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He lost his memories He forgot his true identity While wandering about, lost and injured, he saved a millionaire from death. In gratitude, the old man took him in and got him married to the granddaughter. His new life seemed perfect until the old man died, then the family showed their true colours. They have always despised him but kept it hidden because of the old man. His wife revealed that was pregnant for another man and he was kicked out of the family home without a cent to his name. An unfortunate accident or just a case of being at the right place at the right time, and he regains his memory. He remembered that he's the heir to the country's greatest fortune, but he also realised that he had enemies among his own blood. Now he must fight back and return to his birthright. But he would never forget those who wronged him and he wouldn't wait for karma to give them what they deserved.

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  • Marie Manalo Cummings


    Taking so much time to update! Are you still planning to continue this story? It’s been a while since the last update

    2024-02-20 04:38:03
  • Sage Athalar


    Hi readers. To those that prefer to read completed books. I have two completed books on the app. THE ULTIMATE REVENGE OF DON ROCH and RISE OF THE DISCARDED SON IN LAW. You can check them out too. Thank youuuu!!!

    2023-11-13 13:51:33
  • EroVillain


    You should try shortening the paragraphs, they are too long.

    2023-11-13 06:16:05
  • Fety grace


    The book is interesting so far.

    2023-09-25 17:13:30
  • Fety grace


    Wow this is great

    2023-09-25 17:12:35
  • Randy Maurera


    interesting read

    2023-11-06 04:37:34
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175 chapters
Cade Milton walked over to the private jet waiting on the airstrip to take him to a different country for his business trip. He had been planning this for about a week. Their head company abroad that had been left in the management of his half brother, Alex, was having several issues. Cade was the rightful heir of the Milton Conglomerate because he was the first son of their father, Mackenzie Milton. Alex was the product of Mackenzie’s affair with an actress he had met on one of his numerous business trips. Cade and his mother hadn’t known about the affair or that Mackenzie had an illegitimate child till about seven years ago when the scandal had been exposed. Cade had just been 19 years old then, about to enter his second year in college. The scandal had ruined his family. So many things happened at once, his mother filed for a divorce, the board of directors voted his father out as the CEO because the scandal made their stocks drop so low that the company almost went out of busines
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But he didn’t die. A fishing boat that had just been returning from a successful fishing trip had been close to the bridge when it happened. As Cade fell off one side of the bridge, the driver of the car lost control and the car fell off the other side of the bridge. But the fisherman knew that he couldn’t save them all, so he steered his ship towards the direction he saw Cade fall to and yelled for his crew members to call the authorities for help while preparing to dive into the water to try and rescue who they could. It took several minutes before one of the men in the water found Cade. They were only able to rescue him by the time the police came with an ambulance. The men that had tried to kill him in the car had died due to the impact when the car dropped into the water. The medical personnel tried several methods to resuscitate Cade and they were all relieved when he coughed out the water in his lungs and began to breathe. When he opened his eyes, they checked his vitals and
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FOUR YEARS LATER ** Dennis was more devastated than he was surprised. He tried to recall ever being the cause of what was before him, but nothing came to mind. His wife, Hailey, was pregnant. She just handed him the test results that proved it but he was so stunned that the paper dropped from his hand and fell to the floor. Dennis looked from the paper to Hailey, and then back to the ground. How did this happen? He had never touched Hailey sexually, they had barely even kissed since they got married. It was mostly occasional pecks that he gave her, which she was usually quick to wipe off with her hands when she thought no one was watching. All this time, she claimed to be off sex for medical reasons Dennis did not understand, but respected still because he loved her. She even brought him a doctor’s report on their wedding night years back to show him that she wasn’t lying and made him promise never to tell anyone. So what was going on? How could she be pregnant when they had never
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The darkness of the evening was beginning to thicken and a cold wind blew into the room through the open windows. It seemed like it wanted to rain, but Dennis was quite sure that the threat was empty and it wouldn't rain. He sat on the bed since Hailey left the room, thinking and wondering what to do with his life. He was grateful that he at least had a chance to spend one more night under this roof before he'd take off tomorrow. He would pick up whatever he was allowed to take tomorrow and leave. He didn’t need much anyway, just a bag full of clothes, some toiletries, and maybe the laptop that the late Mr Bellwether had bought for him a while ago. If they refused to give him any money, at least he could sell that and use the money from the sale to get by for a while. As for the other necessities he needed to be alive, he would find a way out one way or another. He placed his chin on one palm, and the other palm on his knee. He tried to recall anyone he knew who'd be of help to him, a
