Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal

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Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal

By: Kenjo Kagami OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Raze Zyler is a famous assassin in the human world, who incidentally reincarnated to the world of immortals as a son of the royal family that ruled the world where he was reborn. He thought he'll gonna experience a tough life, but they're lovely. They accepted him and help him to become powerful as they are. Until it changed one day, his parents force him to come to another world. He meet a lot of people and became friends with noble ones. Got betrayed. Lose important persons. When he wanted to leave, he can't come back to his world. Despite having a hard time, Raze continued living in Deivuera World. Every century, he changes his name to cover his identity. Later, he encountered the king of the Norem Kingdom, who become a bridge to achieve his goal to become an official adventurer. Under his consciousness, Raze becomes the greatest tamer. He tamed the devil, whom he named 'Seji,' slimes, moonlight wolves, elves, and even the rarest skyzar dragon. And the new guardian of the Forbidden Land, but change into 'Zyber Land.' Even though Raze hides his true abilities, and live as a normal adventurer, problems arise. Foes looking for the tamer and kingdoms seeking the Zyber Land. Can Raze protect the land till the end?

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Chapter 1: The Appearance Of The Ageless
"Don't ever show your face in front of the king, understand?" The manager of this orphanage had a warning word while still poking my forehead with his left index finger.I didn't speak. I just kept staring at him and glanced at the children I was in this place. The intense excitement was evident on their faces.All of them want to get out of this orphanage. I won't wonder why they don't like this orphanage. Just by the tone of his commanding voice, things were not going well inside.But I know that the person who comes today will only take one. So even if this skinny old fat man doesn't tell me, I won't show up. Because I don't want to leave my companions with the administrators of this orphanage.Even though I can take them out of this asylum. It's just that I have no knowledge of the kingdom that was brought to me. All I can do is help them with difficult tasks."Mr. Yang, the king of the Kingdom of Norem is here!" I heard Madre Dorie scream as she ran to where we were.So I noticed
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Chapter 2: The Norem's Palace and The Traitor
"How old are you?""I don't know." Raze shrugged his shoulders at the king's question because even he had no idea how old he was.When his age reached 100, he decided to stop counting. For him, no matter how many times he counts his age, he will still not die.His status as a youngster is his sole issue.Even after several years of residing in this world, he has not yet developed. Every kingdom he visits requires him to adopt a new name.However, he has only visited three of the world's five kingdoms. He was now in the Norem Kingdom, and all that remained was the X Kingdom, which housed the long-standing Guild Houses.When Raze said what he did, the king turned his attention away from him. If he knew his age, he wouldn't assume that he didn't. Why couldn't the youngster recall anything, the monarch pondered. Raze is probably six or seven years old, judging by his appearance and stature, and we can tell that by looking at him closely.'But his mind doesn't suit his age. Just like the o
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Chapter 3: The Forbidden Land
I posed the question to the king of the Norem Kingdom, who was seated to my left at the dinner table, "Can't I proceed to be an adventurer without studying in the S High?"He responded in an impersonal voice, "You can if you're in the Kingdom of Lerand. At that precise moment when he mentioned that kingdom, I was rendered speechless.Too bad, I'm banned from that kingdom too. I just didn't expect that there was something like that in that land. I wish I had joined before I was deported from their border."Why is it needed?""The Guildmasters are in the building, watching the students covertly. In the first year of your education. To make their choice public, Guildmaster Choosen Day is approaching. The king silently sipped his tea as Kyle continued, "Those who didn't get by them will stay at school to practice, and the day will come when they will get their chance.""Why is 15 the minimum age required to enroll in the school?"Kyle continued, "Many young people died when they were sent
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Chapter 4: Guard Of The Forbidden Land
I retorted to this beast, "I'm not here to make an enemy, I'm here to train myself!"But now that I was in the Forbidden Land, it would happen. Someone will undoubtedly cross your path.Getting rid of the plants that will ruin this region is my main objective. I don't know how long this land will remain undeveloped if it keeps emitting smoke. On that day, it will no longer exist.It launched another attack, calling out "Liar!" as I pulled my blade from my pocket to defend myself against his spear.He attempted to thrust his weapon into me, but it was clear that he was trembling."Shadow Trap"I talked to myself.He turned away from me after seeing a change in his shadow. I had the opportunity to move quickly at that point. But he sensed it right away. We then continued to trade in attacks.(Tsing... Tsing... Tsing... Tsing)Heard the resounding noise emanating from each of our weapons. However, when he realized I was casting the magic once more, he sprung into the air at once. Additio
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Chapter 5: The Poisonous Plant
