restaurant before fame shimmered its light on him. Its been a couple of months since the last time Tyler wrote a journal. He sprang up from
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Chapter Four
Tyler's hands trembled as he stared at his phone. He blinked his eyes rapidly to ensure he wasn't dreaming or staring at a Hollywood blockbuster. He was broke and hopeless a few hours ago, and now - a whooping hundred million is laying in the account. His eyeballs dilated, and a fountain of tears formed in his eyes. The doorbell rang, swinging him out of his thoughts. He put the phone I'm his pocket. He stared at the door for a few seconds, and the doorbell rang again. He sprang up and approached the door. He twisted the knob, and an unfamiliar figure stood in front of him. "How may I help you?" Tyler mumbled, still concealing the shock in his eyes, even if his heart pulsed like it'll fall off his chest. "You must be Tyler. Tyler Johnson" the man standing in front of him said. Tyler hesitated for a minute. He peered at the man and his line of sight met with the 'UPS' inscription on his shirt. It dawned on Tyler that a delivery guy is standing at his doorstep. "Yes, I'm Tyler Johnson
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Chapter Five
Tyler kissed his tooth loudly as he wandered out of a jewelry store. He'd been walking the streets of LA in search of a presentable gift for Ava. He's not a party freak. His heart constricted at how bad it'll make Ava feel if he gave the wrong gift. Is there anything like a wrong gift? Considerate Tyler. It is been over two hours since he stepped out, and that'll be the third store he'd visited in search of a befitting gift. He walked down the block, beholding the beautiful city. Car engines buzzed at his ears, and the blusters and whispers of other pedestrians ambling down the block too. The skies were beginning to turn gray, necessitating the need for Tyler to get the gift as quickly as he can. She sent the address already. Tyler's gaze settled on a store by the other side of the street. He evaded the sidewalk and crossed to the side of the road. He rubbed his neck lazily, before pushing the door. It was a boutique. The bright lights made him freeze and squint his eyes for a mome
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Chapter Six
Tyler only wanted to solidify his curiosity and move back to the side of the countered, but Raul and Charlotte had already caught sight of him. "Hi," he muttered to the shocked couple, even if they tried to disguise their surprise with a scornful smile. "Loser" Raul muttered. Tyler ambled closer to them with a smile. Tyler seldom smiles, he's that guy who's always sad an introverted, his smile left Raul's heart blaring with questions. "What is a loser like you doing in this luxury store?" Charlotte said, stepping forward. When Tyler saw Raul, a thought fled into his mind. Charlotte had nothing to do with Raul - the quarterback. After all, he caught her shagging one of the teammates, not Raul. "I came to shop," Tyler said - teeth tightened. Raul and Charlotte exchanged glances and they laughed "Really!" Raul mumbled amidst laughter. "Everyone knows you're a dirty broke ass. This place ain't for people like you. Get the hell out of here" Tyler stood speechless. He stared at Raul
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Chapter Seven
Charlotte's heart missed a beat when the 'ding' sound resounded in her ears. She locked eyes with Tyler and her lips formed an inaudible 'wow' She tried to speak but the shock concealed in her lungs made her beam with a smile. "There you go ma'am" the salesperson's voice jolted Charlotte out of her realm of thoughts. Her line of sight met with the package her supposed quarterback boyfriend could not afford "The purse is yours now" the salesperson added. Charlotte's spine bubbled with adrenaline moments ago, but the salesperson's voice doubled the adrenaline rush. Because she has to make a tough decision. Her supposed well-to-do quarterback boyfriend couldn't afford to buy her a purse. And now - Tyler her ex, the same guy she cheated on, the same guy she called a broke ass bought her an expensive purse. At first, it seemed like a huge punch on Raul's face, but when Charlotte stretched her hands to accept the package from the salesperson, Raul's face shrunk into a scowl. Charlotte ign
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Chapter Eight
The manager's eyes dilated she the hairpin fell. He tried to shrug it off until a golden ring fell off Tyler's pocket too. His eyes widened, almost bulging out like spikes. "What the h....." He exclaimed. He tried to reach for the ring, but Tyler got it before him. He slid the ring into his left index finger. The golden glint of the ring made everyone gaze in shock. Tyler may have bought an expensive purse a few moments ago, but owning a ring worth millions of dollars is the height of all astonishment. "You own that?" The manager said, pointing to the ring in Tyler's fingers. "Yes. I didn't steal it...I" " I didn't say you stole it here" the manager interrupted. "Besides we don't have such kind of luxury ring here" he added. Raul had his heart floating on his tongue. He stared at Tyler in outright shock. If a broke janitor could afford that, then maybe wishes are now horses. There was no way Tyler could afford such a rare gem, within the range of forty-eight hours. "....u...uhm"
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Chapter Nine
Tyler boarded a cab to Ava's. He alighted from the cab after a few minutes. He stood in front of a luxurious penthouse. Tyler stared at the tall building and then he looked down to his tattered shoes. He heaved a sigh. Ava is like an icon, and that depicts the kind of people that'll be attending her birthday party. Ava is a sassy lady, and everyone who's close to her dines on the same table, except Tyler. "I hope I don't get judged because of my outfit" Tyler muttered beneath his breath. His shirt - was slightly drenched with rain, and his brown hair - was disheveled as it sprouted lazily across his forehead. A haircut won't hurt Tyler. He clutched the bag in his head and ascended the stairs, heading to the entrance. He arrived in the long hallway. A few people in sight - each minding their business. The address Ava sent asked that he goes to the second floor of the building. Tyler's eyes skimmed around the hallway and he saw a door, leading to an elevator. His eyebrows creased, a
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Chapter Ten
Tyler paused - lips pouted in awe as he stared at Mandy. Mandy also reciprocated the same gesture. She stared at Tyler with eyes pricked with surprise and a glint of disappointment. "Mandy meet my friend Tyler" The awkward silence lasted for a few minutes. Mandy was the mystery lady in the elevator. "You guys know each other? Ava asked as the unidentified familiarity echoed volumes in silence. "....no" Mandy muttered. "It's good to meet you Tyler" Mandy snarled. She tried to be nice but the smirk in her face gave her away. " I've heard a lot about you. You look horrible by the way" Mandy said. Her face formed into a frown and stormed away. "Mandy!" Ava yelled as Mandy walked away. "Ugh..." She let out a deep breath. " I'm sorry about that. Mandy can be a pain in the ass sometimes" Ava said, placing her hands on Tyler's shoulder. "It's fine," Tyler said. "Happy birthday once again. You look beautiful tonight" Tyler complimented. A smile scurried to Ava's lips and her cheeks red
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