His Return From Prison

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His Return From Prison

By: Sophia Yomere Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Liam Santiago was framed and sentenced to six years imprisonment and after he was released six years later, he returned to his wife whom he caught cheating on him, he was also rejected by not only his wife but also his mother-in-law. Liam was ready to give up his life when he was met with an event that made him see reasons to live again. He went from being called a criminal to a boss who has an inheritance of a ruthless billionaire.

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    I really think that this is a nice book, a breath of fresh air and it deserves more exposure ...

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89 chapters
The Wicked Rejection.
"What are you doing here? You can't be here, my daughter no longer wants a criminal for a husband, please leave."Liam stared down at his mother-in-law as she said those demeaning words to him. Today was the day he was released from prison after six years of staying in prison for a crime he did not commit.Six years ago, he was arrested and the police claimed he raped a young teenage girl and after months of trial and investigations, he was found guilty.Staying in prison, Liam has always dreamt and imagined the day he would leave prison and his beautiful wife would be waiting for him, he had hoped their reunion would be a happy one.However, when he didn't find his wife and in-laws waiting for him in the waiting area, his dream shattered. He could only stand there and watch as the other ex-con reunited with their friends and families.When his wife didn't show up after hours of waiting, he decided to go home all by himself.She might have forgotten that today was his release day, he
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The Scheming Couple.
Today was Matt's birthday and Cara was super excited to celebrate his birthday with him. It had been seven years and a few months since they were together and she was happy with him.After all, he was rich and handsome and was way better than her loser husband who had gone to prison for being a rapist.She would never have guessed he would be released so soon and on this day of all days.She stood beside Matt by the door with her mother standing outside, she glared hard at Liam and she realized how much she now hated and despised his whole existence.Why did he have to show up? He should have just rotted there in prison and never be released again."I don't want you anymore Liam, just leave and never show yourself to me ever again," Cara said and Liam noticed how she never stuttered, she looked determined as if she had always hated him from the beginning."You heard what she said, get lost." A provocative smile crawled on Matt's lips as he stared without blinking at Liam.Liam was a n
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On The Bridge.
Liam walked mindlessly on the street, his mind replaying every single thing that happened back at Cara's house, the way she rejected him and threw him out.His lips set on a thin line and one could see the hurt in his eyes. Though he put up a tough front, on a closer look, you could tell he was in pain.He had married Cara seven years ago after two years of dating, he thought she loved him as much as he did. She was pretty and lovely and did whatever he asked without questioning him.They were so happy together and his in-laws accepted him even though he had no proper job, he was a graphic designer and was learning coding on a free online site until the very faithful day he woke up to find himself in an alley with a girl covered in blood beside him.Someone had set him up and framed him for raping a teenager.As he walked, people gave him weird stares and some avoided him because of the way he looked, dirty like a homeless man.But Liam cared less about how anybody stared at him or ho
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Fight On The Bridge.
Inside a living room with green and cream decors, the three people sat together with the couple on one sofa and the older woman on the opposite sofa.One could note the look of disappointment in her aged eyes, her lips were pursed as she gave her daughter a sharp look."And why have you kept it away from me? You are the reason that young innocent man went to prison, do you know what that means?" Susan asked, feeling an incoming headache as her breathing came out rushed from anger."I'm so sorry, I just never loved him-" Cara tried to explain but nothing she said was appeasing to Susan."Then why did you agree to marry him? If you had never married him because you didn't love him, none of this would have happened! It wouldn't have come to this! Oh god...""Uhm, mom..." Matt spoke but the look he received from Susan made him rephrase his words, "Mrs Broda, this is all my fault and I truly apologize. I already met her before that criminal but I suggested she married him because I didn't
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The Rescue.
Nelson was evidently shaken by what he just witnessed, who was this homeless man? The man looked too strong to be a regular person.Liam looked down at the leader who was still on his knees, he raised the man by his shoulders and dragged him towards the van and without hesitation, Liam mercilessly pushed him into the driver's seat and buckled his seat belt.After securing the seat belt, he shut the door and went on to push the back door wide open and dragged the three unconscious men into and closed it.He looked at the leader who stared back at him with a mixture of anger and fear, he then said, "I hope this would be more than enough for whoever sent you. He should know better not to go after that young innocent man again.""Innocent man my foot, do you even have any idea what-" The leader who was agitated that Liam was interfering in his business was about to speak when Liam cut him off."I don't want to hear it because I don't even care, off you go now." He said and moved away from
