Reincarnation of the Strongest Player

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Reincarnation of the Strongest Player

By: RogueKat OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Mysterious portals began appearing all over the world, like giant black holes, ominous and foreboding, yet completely inert. No one knew what to do or how to react. Despite the confusion and curiosity, life went on as usual for years. But one day, an announcement changed everything. Pran was just a regular guy, but after being awakened and becoming a “Player” his life changed. He got everything he wanted. Or so he thought... At the moment of his death, he was overcome with regret, he wished he could do things differently. Suddenly, everything went dark. But then, he felt someone shake him up. Pran initially thought it was all a hallucination or his life flashing before his eyes. But soon, he realized that he had been given a second chance. He had reincarnated back to the day of his awakening. “This time it won’t be the same. This time I’ll do things differently and won't make the same mistakes. And anyone who tries to get in my way will have to suffer my wrath.” Join Pran on his thrilling journey as he ascends the Tower of Trials, a treacherous path filled with deadly challenges and unimaginable rewards. With each trial, he grows stronger and more determined to succeed. Nothing will stand in his way as he seeks to fulfill all his ambitions and reach the apex. [PS: This is my first time writing a novel, so it might not be very polished, but I will try my best to give you guys an interesting story. Also if you have any feedback about the story, do comment on it and let me know. Thank you!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ⇒ Currently 3 Chapter Per Week ⇐ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you like my work you can support me and consider joining my community! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Chapter 0 – Prologue
"Ha...ha...ha..." "So… this is it.... ha...ha..." "It didn’t have to be." A soft voice so familiar that he can never mistake it for someone else came from the front. Even after trying his best to focus on the person, all he could see were some blurry figures coming toward him. "You know why this happened, don't you? Because you didn't do as I told you to." Suddenly he heard a different voice, one with a charismatic quality and a hint of pride and arrogance, as if everything was beneath the speaker. “Sigh…” After a brief pause the speaker continued: "If you had just kept following my commands like a faithful and loyal dog, you wouldn't have ended in this state." “Hahaha… cough… cough” “Tch, he’s still laughing.” A gruff voice came from one of the figures and that person lifted their leg to stomp but was stopped by the first person with the soft voice. “Don’t. If you hit him while he’s in this state, then he might die before we even have a chance to ask anything.” “So, you’re
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Chapter 1 – Did I Reincarnate?
In 1990, portals began appearing all around the world. Initially, the world was at a loss for what to do about these mysterious portals. Brave souls attempted to enter the portals, but to no avail. Meanwhile, many religious groups began proclaiming that the portals were an omen of the world's impending destruction. Despite the efforts of scientists worldwide, no one could make sense of this bizarre phenomenon. As time passed, things returned to normal, with the portals continuing to exist but no other changes occurring. After three years of extensive testing and experimentation, scientists developed a method to locate the portals through their specific energy signatures. For the next nine years, nothing changed. But then, the energy signals began gradually increasing, causing widespread panic around the world. Finally, on January 1st, 2000, people across the globe heard a voice in their heads. [MANA SATURATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED] [PASSAGE TO THE TOWER OF TRIALS HAS BEEN ESTAB
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Chapter 2 – A New Beginning.
Pran pulled out his mobile phone to check the date and confirmed that this really was the day he became a "Player" after receiving his awakening.He walked to the side, sat down, and began to reflect on what had happened before he died and returned.Soon, he recalled the betrayal of his "friends" and the "love of his life.""I was so foolish and naïve to have believed in them," he muttered under his breath."The first chance they got, they all stabbed me in the back. But not this time. This time, things will be different. Everything will be on my terms."After taking a few breaths and calming himself he opened his status window:【Name: Pran Sharma】【Titles: None】【Race: Human】【Level: 0】【Job: None】【HP: 100/100 | ST: 50/50 | MP: 30/30】【Remaining Points: 4】【Attributes: Strength: 4 | Endurance: 5 | Intelligence: 3 | Vitality: 5 | Agility: 3】【Active Skills: None】【Passive Skills: None】"If I remember correctly, my initial stats look the same as they did before." Pran closed the stats
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Chapter 3 – Mana Fever
It was a typical morning at the Sharma household. By 9 a.m., everyone except for Pran had gathered at the dining table for breakfast. Arpita, Pran’s mom asked Anya to go and fetch Pran. With a begrudging expression, Anya made her way to Pran's room, knocked on the door, and shouted, "Wake up, sleepyhead! Breakfast is already on the table." After waiting for a while without receiving a response, Anya decided to enter Pran's room. The room was dark and slightly humid, which caused her to frown. She turned on the lights, but what she saw was odd. Pran was asleep on his bed, but he was lying on his bed with his legs hanging over the side. He still wore his clothes from yesterday and hadn't even taken off his shoes. Anya shook Pran to wake him up, but he remained unresponsive. However, when she touched him, she felt his feverish body. She placed her hand on his forehead and realized that it was burning with a high temperature. In a fluster, Anya rushed back to the dining table and inf
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Chapter 4 – The Quest System
