The Return Of Zade Delamonte: The Humiliated Son-in-law

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The Return Of Zade Delamonte: The Humiliated Son-in-law

By: Preshy John CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Zade was due to take over the Delamonte empire after his graduation but he fell in love with the beautiful Roselia Harper on his graduation trip and eloped with her when his family kicked against their union. For three years, he had been the live in son-in-law to the Harpers and endured all forms of humiliation and insults. Until he was served divorced papers on their third anniversary and his wife, Roselia, comfortably gliding tongues with another man before him. Enraged and heartbroken, Zade signed the papers and returned to the empire he abandoned. Now they must bear the heat of his return and pay for every ounce of humiliation they put him through.

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202 chapters
As the cold winter breeze hit his face, Zade Harper gritted his teeth, cursing lightly in exhaustion.He was supposed to take the day off today, but his boss was a persistent pain in his butt.She wouldn't let him leave no matter how much he pleaded and explained today was his marriage anniversary.It didn't matter now, anyway. He was done with the delivery and ready to make the most out of what was left of the night. A shimmer of pride sparked in his soft honey-brown eyes when he glanced at the huge bouquet of roses in his hand.Roselia would love them. Roses were her favorite. He planned to prepare her favorite shrimp sauce and rice for dinner. If he got lucky, he could borrow a bottle of wine from the bar then they could spend the rest of the night tangling in the sheets.A surge of excitement coursed through his veins, dissolving the cold at the thought of his wife's warmth.He stopped in front of a black gate that quickly granted him entrance after swiping his card. The huge gr
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Zade couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared at the paper. Several thoughts ran through his mind as his brain struggled to grasp the information. It seemed like a fragment of a very bad dream. It had to be because Roselia would never do this to him. He might be poor and wretched, everything his in-laws accused him of, but he always tried his best to be a good husband to her. He couldn’t get her expensive items like her peers flaunted, but he gave her all of him. He made her happy in every way he could. He thought she felt the same, especially after the magical moment they shared days ago.He could still remember the sweet nothings and promises she made as he rode her to ecstasy. She professed her love to him in breathless whispers and he believed her. Now he didn’t know what to think. A part of him desperately wanted to rebuff their claims, but he recognized that handwriting. It was none other than Roselia’s. He reached for his phone tucked away in his pocket then remembered she
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His identity
Silence."Teddy?" A brief pause followed, "There's only one Teddy I know.""It's me, Uncle Gray" Zade responded."Oh my goodness, Zade!" The once sleepy voice was replaced with an excited shriek. A small smile danced on Zade's lips."Where have you been, son? It's been three years!" Gray exclaimed.A tinge of guilt hit him."The last time I saw you, you were fawning over a girl you met in college," his uncle continued, in a light tone that held no malice."We are divorced now," Zade sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with slight irritation. He didn't want to transfer his aggression to his innocent uncle. Especially since the man was nice enough to forgive him for ghosting everyone."You got married?" "It's a long story, uncle. We will discuss that when I come home. For now, I need a favor," Zade answered."What could that be?" Gray asked, curiously."I need you to buy a company. Pixton Corp. It'll roughly cost you a couple of millions," Zade told him. "Is that all?""Yes, unc
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Chapter 4By the time they got home, the Harpers were already waiting in the living room. Mrs Harper quickly got on her feet the minute they stepped in."Roselia? What happened, dear? Why are you back so early? I thought you were working overnight to catch up?" Mrs Harper asked, even though she clearly knew what Roselia had been doing at the office."Uhm… I… we…" Roselia stuttered, unable to confess that Zade caught her in a compromising position with her boss.Although she suspected her mother must have gotten a hint, she choose not play into her trap. Zade had endured enough for the day. Her mother would only make things worse."Why are you stuttering? Tell me what I need to hear," Mrs Harper questioned impatiently. "Did he do something?"Roselia stole a glance at Zade, who remained silent like he wasn't in the room. "He signed the papers," she quickly outed, hoping to evade her mother's prying questions. "He did? This is wonderful news! We should celebrate this, don't you think,
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Run away
The next day, Zade glanced impatiently at his watch as he walked outside the court. The divorce had taken longer than he anticipated even when there was no share in property. He wanted nothing to do with the Harpers, not even their money. They twisted the story, just as he'd expected to gain favour in the public eye.They claimed he was a gold-digger who was ripping off their daughter of her hard earned money. Zade didn't argue their claims. They could do and say whatever they wanted as long as he was free from the humiliating union.Roselia on the hand, felt guilty to no end.A part of her curious as to why he didn't defend himself, the other selfish part was grateful he didn't expose her infidelity to the public.When their union was officially severed, Roselia felt a deep sense of loss.Zade walked out of the court after their session ended without sparing her as much as a glance."Zade?" He stopped when he heard Roselia's voice. He kept his face neutral as he faced her."Uhmm…