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Uncle Alexander.
This wasn't his plan at all. Following a rich brat to his uncle's mansion for heaven knows what reasons but he agreed anyway but not after so much persuasion.A few minutes ago. Liam was taken aback when he heard what the young man said and wondered if he was referring to him.And he wasn't the only person surprised, even the man who looked like the leader of these men was equally surprised.The man whose name was Sir Gibbs gave Nelson a questioning gaze as if trying to wrap his head around what his young master was saying."I'm sorry but may I know the reason?" Sir Gibbs asked and Nelson answered as quickly as he heard the question from him."Because he saved my life, I need to take him to my uncle and I have to properly thank him," Nelson explained, eagerness in his eyes.Gibbs looked at the man who still sat nonchalantly on the ground and pretended he didn't hear a single word of what Nelson just said."Does the man agree?" Gibbs asked, referring to Liam and a short silence followe
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Sterling Global Ventures.
Liam walked behind Nelson as he took him to where his uncle's office was. Liam's mind was currently filled with possibilities and questions as he wondered what might happen if he met with this uncle.It took them a minute to get to the office's door and Nelson knocked on it and after five seconds he opened it and allowed Liam to step in.A bit sceptical at first, he eventually entered and the door was shut behind him.The first thing Liam took note of was the lingering smell in the air, it smelled different from the living room.The living room smelled of luxury and other pleasant things whereas this place had a mixture of wood and old books and cigar in the air.However, his eyes immediately landed on the grey cold eyes of a man seated before a huge mahogany table stacked with books.The man had his two hands folded on the table's surface with his chin resting on it and as he continued to stare at Liam, Liam also stared back and seemed to have frozen in his steps."You are the young
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Testing Liam.
Due to the fact that Liam's back was facing Alexander, he failed to notice the small movement of the man's right hand the the narrowed look Alexander directed at him.And just when Liam reached the door and was ready to turn the doorknob, something unexpected happened. The ground beneath him opened up in a fast way and before Liam could understand what was happening, he fell right into the hole beneath him.A shocked expression marred his face and Liam found himself falling into a different room. With a loud thud, he landed on his back and the impact of his back on the floor caused dust to rise from the floor, his groans were soon overshadowed by the small cough that escaped his lungs due to the dust.He quickly stood on his feet and looked around to see where he was.However, the place was dark and cold, like nobody had been there for ages. He looked up at the place he fell from but was met with darkness.Liam was confused as to why this happened, was this Alexander's doing? If so th
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After almost an hour, the fight was over with Liam lying tired on the floor. He was all sweaty and didn't care that the floor was dusty. His breathing came out heavily and rushed as he tried to get himself back.He was aching all over and Liam was sure he was currently covered in bruises. Apart from him, the unconscious men lay on the floor too with him in the middle.He was so exhausted that he was sure he would soon pass out. Twenty minutes already running by with Liam still in the same position and soon he heard footsteps of someone running towards him but he was just too tired to care or worry about who it was.However, the room was unexpectedly filled with light, chasing away the darkness and Liam removed the glasses from his eyes but quickly squinted them at how overwhelming the light was.But after having to adjust his eyesight, he looked around him and noticed how empty the room was except for him and the men who lay on the floor.But he couldn't look around for long because t
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Lunch With Alexander.
Liam was now fully dressed in long black pants with thin white stripes and a black jacket over a white long-sleeve shirt, he looked at his own reflection in the full-length mirror, a blank stare marred his now groomed face.All Liam could see was a totally different person. His beard was now cleanly shaved, his hair trimmed and neatly combed to the back, his formal dressing was so new to him.He was looking way too handsome that he was on the verge of questioning the heavens if this was truly him. Because as far as he could recall, his ugliness and unkept looks were one of the many reasons Cara rejected him right in his face.He looked nothing like the Liam he knew two days ago. What he looked now was like a contrast from his former self and it made him wonder if he would ever get used to this new look and life.Liam had no time to keep staring at himself as he needed to find Alexander, the old man was confusing him and Liam needed to be sure of what he signed up for.Earlier when he
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