Unparalleled Arthur: Return From The Pinnacle

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Unparalleled Arthur: Return From The Pinnacle

By: Berry CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Three years ago, Arthur was framed, sentenced to three years in prison, and lost all his wealth and status. Three years later, he returns to the city where all the pain and betrayal began. Now, he holds more power and unique abilities unmatched by anyone else. Those who betrayed him will face the deserved punishment! During his revenge, mysterious forces from around the world are gradually brought to light. Will Arthur emerge victorious, becoming the most dominant ruler?!

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    There were some minor mistakes in posting chapters, and now everything is fine, sorry if it made your reading experience bad, this will definitely not happen again.

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    what is this book jump back to chapter 1 and a whole diffrent story.. this is stupid..seriously!

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256 chapters
Chapter 1: Return of Arthur
At Sosun Airport, the largest airport in Eldora, a military helicopter landed on a large vacant area. However, there was no attendant or anyone around. It seemed that they had received prior instructions, so no one dared to approach and disturb the people inside the helicopter. Arthur descended from the helicopter. He was dressed in a simple outfit, yet his tall and handsome figure made it extraordinary. He arrived and departed quietly. He put on sunglasses and walked out of the airport. The city's scenery unfolded in Arthur's eyes, prompting him to exclaim. "It's been three years... nostalgia was in those words while sarcasm on his face.He finally came back, where he achieved great success and his failure was buried... Arthur shook his head and hailed a taxi. Arthur said as he got into the car, "Sun Rise Corporation, please." The driver, who seemed experienced and elderly, smiled and said. "You mean the highly prosperous Sun Sire Corporation from three years ago?" A
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Chapter 2: Final Ultimatum
On the top floor of the Willingness building, a man sat behind his desk and his face was dark and gloomy There were shards of expensive glass on the ground, red wine flowed gracefully beneath the broken glass. It looked like a pool of blood, resembling a painful and ugly wound. The secretary couldn't help but feel scared, but she was also a little curious about the one called Arthur Smith. President Will smashed his favorite glass after hearing the name With a cold expression, Will looked up at her and ordered. "Clean up the ground, then inform the board of directors that Arthur Smith has returned." The secretary almost flinched as Will spoke. Then she quickly replied. "Yes, sir" Almost as soon as she left, Will picked up his phone and dialed a number he hadn't contacted for a long time. Once connected, Will immediately shouted. "What the hell you did? Why is Arthur still alive? He should have been rotting in that ridiculous prison on the island! You fool!" Actually
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Chapter 3: The Pretty CEO
Arthur walked out of the office. He gave Will an opportunity, hoping that he would know how to choose. He didn't directly execute Will because he still cared about his relationship with his adoptive parents. Although they only loved Will, they had at least let him live, which made him grateful. If Will weren't the son of the couple, he would definitely died in a miserable way. At this moment, laughter filled the office, they were laughing out loudly. They looked down on Arthur, who had nothing but dared to speak that way. Will also laughed and said, "What can he do to me? Does he think he's still the Arthur Smith from three years ago? How foolish!" When the board of directors heard Will's words, their laughter grew even louder. They wildly flattered Will and belittled Arthur. Arthur didn't react to the people in the room, who were just a group of demons rejoicing before being thrown into the fiery pit of hell. Only the ignorant person's final folly.His footsteps remain
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Chapter 4: Dr. John's Treatment
In a VIP ward, the hospital. Talented doctors stood beside the patient, discussing about the treatment to save the girl. Although they stabilized the girl and pulled her out of critical condition, her physical state deteriorated rapidly. On the bed lay a pretty girl, whose face had a gentle aura that would surely captivate countless young men. However, her face was pale and beads of sweat ran down her forehead in a frenzy, with rapid breath and erratic heartbeat. She was Scarlet's younger sister, Bella. However, Bella's illness was genuinely peculiar. The doctors had never seen anything like it before, making it impossible to diagnose and treat. At that moment, the door opened and Dr. John walked in, followed by a group of assistants. As soon as the doctors saw John, they immediately displayed expressions of joy. They crowded around him, praising and flattering him. "Dr. John, you've finally arrived. Bella's condition is truly peculiar. We have never encountered such a ca
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Chapter 5: The Venom Curse
