Chapter 6: Guardian Of The Zyber Land

I don't know how long it takes after we finally eliminated the Poison Derah in Forbidden Land. But I know how many years have passed. It's just that my attention was focused on the mission rather than knowing every moment we spent.

Then I have no use for that either. What are its benefits to me? Isn't it nothing?

"Master, you've finally grown up!" Seji spoke happily.

He is right. I've grown, I'm seven inches taller than Seji. Maybe I'm 178 cm tall. But when I remember the creatures in the Immortal World, I can say that I was still small. If I was asked how many centimeters tall they were, I would probably just leave it without an answer.

When I faced Seji, I saw that he was accompanied by slimes and a race of moonlight wolves. They are just a small race in this world. And most of them stayed in this land before the shocking scene happened.

I didn't think I can tame them. Especially since they are also known as dangerous monsters. Except for the slimes which are not an obstacle to humans but are a headache for some.

I didn't do anything, and unlike Seji, we didn't end up in a bloody or brutal clash. I realized that they have been hoping for a long time for someone to appear to save them in this kind of atmosphere.

Even though I honestly had no intention of doing that. I'm just a wandering immortal, you know!

I first found the slimes on the plain area after we eliminated the first Poison Derah which also caused me to be trapped. Because of what happened, Seji was taking the lead to let him know that I was safe.

Second is the moonlight wolves who watch over the river where the moon reflects and becomes its rays. Next is the Skyzar Dragon and last is the Elves.

At the end of the Forbidden Land, we found them. They asked for a request rather than a fight. It was a simple favor that Seji completed in less than an hour.

He already has his own physical body, plus he has a name, and magic from me as a gift for being my guide.

Like Seji, I also gave all the names, a little power, and a physical body to the dragon even to the elves who wanted to see the outside if they had the chance.

I found the elves in the forest at the end. They live quite close to the plant so none of them come out. Because of the little food they saved, many kin of them died. They thought there was nothing left but they were grateful for Seji and I's revelation.

They all want to work with me or stay with me. But I still don't have an answer to what they offered.

Now what I am concerned about is this territory. We have returned the atmosphere to its former aura but I cannot leave it in this state. When people find out that there is no danger inside they may turn it into an evil base or kill the beasts inside.

My conscience can't handle everything.

"What now?" I made a weak comment that was just enough for those in front of me to hear.

I am now sitting on a fallen tree right on the vast plain. While they were all standing around me.

“If what you are thinking, Master, is about this land. Why don't you take it?” Eivy's suggestion, the others quickly agreed.

"Can I?"

"Yes, Master. You helped us get out of that bad dream. So you only deserve to have this territory. And we will only accept you. Whoever violently takes this land, we will find a way to get them out of our sight.” Feria also joins on our topic. She is the leader of Skyzar Dragon and of all of them, she is the only one who is serious.

I know that what she is planning is real. Maybe she will take over being the guard of the Forbidden Land and exterminate all the people who want to enter or claim it.

"Okay, then, gather everyone here. We need to talk and resolve our problems.” I ordered them.

"Yes, Master!" They answered at the same time.

They moved quickly away from my direction. The only ones left were Seji and Feria. But even the two did not speak.


“Now that you're free from Poison Derah. I wanted to ask everyone what you want. But you need to raise your hand. Only when I call you will you speak. Clear?” I seriously advise those who attended the meeting.

I saw most of their colleagues turn around. Talking and thinking about what they want to suggest.

Some also raised their right hands. All of them belong to the clan of half-humans and animals.

"Yes?" I pointed to the half-tiger man. He is quite old. His son or grandson who is twelve years old acts as a supporter.

All these half-humans wear patchwork clothes and long clothes for bottoms. It has a chocolate color.

"We wanted you to be our ruler," he answered quickly, which everyone agreed with.

I? Ruler? Of Forbidden Land? Eh! That's why I want to leave the Norem Kingdom because there is a chance that I might be made the heir to the throne.

Not in my vocabulary can handle this many creatures. 500 half-humans, 100 dwarves, five goblins (some of whom fought and died,) and nine ogres. Add to that the ones I have tamed that also have a companion.

The Elves are around two hundred, the Skyzar Dragon is in ten, the Slimes are around a thousand, the Moonlight Wolf is a hundred, and the last one is Seji's subordinate. I wouldn't have thought that he also had a colleague. All of them want to be useful to me.

They are also ten. Only two women and eight men. The energies released by those demons were no joke. That will come in handy when the time comes.

Also as a thank you I gave them their own physical body and a ring that can hide the mana they release.

I shook my head," I don't have any intention to be your king or your lord. But as your guardian.”

“Guardian?” They all let out an expression that they couldn't get what the word was that I let out.

“Means protector or a guide. But I will only move when this entire land is in danger. The king you choose from your clan will guide you. If you don't understand something, you can consult me," someone from the goblin clan immediately raised a hand. "Yes?"

“What about just small numbers? Do we still need a king?”

"Yes. When I become an adventurer, there is a chance that I will encounter creatures like you.”

“Thank you very much, Master!” It's a happy response, I can even see how some of them release small liquids from their eyes.

I smiled hesitantly. I never thought they would react like this. Are they that happy to know that someone will be added to their clan?