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She went closer to the man to get a closer look at him. She was afraid she had killed a stranger. She leaned down, put her palm over the man's face and when she was certain he was still alive, she heaved a sigh of relief and began to think of what to do. She looked at the man again, wondering loudly if she should help him or just leave him there. She knew that leaving him there would be cruel, she didn’t see any blood but what if he had a concussion or something? He could die if he's not properly attended to. Even if he had been the one to bump into her, she had been the one who pushed him and caused him to fall, though his fall hadn’t been her intent. But if she helped him, he could report her and she couldn’t afford a scandal, else her father would be very angry at her. Because of his political status, even the smallest incident would become a major story and he couldn’t afford anything affecting his campaign. Leaving would be easier to do but she just didn’t have the heart to be s
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Cade knew he had to act fast. Since the men hadn’t seen him yet, he still had the element of surprise on his side but he knew that it would only give him a few seconds of advantage over them. The men were only a few steps away from them and as soon as the men got close enough, he jumped off the floor. caused the men to fall simultaneously. The woman was startled by his abrupt movement, and it also made him feel a little woozy, but he achieved his aim. His movement had also startled the men and they both fell back with startled gasps. The thud from behind made the lady look in that direction, and she stared in awe at the men on the floor. She wondered where they came from but as she saw their hostile expressions and the rope and sack each man held, she immediately knew that they were dangerous. She could not even bring herself to scream thinking that she might make the situation worse, but she really wanted to scream. She didn’t know it, but she was already shaking. She hadn’t come wit
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Cade frowned as he heard that.“What is the problem?” He asked.“The credit card you used to pay for this room has been cancelled. We just received a call from the bank that you stole the card, and the owner has blocked you from accessing it. Normally, we would press charges against you for such fraudulent activity, but the Bellwether family and the hotel management have decided to let you go free in order to avoid a scandal. Pack your things and leave, you are no longer welcome in our establishment.”He was both surprised and angry as he listened to the receptionist speak. He hadn’t stolen the card, it had been given to him and though he hadn’t returned it before leaving, he hadn’t actually committed a crime. Besides, he planned to return it as soon as he was able to access his own money. After throwing him out, they still couldn’t let him at least use the card for one night? How cruel. And how were they even able to trace the card transaction so fast. He had expected that they would
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Gale and Cade got to the restaurant and chose a spot to sit. It wasn’t a five star restaurant but it was close by and Gale had eaten there before so he knew that their meals were okay. They just needed a place to talk and sort out some things before making plans to return back to the luxury they were used to. When they had sat and looked at the menu on the table, they made their orders. Gale watched with a shocked expression as Cade ate voraciously. When Cade had said he had been starving, Gale did not realise that his boss was this hungry. Cade was eating like someone who had been starving for days. Gale only took his gaze off when Cade looked up at him."The food here is nice," Cade said, impressed by the delicious food before him. He wondered within himself whether the food was really good or if it was just the hunger that was speaking. "It’s not the best, but at least it's edible. You’ll be surprised at how many restaurants around here serve rubbish. I wonder how people eat stuf
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“Don’t get angry, it has already happened. Besides, she volunteered to do it. She wanted to hold on to the position so it would not be given to Alex. Even in her grief, she still believed you were alive and you would come back someday. The board immediately accepted her as the CEO because they know she is a better candidate. In fact, she was supposed to take over after your father was removed, instead of you, but she stepped down so you would lead, because she wants the best for you.”As Gale said that, Cade relaxed. He had thought that they forced his sick mother to work for their own selfish gain. It turned out that she was only looking out for his best interest. He listened as Gale continued speaking."Your father however, was not in support of this. He wanted Alex to be the CEO. After all, Alex was his second son, and in the absence of his first, the second was to take over. He did not care what the board had to say about Alex being inexperienced in running a business and ignoranc
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"I knew they were greedy, but I never realised just how far they were willing to go to achieve what they want. And I'm sure that all this is the work of Cassandra, her son is too dumb to come up with a plan on his own. Or maybe he's actually behind everything and has just been pretending to be dumb so we'll underestimate him while he plots behind our backs. Or it could even be your father's doing and they're all his puppets. He has resented you ever since you refused to give him back the company after his shameful removal as CEO." Gale said.Cade inhaled deeply and exhaled out. He was more than sure of his revenge now. Not only did they plot and carry out an assassination attack on him, they had caused the company so much loss. The company that he had worked so hard for, the company he lost his teenage life to. They would pay dearly for their atrocities. For causing his mother so much grief and making her get back to a hectic life when she should be retired and relaxing.Gale had fini
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