Eden : Sudden Wealth System

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Eden : Sudden Wealth System

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Eden Flick is a poor young man, without a family and trying to get an education in one famous university in the city by working odd jobs as pay. Eden tries daily to earn money after school because his tuition bill is already two months in arrears. The cost of his flat house was also so much that he had to pay it off immediately. Some students who knew about it, of course, mocked and insulted him, giving him many challenges with the lure that they would pay for his tuition fees, but they were lying. One day, he was almost beaten to death by three of his college friends, plus he got a beating from the head of his university foundation. Eden collapsed with multiple injuries, conscious of nothing, but when he woke up, he had $1,500,000 in his bank account, and he was also in the VIP room of the city's most famous hospital. Not only that, there was also an inscription on his cellphone screen that said. "Get your revenge!" *** I own the copyright to this cover including all parts and layers! Source : Pixel and Canva


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153 chapters
Get 1,500,000$?
"Agh! It hurts so bad!"Several men dressed in their alma mater campuses laughed at the thin, black, and dirty man who had fallen to his knees. They seemed to be walking towards him, who was trying to get up while his knees were shaking, unable to withstand the pain."You're just a stupid child who doesn't know yourself. How can you force us to pay for your tuition fees?!" Jack Matt, one of the student group leaders, said in a haughty voice.He is the son of a famous nickel businessman in town. That's why he likes to step on the heads of poor people around him."Didn't you promise that?! If I finish doing your homework for one week, you will give me money to pay for my education!" Eden Flick shouted demandingly, and he was the student the students were toying with.When he screamed, his lips were bleeding from being kicked by one of them until he fell. His face was pale because he couldn't eat much due to saving money, making him even more apprehensive."Tsk, someone like you deserves
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Revenge Wealth System?
Eden got the best doctor's treatment and room that provides everything. But he never stopped to think about where he had gotten that kind of money suddenly.After he was given medicine and he was helped to lean on by one of the nurses who were there, Eden finally tried to open his cell phone and found 1,500,000 dollars in money. His eyes widened in shock, and his hands trembled because he couldn't believe the look in his eyes."Where do I get this much money? Why?" Eden stared straight ahead and held his beating heart.But when he didn't say anything and was still thinking, the cell phone suddenly vibrated, making him raise an eyebrow. An implied message was in there, and it made him unable to know who the sender was because it suddenly appeared on his cellphone screen, which was still locked."The money is yours, and you must spend it within nine days, starting from now."Eden frowned, reading the strange message. "Is this an advertisement? Who's bored enough to share their money wit
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Go to City Bank
Eden was treated in the hospital for two days, and today, he finally returned to his flat, which he had already paid for, using a taxi he had never taken since coming to this city.Using the stick beside him, he walked because his leg hurt a little from being beaten by those people. In his hands were only a cell phone and a bag of medicine that he had just redeemed at the pharmacy hospital. He, who used to not care about his cell phone this time, has to carry it everywhere because there is quite a lot of money inside.He left the card at his house to withdraw the money later in the afternoon."Ah, welcome, Eden. You just came back from the hospital?" The head of the flat owner asked, making Eden sigh."I'm tired and want to rest," he said, making the head of the flat owner quickly open the door so he could enter.Eden only looked at him momentarily, not caring about the changes the flat owner had made to him. His head was still a bit sore until he decided to walk away, leaving the fla
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Confused Having Lots of Money
I don't know what bad luck made Eben have to meet this man. Even though he had been glad, he hadn't seen Bob, Jack or Lylan for the past few days. When an arrogant man always flaunts his parents' wealth to bully him."Even after a few days of not seeing you, you've turned into a cocky man?" Bob chuckled lightly at how Eden didn't care about him. "And you even have a stick to walk? Have you become a cripple?"Eden still doesn't care. He just kept silent, which irritated Bob, and touched Eden's neck angrily. How could a poor man belittle and neglect him? He is the son of a state official. His family has a lot of merit, and how can Eden even treat him like this?"What are you doing? Get your hands off!"Bob looked intently into his face. "You know, you're just an ordinary person and a poor man's child. You better get out of this city bank and stop bothering people before I call security," he said harshly, making Eden jerk Bob's hand and hold his aching neck."I didn't come here to riot,
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Back to campus