Maybe. Especially since there are only ten men left.

“Master Raze, if everyone has their king, does that mean that every part of the Forbidden Land will be divided?” The old man in Ogre Clan also asked.

I think the elder is the representative of every clan. Maybe they're the one who knows what's right. Or the young ones can't talk without being shy.

"Yes! You choose the place you want to build your house and kingdom. But when you see that there are other races living in that part, just look for a new one. There is no strife and competition. Some people will watch over you, so when I find out that there is a scene like this, I will destroy this land myself. Clear?” I even smiled widely after the warning.

But the extreme paleness was obvious to them. Even my colleagues beside me gasped at what they heard.

What I said is true. With just one word of that spell, I knew the Forbidden Land would disappear forever. People will never find it again.

“Before we get to the division, I want to put each clan in its respective tasks. The Beastman was the one who mastered making the clothes you would wear. Slimes will produce clean water. Elves for Agriculture but farming. Moonlight Wolf for patrolling and Fishing. Goblins for Agriculture too, but in the rearing of animals. Skyzar Dragons for patrolling in the sky. Ogres for being an official military in Forbidden Land. And Demons… they're coming with me.”

"Are we the only ones who would build our house and palace?" The old beastman asked.

"Nope. You need to help each other despite your race.”

As different as they are, I want to see them work together. Even if decades or centuries pass. I don't want this land to be like the kingdoms without unity. Now I am their guardian. I will do everything to make that happen.

If anyone can't make it, then I'll turn the impossible into possible.

"What if that—"before the goblin representative could finish what he was going to say, I spoke first.

"We'll discuss the houses and other stuff after solving another problem. Got it?”

That can be discussed for a few more hours. But now it's getting late, so we need to hurry up the conversation so that tomorrow we will think about something else.

There is even a division of the area to build each kingdom of the clans.

I didn't choose one king because I was sure that he would face many problems. I know that few can handle different types of creatures but the ones inside the Forbidden Land have never been experienced by the government.

So for the sake of respecting their races, I would prefer that they appoint their king or queen. But that does not mean that they will forbid other races from entering their kingdom.

"After houses and our own needs. We need to start our source of income. If we have money coming in, there is a chance that we can strengthen our houses or government. And we can build a school for children no matter what race it is. Right here where we are going to vacate that school."

"What job should we start?" The old goblin asked again.

“Everyone's tasks. Except for slimes, ogres, and skyzar dragons. I need representatives for every race to come with me. They will be watchers in different places in the kingdoms and tell what stuff we're lacking. And how else can we develop our land."

I will take them with me but I will not involve them in being adventurers. I will direct them to the X Kingdom once I have also found a lot that will be a teleportation location to the Forbidden Land. Maybe in other kingdoms too because there are parts there that are worth seeing and getting used to.

But we also need to change the name of this territory so that the bad guys don't know that this is what they have been wanting to get for a long time.

"We need to change the name of this land too. Can someone suggest?” I raised my left hand when I said those words.

But the only thing I noticed was that everyone turned to the person next to them. There are also a few who say names to the adults who are speaking.

“Master, if you ask me, it would be better if the name of that land included your name. So that even if the next generation doesn't see their guardian, at least they will remember the name of the person watching over them." Seji suggested to me.

I held my right palm to my chin to think about what he said. Seji was right. But no matter what generation that is, I know I'll be here. I just remembered that Seji doesn't know that I'm not getting older.

“Seji's right, Master. And I think Zyber is the right name for this land.” Feria also answered, still not losing the seriousness in her speech.

She was on my left while Seji was on my right. I decided that I would also bring Feria to join my party even though I wouldn't let her go to school.

"Then, that's decided. From now on this Forbidden Land gonna be called Zyber Land. Let's help each other for our nice future, everyone!” I shouted happily then clenched my right fist and raised it strongly in the air.

I also heard everyone's screams and raised their fists at the same time. I could see the joy on their faces. The others are still hugging. There were a few who also kissed people who were not of their race. There is also a partner.

They seem to have no problem working with those who are not of their race. And that's the good vision.


"And now. Let's change the position of this land. Is there anyone's disagrees?”

Before I do that I have to ask them if it is possible to do that. I don't want to do anything without consulting. Maybe that will be the reason for the rebellion of some.

Everyone shook their heads at my question so I only responded with a smile and turned myself back to the ground. I am now on my knees while my right palm is touching the ground.

[Extra Skill: Pyrakinesis]

This skill can move land from above or higher in the sky. Or even other objects like; planes or nuclear bombs. But you can't do it if you have a small amount of mana. Only selected Immortals could do this.

When you're only half immortal you can make this but the exchange is your life. Because this skill is not taken for granted. For the land to balance in the sky, a spell is needed to keep it aloft. And I'm aware of that.

Even the strongest people in the world can do that skill. But there is a replacement at the end.

But since this is an extra skill, it also has a provided spell. So it's not a problem at all.

“ Now, we're in the sky, farther from the kingdoms. No one can manage to attack us. So you need to focus on your task. okay? Then, you can go now and find your place. Good luck!” I said with a smile then I turned to leave.

I hadn't gone far when I heard a shout from behind me and also from both directions from my side.


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