The Conquest of the Brotherhood

{Fast Paced}

"Master," Marilyn's voice rings out, frustration evident as we stand in a corner of the guild. "Why did you give her those precious items?"

"Marilyn, those items are useless to me," I reply, shaking my head. "Verona has shown her potential, and she deserves a chance to flourish. Besides, it's not about the items themselves, but the support and belief we offer to our comrades."

"But your Mom gave them to you," Marilyn mutters, still pained by the fact that I gave Verona those items.

"Marilyn, I don't know why you feel this way about Verona, but I want you to understand that my priority is ensuring everyone's well-being," I say, placing a hand on Marilyn's shoulder. "Verona has proven herself, and it's important for us to support one another as friends."

Marilyn's expression softens, and she lets out a sigh. "I don't hate her. My only priority is making sure that you are okay," she confesses, her voice filled with concern.

I smile and pull her into a gentle embrace. "I appr
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