The Ultimate Heir.

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The Ultimate Heir.

By: Zenick OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Zale, a third-class graduate, and a poor delivery guy, was treated like scum by almost everyone in the society, insulted and despised.  Even the people he called family weren't exempt; his mother-in-law and brothers-in-law treated him like trash. His wife cheated on him with different men. One night, after a heated argument with his wife, whom he caught in bed with another man, he left home completely depressed and frustrated. He nearly thought of committing suicide out of frustration. However, that same night, he received a mysterious phone call that changed his life forever. From now on, he was no longer the poor delivery guy looked down upon by the society, instead, he was the heir to Adair's billion-dollar empire. Follow Zale's journey and see him get even with those who looked down on him and face-slap the people who called him 'useless'.

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  • Zenick


    Apologies for publishing chapter sixty-seven twice. I have corrected it. In a few hours, I'll be out of review.

    2023-08-24 09:06:37
  • Alan


    good Story but the Writer stop updating,if you dont want to waste your money don't start reading this Book

    2024-02-03 09:01:15
  • Joel Dela Torre


    a hotel for ten million dollars a night ,that'sabsyrd story I heard

    2023-10-11 10:30:35
  • Burrel O. Smither, Jr.


    Book was going great, it did not even bother me going through money to ready it. them I got to chapter 180. Nothing has been added for a long time. reader beware

    2024-03-01 05:18:36
  • Oluwole


    Nice one,enjoyed every minute of reading

    2024-01-06 22:19:02
  • Enuamaka Victor


    I love this novel. I recommend it.

