Reincarnation Of The Depraved Vampire Protoss
Reincarnation Of The Depraved Vampire Protoss
Author: Gentle_Pervert


It feels as though I am alive again...

Have I been awakened from my slumber? Impossible... It would take me a hundred years, at least, to recover my power. Have hundreds of years passed in the blink of an eye? Damn...

It is all their fault, those pesky little shits! They called for help from another galaxy just to bring me down! They couldn't even leave a scratch on me. But... In my final moments, all I remember is one of those gods using a strange gear on me, forcing me into an unexpected deep slumber. What was that gear?

Yes, I remember now... they called it Ether gear. I can still recall the vicious smiles on their faces as that gear drained my energy. If only they hadn't touched her. If only they hadn't interfered in everything, claiming to bring order while wreaking chaos. Those gods... I will brutally kill every one of them, denying them the chance to reincarnate. I will steal their women and ravish them right before their eyes. I will slaughter every single one of their children and serve their heads to them on a platter.

They took everything away from me, right before my eyes. If only I had been cautious of that gear, I would have exterminated them all, those foolish gods!


I shout at the top of my voice, hoping for a burst of aura to emanate from my body as it usually does—but nothing happens. Not even a speck of my vampire aura escapes my body.


What the fuck happened? This slumber was not supposed to be like this. Once again, I thrust my right hand forward, hoping for a burst of blood aura to explode from my hand and shatter the coffin, but... once again, nothing happens as my hand collides with a solid wall.


Panic starts to creep in at this rate...

Calm down... I need to calm down. I think to myself, trying to comprehend what has happened.

Perhaps it will take quite some time for my aura to recover, considering I am the strongest vampire. Yes, that must be the case, as all my energy was drained in my final battle. It would be truly satisfying to witness the expressions on my wives' faces the moment I emerge from this coffin. And mother, I will undoubtedly resurrect you when all of this is over.

I begin to plan ahead for the moment I break free from this coffin.

After what feels like an hour of waiting, nothing happens.

Despite trying to convince myself that everything is fine, my instincts persistently tell me that something is amiss. Suddenly, my coffin begins shaking violently, while a strange, pungent liquid envelops me. Now that I notice, my vampiric eyesight is failing. Have I become extraordinarily weak? I should lie low for a while once I escape.

Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly feel two claws gripping my head.

"GET OFF ME! Is this how you wake your king from his slumber? I'll feed your balls to the hounds once I am free," I bellow, fighting for my life and threatening the one responsible for awakening me. However, no matter how much I protest, this person ignores me.

"Was my coffin altered while I slumbered, or is this a new method to awaken a vampire?" These are my final words as my eyes begin to close, and my body passes through a confined space. No matter how I resist this drowsiness, my body refuses to obey me.

FUCK~ I hate gods...


Inside a magnificent room, illuminated by several flying, glowing orbs, a woman lies half-naked on a bed, her hands tied to both sides of the bed, and her legs spread apart. A noticeable bulge is present on her stomach, indicating the advanced stage of pregnancy. This woman appears to be in excruciating pain, groaning and shouting without respite. It is evident that she is enduring a difficult and challenging childbirth.

"Your Majesty, keep pushing and try to suppress your mana as much as possible. As expected from the king, he's giving the queen a tough time," remarks one of the midwives positioned in front of the queen, wiping the beads of sweat rolling down her forehead.

"M-Marilyn, I... I think the king is coming!" Another midwife exclaims, alerting the others. Presently, three midwives are attending to the queen's labor, and Marilyn, being the most skilled and highly ranked among them, is also renowned as a healer.


The queen lets out a piercing wail that reverberates throughout the room. After hours of crying, groaning, and wailing, the baby finally starts to emerge.


Silence ensues.

Contrary to the midwives' expectations, the baby appears lifeless, with an extremely pale complexion. Fear grips them as they witness this unexpected sight. How will they break the news to the queen, who has endured two days of relentless labor without rest, that her child is lifeless? Moreover, this is no ordinary child; it is the child of prophecy.

Having endured an arduous and stressful delivery, the queen anticipates hearing the cries of her newborn as soon as she feels the baby leave her womb. Raising her head slightly, dark bags under her eyes, the queen gazes at the midwives, all wearing solemn expressions. A deep sense of dread envelops her. Surely, this could only mean one thing.

"My baby..." The queen mutters, her eyes fixated on the lifeless form of her child in Marilyn's arms. Tears begin to well up in her eyes, accompanied by a sharp pain piercing her heart.

"I... I am sorry, Your Majesty. The king didn't ma--" Marilyn's words come to a halt as she feels a slight movement from the baby in her hands.

"I... I think he moved!" Marilyn exclaims with excitement, igniting a glimmer of hope in the queen and the other midwives.

"If you don't mind, Your Majesty?" Marilyn asks respectfully, pointing to a long ruler-like object on a nearby trolley. Without waiting for the queen's response, she picks up the ruler, raising it high in the air before gently striking the baby's buttocks.

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