Pran lay on his bed, mostly keeping his eyes shut, but from time to time, he'd open them to check the timer. He felt like the remaining time was passing at a snail's pace. All he wanted was for the timer to be over so he could move his body freely once again. Finally, after what felt like an eternity to him, he heard the familiar voice of the system. [Ding! The player is now able to move freely.] [Ding! All the requirements have been met, and the 'Quest System' will now be enabled for the player.] [Ding! Quest System enabled.] [Ding! Please check the quest window for more information!"] The sound of the system stopped as abruptly as it started, leaving Pran perplexed. Quest System? Quest Window? What the heck is that? I've never heard of anything like this, even when I met a few very high-level players previously, he thought, racking his brain to recall as much as he could. But even after a long time, he wasn't able to recall anything. Soon, he calmed his mind, took a deep bre
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Chapter 5 – First in the Multiverse
Pran's heart raced as he uttered the word: “Inventory!” As soon as he spoke the word, a transparent window appeared before him. The window was small, about 1"x2", with a grid pattern and a search bar at the top. Three mythic boxes occupied separate grids, and Pran clicked on the first mythic box. Suddenly a new window appeared: [Notice! Requirements not met to open the Mythic Box!] He tried the other two boxes, but the same message appeared. Pran was stunned. He had opened several boxes including 2 high-grade boxes before, but he had never encountered a mythic box. He had always assumed that any box given by the system as a reward could be easily opened like the others he had come across, but now he wondered if higher-level boxes had specific requirements. “So, that was a bust. I was hoping to get some awesome equipment so I wouldn’t have to spend money to buy the armor set and the weapon.” Pran heaved a somewhat disappointed sigh. However, he quickly regained his composure and
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Chapter 6 – Pran's Decision & Deadly Raid on Soorma Guild's Headquarters!
Pran opened the quest window and started to read the quest once more, trying to make sure that he didn’t miss anything."To complete the quest, I have to clear this dungeon in 'Elite' difficulty mode with a '70% or more' compilation rate," Pran murmured, studying the quest information in the quest window. He knew he was more powerful than most players, with stats equivalent to an average level 15 player, and on top of that, he had his fighting and trial-completing experience of more than 12 years from his previous life. So he instantly dropped the ‘Elite’ mode option and started to consider the other two options: "Nightmare" or "Hell."Pran's mind raced as he considered the different modes. He had a hunch that the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward, but he also knew that he needed to be careful.“If I compare the different mode options to the dungeons and trials that I know about and the one’s that I’ve personally cleared I can roughly estimate where ‘Elite’ will stand, so
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Chapter 7 – Bloodshed & Updated Quest!
The seductive woman licked her plump red lips and spoke in an alluring manner as she walked towards the sobbing group: “My-my, finally you found you!” As one of the men saw her, he was already pale in fear, but after hearing the woman speak and seeing her walk toward the group he peed in terror. He knew exactly who she was, and what she was going to do to him. Just then one of the women could not take the terror and screamed as she tried to run away from the woman, but as she took two steps the seductive woman vanished from her spot and then appeared beside that woman and continued to walk towards the group, while the running woman’s head flew from her body and after take another step collapsed on the ground. After seeing that many people from the group started vomiting while others screamed. Just then the seductive woman raised her right hand and put a finger over her lips and sweetly said: “Shhh! Or I’ll remove everyone’s head from their body.” Suddenly everyone quieted down, and
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Chapter 8 – Unexpected Gain
“Runestone,” the most straightforward and easy way to obtain skills and spells without any extra requirements. Even if you have just become a player, you can use the rune stone to gain skills and spells. And till now there are five ways to acquire them. First, when you kill a strong monster, there is a very very low chance that instead of a mana core in the monster’s heart, there will be a runestone instead. Second, after clearing a portal, there’s a low probability of obtaining random skill and spell runestones of ‘Grade D’ or lower. Third, you can obtain certain types of runestones to random types of runestones after clearing different kinds of trials in the Tower of Trials, but there’s a chance that those gained runestones can only be used by the one who completes the trials. Fourth, trade them with other players ranging from money, items, and goods to other runestones, to even other players' freedom to life. Lastly, the easiest way, Fifth, is to buy them from the item stores i
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Chapter 9 – The Strange Phenomena of 'Hell' Mode
Pran was standing at the edge of a deep cave, the stench of rot assaulting his senses. He wrinkled his nose in disgust but pressed on because he still had to clear this lair. As he arrived at the end of the passage, he was at the entrance of a prison-like chamber filled with many humans hanging from the walls. Some were males while some were females. Their clothes seemed to have been torn while they were being tortured, and some were totally naked with bruises and whip marks. The scene made him feel sick to his stomach, and he couldn't help but wonder how they ended up there.Goblins and even Hobgoblins milled about the cave, chatting, sharpening their weapons, and sleeping, while some of them were eating something. Despite having seen this sight before, and knowing that there will be more thing similar or even worse things he will see in the future, Pran felt nauseated. But then he sensed at least two str
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