Chapter 114

Horace blocked most of her attacks while she cursed him and her life. She used every foul word she thought of to hit him where she hurt the most.

Horace grabbed both her wrists and pinned them to her back. The front of her body slammed into his chest as she fought to free herself.

She spit on his face. The thick saliva rolled down his cheek in thin strings, but he didn’t release her.

“I hate you! You should have stayed in the shadows playing with humans. How could you do this to me!”

His exposed chest was pressed against her. She only had to call his soul for help, and it would have no choice but to destroy its vessel.


Sha’ní’s red eyes suddenly returned to their natural color and went blank as she sagged in Horace’s grip.

Jasper ’s black form appeared out of the darkness of the underworld and gazed at the precious jackal in his arms. He used his ability to paralyze Sha’ní. It would not last long.

Horace carefully lowered Sha’ní to the ground, “You must fix this, brother. Her m
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