System Within: Million Dollars From Today

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System Within: Million Dollars From Today

By: VKBoy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Gabe was born in a poor family. He's been taking care of his sick aunt for decades, and he's not able to escape poverty or find a girl willing to kiss much less marry him. But then he encounters a system, which promises to give him a million dollars if he does what it says! Gabe is now all set to change his fate!

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  • Sivaprakash


    Nice interplay on characters loving it

    2023-09-25 01:01:59
  • Ibiso Bobmanuel


    Loved the first chapter, it's a good book

    2023-05-07 05:20:26
  • Sanjay


    Very good novel

    2024-01-19 21:02:39
  • Nicko Bermoy


    Boss Author, i love to read this Awesome book of yours. Please don't stop updating it ...

    2023-10-03 04:09:10
  • Carlo Aquino


    this is a good novel

    2023-09-09 08:38:26


    This is a nice book. Highly recomended...️

    2023-06-27 20:49:21
  • Selaelo Kgaogelo MK


    talk about having no sense of anything and poor, limited thinking of the main character. dominated by his own system, such an embarrassment

    2023-06-07 10:05:04
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439 chapters
After losing his delivery driver job for thinking his female manager liked him and saying to her ‘I love you’, Gabe Brando was without a doubt experiencing the lowest, crappiest phase of his life. Being used by women, only to then be treated like trash was not new to Gabe, but it would still shock and break him every single time. At present, seated in the opposite row to him in the bus was Sheila, a divorced woman from the same neighborhood he lived in, and she had this ‘I’m too good for you’ look. Gabe couldn’t even make eye contact with her for long. He felt too inferior for many reasons. He was jobless. He had thin hair. He was slightly cross-eyed, and he didn’t consider himself handsome, either. He thought, no, he knew he had no chance even with a divorced woman who he also owed some money. Such was the state the no-teen-ever Gabe was in. “I washed my head today, and I lost more hair today,” he muttered under his breath. “Is it because I’m buying cheap shampoo, or is it just t
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“Are you kidding me?” Gabe’s gall bladder almost loosened from hearing the system’s words. “How do you expect me to defeat that monster of a man? He only needs to punch me casually for me to hug the ground for good.”[Don’t you want a million dollars?]“I do, but give me some reasonable task,” Gabe blurted. “Not an impossible one.”[Host Gabe, you’re not cooperating, so I’ll be taking control over your body.]“Taking control? What are you…” Gabe’s body convulsed for a second. And then he was opening and closing his hands against his will. “Hey, stop this! It’s not funny!”His body turned around and entered the tent.The big guy was threatening the interviewer, “If you don’t give me this job, I’ll come to your house tonight and fuck your wife right before your eyes.”The interviewer trembled visibly. “Y-You’re overqualified for this job, Mr. Bart. W-What’s your reason for wanting to join as a mere museum’s guard? Are you planning to steal something from the museum?”“Just shut your tra
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Mia Reyes.When Gabe was in sixth standard, Mia joined his school. She used to wear glasses and also cough most of the time because her health wasn’t good. Gabe immediately pitied her because his aunt’s health also wasn’t good. The other girls in the class teased and mocked Mia a lot in the beginning, but after the quarterly exams, Mia was ranked third in the class, and so most of their mouths naturally shut up.Mia wouldn’t talk much, but she would help anyone that asked her to help clarify their doubts on any subject.Gabe also went to her a few times, and she helped him. Gabe didn’t talk to her much other than a limited number of times, but he gave her something that would benefit her health every single time he met her, whether it be blueberries or beets. And he probably looked at her the most than anyone else in the class. He was highly innocent and utterly clueless about the type of feelings he had for her back then.After growing up, however, he realized that she was his first
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Gabe didn’t cry for long, or rather he couldn’t. A couple of teenagers had entered the alley, kissing, and not at all caring that he was there. He had to leave when it should have been the opposite. The teenagers should have been the ones that left.He remembered that he didn’t even kiss a girl until he crossed 20. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to; it was just that he couldn’t.After going to the side, Gabe asked, “You said you’d give me a million dollars, right? Give me them now.”[You didn’t beat Bart. I did after taking over your body. Besides, I never said I’ll give you the money right away.]“What? Then when are you going to give me?” Gabe sounded frustrated.[You must level up and get stronger. Then I can give you everything in the world.]Gabe couldn’t fully trust the system’s words.Gabe then came home.It was a small house with no lawn or any extra space other than the four rooms: living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.In the bedroom, there were two men currently
