Chapter 5: The Poisonous Plant

"Are you good at directions?" I asked Seji as we passed the Poison Derah I saw yesterday.

It just looks close but is quite far from where we are. Then it was already afternoon so we both thought to rest first.

And now we will continue the mission.

Seji had no name when we fought. But when I found out that I could name him, 'Seji' immediately came to my mind. Also, it's my old name that I used when I was still in the Zeraph Kingdom.

I don't know how many years I stayed in that kingdom, but... I don't care about that anymore.

"Y-yes. But why?" He asked, surprised.

"Good! After this mission, be my direction!"

"Uhmm... Sorry for what would I gonna said, Master. But don't you know how to look in the right place?"


Why did I become like that? I'm not even training him! Why did he already decide on how to call me? It feels like the guard of Forbidden Land disappeared.


I just scratched the top of my head and grimaced," That's what it is."

"Don't worry, Master. No matter where you go, I will accompany you, and be your way for the right path. But I can't say that we won't get lost, because I don't know anything outside of this territory."

"That's alright! We'll discuss it after this mission. For now, let's eliminate the Poison Derah first." I changed the subject and stood up from my seat.

Seji did the same. We both turned around not distant from our target. As far as I know, there are only five plants on this land. Or so I thought.

The only difficult thing is to find out where they are located. But that's okay, I have Seji!

I'll trust this matter to him hahaha!


"So, let's investigate first," I commented while looking around.

Looking for a clue as to how far the puff of smoke causes this monster to rage. If we take action instantly, I don't know what would happen. So I need to think before I attack.

"What are we going to investigate from that plant? Shouldn't we—woah!" I quickly pulled Seji closer to where I was when he accidentally made a noise with a dry branch.

That was also the cause of the awakening of the creature that was just sleeping and gradually released smoke from its center.

I didn't even see any eyes. Maybe it's one of the three types of Poison Derah, its only ability is to eat and emit smoke. While the other two have skills that cannot be defeated by ordinary people.

It's good that this man has negligence. I immediately knew where the smoke emitted by this creature was. The only thing is that I noticed the bad movement of the ground approaching.

That's why I immediately jumped while still holding Seji away from the direction of that plant.

"It's shrinking. If we let out that monster another poison smoke again, this Forbidden Land would be crumpled." I replied seriously to Seji after I pushed him away from my physique and turned my gaze to the enemy again.

"W-what are we going to do?" This question still stutters a bit.

"Hmm. Now that we see how far that smoke is, then let's activate our defense and attack!"

"Who will attack—"

"Let me handle this one, Seji! All you need to do is to watch so that the remaining enemies, you already know how to defeat it. But I'm not saying I won't help you!" I reassured him before waving at him. "Okay, I'll go first!" I said goodbye and started my mission.

Now that I'm here in front of my target I don't know what to prioritize. I can finish this right away but the impact I can make on those around me is big.

What good skill can be used without using strong energy?

Then I didn't think Poison Derah was this big. In total, it is four Seji layers high. Its thickness is about ten inches or more. This plant can only be read in my book so I don't expect its actual image.

It is weak in hot weather so this area is quite dark. So that means, I need light or fire magic. If I use ice magic, it would only strengthen his body.

That's why I need fire skills. But I suck at maintaining the balance of that magic, every time I used that power, disaster would come too.

So if fire magic doesn't work, then I'll try experimenting with this one skill. I haven't used it yet, so I hope it would work.

I raised my index finger in the air right in front of this plant before slowly closing my eyes. I felt all around, the energies I gathered gradually built up in the center. What was missing I took it upon myself to complete my attack.

[Holy Multiple Swords Attack]

I opened my eyes when I noticed a bright light coming from above. I saw the gradual release of more than a hundred swords. Its movements are also fast down to the very mouth of the plant.

The monster didn't even dodge my attack. It disappears forever like a bubble in front of us as well as the wide expansion of the land that has previously receded.

" Phew! That was fast! It didn't even make me sweat!" I snorted.

But I felt strange about myself. It was as if energy entered my whole body that caused my height to increase.

I remembered that there is such a case, especially for those like me who are unable to grow up even after several decades or centuries have passed.

As far as I know, there are many Poison Derahs in our world, every time it appears, it is removed immediately by those who pass by it. So when I was born, there was nothing else to find to help me grow. My body is only seven years old even if it reaches one hundred or five hundred years.

"Wow! You got a little taller, Master!" Seji said in amazement as he came to my side.

I just smiled lightly before turning my gaze to the front again. The smile on my lips disappeared. It changed to a serious expression after remembering something.

"Yeah. We can now achieve our dream, Yuweh." I responded weakly.

"Yuweh? Who is that, Master?"

"Ah! Nothing! Let's go!" I immediately changed the conversation and immediately walked straight.

"Ehh! Master, don't go in that place! There's a trap over there!" It's too late.

I just noticed myself lying upside down. As my face changed into an unpleasant expression.

' Why you said it now when I fell from this crappy trap.'

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