Bella suddenly had an allergic reaction that her body convulsed violently and incessantly. The doctors in the room gasped in shock. The blood vessels on her body suddenly protruded, appearing thick and black, contrasting with her fair skin, creating a gruesome sight. She continued to convulse, and her mouth widely opened as if gasping for air. The heart rate monitor beeped alarmingly. Scarlet, the tough woman, screamed at this moment. With anger, she rushed forward, grabbing John by the collar, and demanded. "What have you done, you wretch?! What's happening to Bella?!" John's face was filled with fear, and the rest of the doctors in the room were terrified too. John looked at Scarlet in panic, cold sweat running down his forehead. He stammered. "N...no, I...I don't know..." Scarlet, without hesitation, pushed him away with force. John fell to the ground, his back in pain. Before he could react, Scarlet's cold voice rang out. "You idiot! I should never have trusted y
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Chapter 6: Overwhelming Power
Soon, Bella's face regained its rosy complexion on the bed, but she remained unconscious due to her weak condition. Scarlet could finally let go of her worries and sat by the bedside, gently caressing her sister's forehead with affection. It was serene and peaceful time! However, not everyone was happy. Arthur turned around and looked at the pale-faced Dr. John, teasingly saying. "Dr. John, isn't it time for you to fulfill your bet now?" Upon hearing Arthur's words, John's face turned red, and he vehemently denied. "What bet? I have never made any bet with you!" For the sake of his pride and feeble self-esteem, he even refused to apologize. Since that was the case, Arthur couldn't easily let him off the hook. Initially, he thought an apology from John would be enough. However, not only was John lacking in medical skills, but also his medical ethics were poor. "Whether you agree or not, you can no longer practice medicine. Find another profession!" Determined to protect
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Chapter 7: She's Like a Queen
On the way to the hotel, Scarlet couldn't contain her excitement. "I thought your medical skills were surprising enough. But I was wrong, and your martial arts have widened my horizons. You were truly amazing handsome at that moment!"Pausing momentarily, Scarlet suddenly laughed and jokingly said. "I even felt a flutter in my heart at that moment. I might have a thing for you." Arthur didn't care about her words. There's still a woman that he couldn't forget. Two of them, each with their own thoughts, were driving on the road. ... ... In the Bauhinia Hotel, owned by Scarlet, she had prepared the most expensive presidential suite for Arthur. Moreover, to show her gratitude, she invited him for a dinner. They went to the largest dining room on the hotel's top floor, where they could overlook the beautiful city at night while enjoying the meal. As Scarlet went to the restroom, Arthur ordered some Chinese dishes on the menu.Thinking that the date today was her birthday and
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Chapter 8: Happy Birthday!
Scarlet was almost as tall as Arthur with the high heels. She glanced around disdainfully like a queen, though in deed, she's really the only queen here. The manager quickly bowed low and explained. "Boss, I have explained to them thoroughly, but they still insisted on entering this room..." Scarlet looked at him dissatisfied, speaking no words. The manager trembled and hastily said, "I understand! Boss." The people in front of them were stunned. They never expected that the person in this room was Scarlet Stacy, one of the most influential figures in the city. If they had known, they definitely wouldn't have caused trouble here! Raymond couldn't help but curse Jacob and Mrs. William for their stupidity in his mind. Additionally, he was jealous that Arthur could dine with Scarlet Stacy. He still tried to control his expression. He smiled and said, "Miss Scarlet..." But Scarlet didn't give him a chance to finish his sentence. "Raymond, you'd better control your dogs. You
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Chapter 9: Raymond's Conspiracy
The following day, in a secluded garden at a villa on the outskirts, the cheerful laughter of a little girl echoed."Grandma, the rose I planted bloom. They are as pretty as you!" The noble and elegant middle-aged woman smiled at little Emma's child words and affectionately stroked her head, eyes filled with love and indulgence. In the distance, sitting on the swing in the garden, was a gorgeous and exquisite young woman. She quietly watched the her mother and her daughter playing together, the lips curving into a gentle smile. She was Lucia, Lucia Gullweger, who had had one night stand with Arthur by accident. Just then, a servant's voice interrupted the serene atmosphere."Miss, Elder Ethan requests your presence." Lucia frowned slightly and thought in mind."Why is he here?" She had ever been supposed to be the heir of the family, as her father was the eldest son. However, everything changed after the incident three years ago, and she was stripped of the inheritance rights.
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Chapter 10: Unfair Contract
Arthur opened his eyes from within his world. With his legs crossed and his hands resting on his knees, he was in cultivation through the silver ring on his finger.It was a precious ring that proved his identity as the heir of the Hastings. Only his blood could activate it, making him the rightful successor of the family.Just a moment ago, the ring had trembled ever so slightly for times.In his mental world, he felt a little nervous like something was slowly slipping out of his control.Right at that moment, a sudden knock on the door sounded.Arthur frowned a little. He had instructed Scarlet that anyone who wanted to meet him must notify her first. However, he hadn't received any call from Scarlet.He didn't like things out of control, making him feel like everything was getting out of order.Nonetheless, Arthur suppressed his temper. From the knock on the door, he could sense that the person outside was in a hurry.He gave a faint smile and spoke softly, "Come in."The door
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