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By the time Zade arrived at his workplace to take the new set of orders, he was shocked to see a police vehicle.He couldn't help but wonder why there were officers at the Company.As soon as he got in, his boss signaled the Officers and they grabbed Zade suddenly."Why are you cuffing me? What did I do?" He asked, disbelief laced through his voice.The officers were more interested in cuffing him than answering his questions.He was going to call them out for cuffing him without telling him his offence when his boss, Philips, walked over to him, eyes coated with accusation. "The nerve of you to ask that. My strongbox is missing and all evidence points to you. You came to my company begging for a job with no qualifications and I offered you one out of the goodness of my heart. What did you do in return? You had the audacity to steal from me!" Phillips accused. "Strongbox? I have nothing to do with the disappearance of your strongbox. I'm only a dispatch rider. I have no business wit
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Zade was taken into a private room for questioning.He sat on the chair they pulled for him, resting his cuffed hands on the table.The room was barely illuminated so he could barely make out their faces. All he could tell was that there were three officers in the room. "Zade Harper," He heard his name. "We've heard a lot about you."Zade's senses became alert at that moment. What more could they know about him other than the fact he 'allegedly' stole his boss's strongbox? 'Care to share?' The question was at the tip of his tongue, begging to be released but waved it off. It wasn't worth the stress. His priority was to prove his innocence and get those uncomfortable cuffs off his wrist. "Do you know the items in that box are worth five hundred thousand dollars?" Zade was tempted to roll his eyes at the ridiculously small amount.He couldn't imagine his grandfather's reaction if he ever found out he was arrested for an amount he gave to children for treats. "And you just a mere
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The Chairman
In the torture room, Zade was covered with bruises and bound to a chair to prevent him from defending himself. His nose was broken, and a heavy blood clot on his busted lips and swollen cheeks."You seem to be enjoying this better than we do," The statement was accompanied by a punch in his gut.Zade let a low growl, gritting his teeth together at the intense pain. "You must have high pain tolerance."Another punch.Zade's head fell over as he took shallow breaths. He felt an exhilarating pain as they grabbed a fistful of his hair and yanked his face up."You don't have to go through this. Your stubbornness will do you no good at this point. Just admit you stole the box and we can work things out amicably," The officer offered. "Fuck you!" Zade spat in his face, earning another punch in the face. "Is that the best you've got?" He grunted amidst the pain. The officers were shocked by his arrogance. For a poor man who owned nothing other than his life, his ego was over the moon. "
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When Zade got off the torture seat, everything about him felt different. Those soft honey-brown eyes were hardened like ice as he threw his tormentors a glance that sent spirals of fear through them. The man was exhilarating a dominant aura that made everyone cower.“I know who ordered the arrest,” his tone matched his eyes, icy and sharp. “Ryan Myers and William Harper. Are you going to deny that?” The four swallowed thickly, looking helplessly at each other. Elizabeth turned to the Chief police, “You heard him. I want those two behind bars for attempting such a stupid stunt. As for them…” her eyes shifted to the four in a deadly glance, “I want them to suffer greatly for everything they did to him. I want them jailed and tortured for attempted murder.”Their eyes went wide with panic.“But ma’am…” The chief tried to plead on their behalf but the agitated look on her face forced him to keep shut.“Any attempt to flaunt my order, I promise you will lose your job. Trust me, you don
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Roselia walked into the ward cautiously, afraid to deal with confrontation from Elizabeth. Fortunately, the woman was not in the ward when she stepped in. It was just Zade lying on the bed with his eyes closed.She approached him as quietly as she could so as not to wake him. Before she could get close enough, his eyes flew open. Roselia froze on the spot, unsure of what to do. The honey-brown eyes raked through her with an intensity that forced her to hold her breath. For several minutes, she waited for him to say something.When he didn’t, she released her breath and straightened her dress nervously. Her eyes dropped below his face because she was too cowardly to look him in the eye, but when she saw his injuries and the bandages, something stirred within her.She couldn’t believe William had been the architect of such serious damage. Her heart bled for Zade, she couldn’t even imagine the torture him to. Roselia bit her lip anxiously. She wanted to apologize on William’s behalf wi
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