    2023-10-08 20:27:14
  • Jules Northern


    update please

    2023-08-18 22:33:03
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180 chapters
Chapter one.
Engrossed in his normal morning duties within the Jenkins' mansion which he does every day before leaving for work, Zale Adair diligently attended to his chores.However, his concentration was abruptly broken by the distinct sound of his name resonating from beyond the mansion's walls.Curiosity piqued, Zale momentarily suspended his activities, casting a discerning gaze through the window to ascertain the caller's identity, even though he already guessed who it could potentially be.Indeed, Zale's intuition proved accurate, as the caller outside the mansion was none other than his mother-in-law, Cassidy Jenkins.She had returned from where she went last night.…..Zale Adair, a young man of twenty, bore the weight of an orphaned past, having endured the loss of his parents at a tender age. Despite the hardships that marked his early years, he possessed striking features that captured attention. His short, well-groomed black hair framed a countenance that exuded intelligence, complem
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Chapter two
With only a few light bulbs remaining on the first floor, he swiftly completed the task. Then, he made his way outside to wash the two cars belonging to his wife and mother-in-law. Passing by Zale as he washed the car, a burly male servant couldn't resist mocking him, ridiculing his helpless state. The insults from his in-laws were already unbearable, but the mockery from the mansion's servants added to his distress. Aware of his powerlessness, the servants took every opportunity to taunt him when he was alone.Zale's anger flared up as he glanced at the servant, but he quickly redirected his focus to the car. "I'll endure all of this because of you, my love," he muttered, calming his raging heart.After an hour, he finished washing the two cars and hurriedly proceeded to his room to prepare for work.However, on his way to his room, he stumbled upon someone that further delayed him by a couple of minutes."Hey, stop right there, loser. Where do you think you're going?" Adams jeer
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Chapter three
Upon entering the room, Zale found his wife, Sasha standing before the mirror, applying makeup as she did every morning before heading to work. Fresh out of the bath, she was draped only in a short bath towel.Sasha Jenkins, a stunning young woman standing six feet tall, possessed flawless skin, long dark hair, and enchanting green eyes that could captivate any man. Her beautiful features, highlighted by her alluring smile, had the power to make Zale forget his troubles and sorrows.Seeing her, all the sadness and anger Zale was feeling a while ago evaporated without a trace. It was replaced by instant happiness."Hi, babe. Finally done with your bath?" Zale greeted her with a radiant smile, eager to embrace her."No...No...No!" Sasha exclaimed, halting him in his tracks.Confused, Zale asked, "What's wrong? Can't I hug my beautiful wife?"Sasha wore a fake smile as she responded, "Look at the sweat on your face. I just took a bath. Do you want me to start all over again? I won't let
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Chapter four
After Zale left the room, he swiftly made his way out of the mansion. Since he didn't have personal transportation, he usually depended on taxis for commuting to his workplace.Despite having access to his wife's car, he had made the deliberate choice not to utilize it.As a mere delivery personnel, driving to work seemed excessive and impractical, considering he solely relied on the company bicycle to fulfill package deliveries for customers.Given that his workplace was approximately an hour away from his residence, it would consume an entire hour for him to arrive there.Zale's workplace, Spade's Delivery Home, stood out as one of the country's premier delivery companies renowned for its exceptional services.After roughly an hour, the cab came to a halt in front of the company building."How much?" Zale inquired, addressing the middle-aged cab driver upon disembarking.The middle-aged man paused momentarily to calculate the overall fare before replying, "The ride amounts to $5.5."
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Chapter five
Mr. Crassus diverted his attention from the desktop computer to Zale and affirmed, "Yes, I called you. A prominent client has requested the delivery of some goods, and it'll be your job to make the delivery. Your regular duties that day will be handled by someone else. Is that clear to you?"When Zale heard this unexpected news, he was confused for a brief moment.The sudden change in his assigned task caught him off guard and left him momentarily surprised and conflicted.Zale couldn't help but wonder why his boss had chosen him of all people to make the delivery for such a high-profile customer.The thought crossed his mind, and he pondered the reasons for this decision, trying to understand the reason behind Mr. Crassus' choice.Considering that there were many capable delivery people in the company, including some who were possibly better than he was, Zale pondered the reasons behind Mr. Crassus' decision to give him this job.Also, given the previous instances in which Mr. Crassus
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Chapter six
In the rear right seat of a black Mercedes Benz parked on the street corner across from Shade's Delivery Home, sat Lennon Jenkins—a young man exuding elegance with his brown hair and dressed in an expensive black tuxedo.With a mischievous smile, he crossed his legs, contemplating the image of someone's bloodied face and relishing in the sinister satisfaction it brought him.After a brief period of silence, Lennon broke the tranquility and redirected his attention to his driver. "Did you manage to speak with the manager?" he inquired with anticipation."Yes, boss. The manager agreed to designate him as the delivery person. However, he insisted on a thousand-dollar tip for making the arrangement," James, a young man of similar age to Lennon and his former college crime accomplice, responded."A thousand dollars? Why on earth would he demand such an exorbitant amount for a simple delivery?" Lennon furrowed his brow, perplexed by the manager's seemingly excessive request."He believes tha
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Chapter seven
Zale jolted back into consciousness when he felt the touch on his lap."Sir, we have arrived. I'm sorry to have disturbed your sleep, but I really have to get to other customers," the cab driver politely apologized."It's all right. I should be the one apologizing, not the other way around," Zale said, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.He quickly unfastened the seatbelt that was wrapped around his slender waist and got out of the car."How much is the ride, sir?" Zale asked, looking at the cab driver.The cabby took a moment to calculate the fare before answering, "The fare is seventy dollars."Zale heaved a long sigh when he heard that. As a delivery man, he only earns the bare minimum, so this was so much money for him.Seventy dollars was about his monthly disposable income or even less.But regardless, he was willing to spend it because today was a special day for him.Today was his foster father's death anniversary, so it was no big deal for him to spend all his sa
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Chapter eight
Zale stared unblinkingly at the screen of his phone as he read the news of a mysterious person who had bought Juliet Rose at a breakneck price of $17 million.After he finished reading the news, he said to himself, "Maybe this wasn't the Juliet Rose that was meant. People can fake things and make them look real, can't they?"Then he approached the flower on the ground and carefully picked it up.Although he tried to convince himself that the flower wasn't the same as the one that was sold for $17 million, a stray thought subconsciously told him otherwise.Gently, he placed the flower back on the grave where it had previously lain. "I don't know who kept it. But whoever it's, I hope you're just an imposter."Zale refixed his gaze on the headstone and stared at it for a while before finally muttering, "Goodbye, old man. I'll visit you another time."He took off from the cemetery and entered a cab that would take him back to the city."Hello, sir. Where are you going?" the cab driver aske
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Chapter nine
Within a designated office at Spade's Delivery Home, a man with a protruding belly was visibly agitated, pacing incessantly. This restlessness was triggered by the reception of numerous phone calls from an anonymous private number, which had previously engaged in a business agreement with him."Where the hell is my package, asshole?!" A voice yelled on the other end of the phone, exasperated. "I didn't give you all that money for nothing. This is the fifth hour since you told me my package was on its way. What the hell is going on there anyway?!""Look, sir, this has never happened before. I already ordered your package to be delivered to you. Your package left the company a long time ago. I think the fault lies with the delivery person and I can't get through to..." Crassus tried to explain but was interrupted by the furious voice on the other end of the phone."How is that my business? I only want my package delivered along with the delivery person I paid for. I don't care how you d
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Chapter ten
As Zale proceeded to his bedroom, his mind was still reeling from the vicious insults and jibes he had received from his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.He had rushed home to find out why his wife wasn't answering her calls. However, just as he entered their bedroom, he saw something that shattered him to the core.There on their matrimonial bed was his wife, entwined with another man. Their bodies twisted together, they were lost in passion and lust, totally oblivious to his presence.For a moment, Zale's heart stopped beating. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. But the truth was staring him in the face, and it was ugly."Wh-what is this?" Zale asked, his voice trembling with wrath.Sasha rolled her eyes and slid out of the sheets. She reached for a satin robe from the side of the bed and slipped it on.“Oh, nothing,” Sasha replied. “Just me having some fun. Clearly, you couldn’t give me what I need, so I had to find someone else who could.”Zale stood there, shell-shocked and d
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