"Are you good at directions?" I asked Seji as we passed the Poison Derah I saw yesterday.It just looks close but is quite far from where we are. Then it was already afternoon so we both thought to rest first.And now we will continue the mission.Seji had no name when we fought. But when I found out that I could name him, 'Seji' immediately came to my mind. Also, it's my old name that I used when I was still in the Zeraph Kingdom.I don't know how many years I stayed in that kingdom, but... I don't care about that anymore."Y-yes. But why?" He asked, surprised."Good! After this mission, be my direction!""Uhmm... Sorry for what would I gonna said, Master. But don't you know how to look in the right place?"'Master?'Why did I become like that? I'm not even training him! Why did he already decide on how to call me? It feels like the guard of Forbidden Land disappeared.Ahh!I just scratched the top of my head and grimaced," That's what it is.""Don't worry, Master. No matter where yo
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Chapter 6: Guardian Of The Zyber Land
I don't know how long it takes after we finally eliminated the Poison Derah in Forbidden Land. But I know how many years have passed. It's just that my attention was focused on the mission rather than knowing every moment we spent.Then I have no use for that either. What are its benefits to me? Isn't it nothing?"Master, you've finally grown up!" Seji spoke happily.He is right. I've grown, I'm seven inches taller than Seji. Maybe I'm 178 cm tall. But when I remember the creatures in the Immortal World, I can say that I was still small. If I was asked how many centimeters tall they were, I would probably just leave it without an answer.When I faced Seji, I saw that he was accompanied by slimes and a race of moonlight wolves. They are just a small race in this world. And most of them stayed in this land before the shocking scene happened.I didn't think I can tame them. Especially since they are also known as dangerous monsters. Except for the slimes which are not an obstacle to huma
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Chapter 7: His Comeback
After everyone's meeting. Each race also got their place to build a house and palace. They have started their work.While I was observing each of these creatures. I didn't notice any fights or arguments between each others. They all work together. At least in other parts of this Zyber Land.I can say that I will leave without a problem. Although in truth I should not be worrying about the future. False speculation is not in my vocabulary.Then some of my mates will watch this entire land after my departure. They will be my eyes on what happens in Zyber Land.But for now, I will think about other work first. Seji and the others were ordered by me to find a good place for the teleportation room. I also want to place my future party house in Zyber Land itself. So that no one hesitates to go. I wanted to hide our secret base for future purposes.I can produce an elegant house, but when I do that, everything seems to become simple. I don't want them to rely on the power that I have. I want
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Chapter 8: Their Beginning!
Since yesterday when we arrived at Norem Palace, Seji has asked me several times, "Master Raze, are you sure he's not a threat?"He is currently seated on the right side of the dining table, next to me. Feria was standing next to him and was completely silent.We are anticipating the king's arrival.It's just the three of us here. So Seji can freely speak what he wants. Even though I have said many times that the king of the Norem Kingdom can be trusted… especially when it comes to his adopted son. And that's me."He is." Right after I said that the king arrived with Kyle and the knight name Anoe.None of them spoke. The king sat quietly in his own seat in front while the other two were on either side of him. But I saw Kyle turning his gaze in my direction. He wasn't here yesterday when we arrived.As far as I know, he is taking care of something important in the other village. He is what the king expects when it comes to conflict in every town in the Norem Kingdom. Anoe is in securit
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Chapter 9: Swerdion Guild And Their Rank
(Swerdion Guild)"Welcome! What are you doing here? Do you have a request?" The woman at the counter asked us.As far as I know, she manages the people who want to join their Guild and also the requests. There are also other cases that I am not aware of. They are called receptionists in my previous world, not the Immortal World."We wanted to join. Mr. Anoe suggested this guild." I said.I also looked around. Swerdion is wide. There are tables and chairs in a circle to our right and left direction behind us. There are also seated people with various weapons. I see only men and a few women too.In front of us on the right are the requests of the people in the X Kingdom. And on the left is a path to the other space. But with a sign on top that says 'For Workers Only.'"Oh! So it is you! Mr. Anoe told us that someone will join our guild yesterday. Do you know what the rules are for each guild to join?" She inquired us with a smile.We nodded at her. Kyle added this information, rememberi
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Chapter 10: Sword Of Heaven?
{Wonnky Inn}"Is there any room available for three people?""Yes!" The girl who I think is fifteen years old or older spoke energetically. She had a long black hat, with a fringe at the end like a moon. The dress she is wearing is also black with a jacket with white highlights next to the sleeve.When I heard that word I let out a weak sigh. In fact, we have already inquired several times at the inns we found not far from the guild if there were any vacancies.There is at least one case. It's just that I'm planning to build my own house on the vacant lot if we didn't find an inn. Feria's attention was drawn to the dark road at the corner of the two inns. Out of curiosity, we went in and found this inn that wasn't that tempting.It is near the Forbidden Forest and in front of it is a large building for the Black Witches. This is the reason why there are no passing adventurers to stay at their inn for a while.And also because of the Forbidden Forest."How much?" I ask her again."Yes.
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