Eden bought many things and even some clothes that he liked, but he couldn't buy them. He bought some of the services Bob, Dylan and Jack used to wear when the three men looked down on him for only wearing rags.He used a card as payment, then rushed home because it was already afternoon. All day he takes a taxi that alternates if he usually walks. Eden's life has completely changed, but one thing he is still worried about, he still has a lot of money that he doesn't know how to spend it."You're wasting too much time and money just ordering a taxi. You'd better buy a car." The writing that appeared on his cellphone wallpaper made him speechless. All his life, he never thought he could buy a car. He decided to ignore it first because he would still think about it. Because, after all, he… he's not good at driving a car."I know what you're thinking. If you can't ride in a car, you can ask someone to teach you. You have a lot of money, and don't waste it, or later, when you fail to spe
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Eden Flick : Buying a Magnificent House
Eden glanced at Jack, who greeted him sarcastically, then looked back at his cellphone screen, which still showed text. "How much money does he want to be able to buy his house?” Eden asked himself, hoping the system could hear his heart."Six hundred thousand dollars. He needs funds urgently."Eden smiled a little seeing the writing that appeared there until he finally saw the writing again."Look at him; he doesn't even care about us even though he's limp like this. Arrogant when only a poor man's child!" Lylan, who had been silent all along, immediately said that he didn't like being taught by people, especially by poor people."Bob, you can't just let it be, can you? You told us he underestimated you at the bank last night, didn't you? Don't you want revenge?""Of course, I would. She was a real pain when she met me at the city bank last night." Bob said while Eden still didn't care.He instead pressed an agree button given by the system on his cellphone, then smiled broadly, see
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Nine Day Challenge
Bob, Jack, and Lylan were surprised to hear the name mentioned by Johns Matt. How could he say the name of a poor student they were now stomping on the head of? Jack also felt that it was unreasonable. How is it that Eden Flick just bought his family's luxurious house? Even though just a few days ago, this man begged them to be able to pay for his college fees. "Daddy's wrong name, huh? How could Eden Flick buy it? He's a poor man!" Jack said in disbelief while Eden was still standing under their feet.He still wanted to see how far this would all go."So what?" John looked at his son in disbelief. "How could he be a poor man when he already gave a thirty percent down payment? How can you even say that he's a poor man!"Jack was dumbfounded for a while hearing the words, and he saw Eden, who was still falling at their feet and looked at Lylan, who was already frowning."Eden Flick? Where did you get that money to buy my family's luxurious house?" Jack asked Eden, who immediately loo
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In Luxury House
Eden glared in shock, reading what was on his cell phone. He was still at a loss to spend another half a million dollars. How could he get even more money?"You can buy shares of companies you like. By owning stocks, won't you get a guarantee of a better life?"Eden massaged his dizzy head. How about stocks? He doesn't know. Does it have to be studied too to be a successful, wealthy man?"Eden Flick, you are only a small part of the people who accept this system of wealth. So don't even do things that make you regret it. Because you're not always going to get it."Eden frowned. "How long will I get all this?"He speaks his mind and doesn't directly express it with his lips. The reason is he is in class and attending lessons. If he is caught talking, it will be problematic, and the lecturer can scold him.In that class, Jack, Lylan, and Bob suddenly became more quiet people. They had been warned harshly earlier by Johns, don't disturb Eden, who he considers his co-worker. The poor man'
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Buying a Car
After eating earlier, Eden was at a car rental now; however, he was invited to Matt's family residence while the car he was given was still on loan.Her appearance when she went to the showroom was very simple and unbelievable. Even some of the showroom employees were reluctant to approach him were it not for the fact that he had a man who dressed better.Jem also couldn't understand why his master wouldn't wear better clothes. Even though he is an employer, the owner of a new house and a luxurious house published by the Matt family."Some people are watching you, sir. You should have worn better clothes," Jem said, making Eden look around him and give him a small smile."I'm comfortable in clothes like this. Let it be if they want to pay attention to me until tomorrow morning, and I also won't care about that. My purpose here is to buy a car and then go home," his reply casually silenced Jem.He couldn't argue because he was just a minion. Accompany Eden around to see the many luxury
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Enjoying Being Rich
Eden lay down on a very comfortable bed in that luxurious house. He just took off his cane when he got to this house earlier. When he went to the showroom, he didn't even use a cane, and it was enough to make his leg hurt a bit.Vibrations could go to his pants, making his hand reach for the flat object, his cell phone. There he finds writings from the system that has been watching him make money from his sudden wealth."Happy! You've spent over a million dollars in six days. You have 450,800$ remaining, and you have to finish it within three days. The sooner, the better because you will get much more than I promised."Eden took a deep breath reading the message. He wasn't relieved but rather worried. Looks like he needs to spend the money on his m-banking so he can calm down."But What can I do, and what can I buy? I don't need anything else.” Eden took a deep breath, confused about what he should do.How hard it is to be rich all of a sudden like this. He thought for a while, and hi
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