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The system forced Gabe to spit, and the half-chewed chicken piece and bones flew out of his mouth and fell on top of his friends.Utterly shocked, Gabe thought everything was over. He thought they would gang up and beat him so badly he would take a few weeks to recover.However, to his shock and relief, they didn’t even react.They were already too drunk at that point to realize what had happened.“Whew…” Gabe breathed a sigh of relief but then scolded the system. “Are you trying to ruin my relationship with them?”[What sort of relationship is this? You should be alpha, not a freaking beta when you interact with others!] The system also sharply responded. [Don’t show me this type of behavior again, or you’ll lose my respect.]Gabe felt threatened by the system’s words. “But, didn’t Jesus tell us to be meek and humble?”[There’s a difference between being meek and miserable. Jesus is the alpha of alphas. He never begged people to believe in God. He commanded everyone to repent from th
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Zack Newman.That was the name of Kiera’s fiance. According to what most of the public knew, he owned a digital marketing agency, and his estimated net worth was over 99 million dollars.As if that wasn’t enough to demoralize Gabe, he came to know that Zack was only 32 years old. How did Kiera whose family owned a grocery store was able to make such a rich, young man fall for her? Gabe had no idea.“He’s not much older than me, but he’s got ninety-nine freaking million dollars in the bank,” Gabe cursed himself. “I totally understand why Kiera wants to share her life with him.”[Stop sulking. I told you I will get you rich, so rich that Zack Newman will lick your boots for your attention. But right now, let’s go hunt some alphas. For starters, is there any popular bar in this neighborhood?]“Yeah, there is one that is not far from my house, but why do you want me to go there?”[Because we have some work to do. I’ll make you a much more distinguished person than Zack.]“Are you going to
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Gabe’s mind went blank when he saw Mia. Her facial features were not something he could ever forget. Even with glasses on, he immediately recognized her.She went and stood behind the other people that had gotten out of the car and patiently waited.A lot of thoughts flooded through his mind, but he wanted to confirm about one thing, so he walked up to her and said, “H-Hi.”Mia glanced at him and recognized that she met him recently.“Do you remember me?” he asked.She nodded, though only very slightly. “The guy who fought Bart.”“Actually, he attacked me first,” he explained.“I guessed that might have been the case,” she said in a low voice. The movements she made were very delicate and attractive. “What are you doing here anyway?”“I live here,” Gabe pointed toward his house. “That’s my house.”“Oh…” Mia looked a little surprised and went silent.Gabe felt like she wasn’t inclined to continue the conversation. Not wanting to spoil her mood, he turned around but after taking two ste
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“MHHMPFHH!” Sheila's eyes widened at the strong kiss, but she immediately pushed Gabe away with both hands. “What the hell?” she wiped her mouth.“Now, it’s settled,” Systa said in place of Gabe.“Settled? What’s settled?” her brows drew together.“The debt.”“Huh?” Sheila squinted her eyes. “What nonsense are you spewing?”“You kissed me, and my kiss costs 500 dollars,” Systa reasoned, “so if we do the math, you still owe me 80 dollars.”Sheila’s jaw hardened. “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re the one who kissed me, so you should be the one paying me! Not the other way around.”“No. You’re almost 40 years old, but I’m not even 30, so no matter who kisses who, the older one ends up owing to the younger one,” Systa stated and turned around from her.“What the hell are you doing?” Gabe, through his consciousness, kept screaming at Systa who wouldn’t give control over his body. “You’re fucking my relationship with her. Give me my body back.”[You have no idea, so shut up.] Systa was col
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Gabe froze in his steps, for Mia was talking with his aunt, and for the first time in many years, he had seen a smile on Nicole’s face. Mia saw Gabe and stood from the small stool where she had been sitting. “Gabe is here.” “Gabe…” Nicole tried to sit up, but she couldn’t do it by herself. Gabe hurriedly helped, and Mia also gave a hand. “Look. Your friend brought us sweets,” Nicole spoke excitedly, though only slowly. There were two sweet boxes on the bed. Gabe looked at Mia as if telling her that there was no need to bring those sweets. Mia, however, tilted her head and gave him a similar look but with exact opposite intentions. He used to give her berries when they were young, so she was just returning a little bit of that now. Moreover, they were neighbors now, so this was pretty normal, she believed. “If it was any other kid, they might have abandoned me,” Nicole told Mia, “but Gabe isn’t like that. He’s a good boy.” “I will always love you, Aunt,” Gabe quickly replied, “an
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Mia was wearing a beautiful, bright peach gown. She looked so different and almost angelic without her glasses.Gabe couldn’t speak until she came up to him, climbing down the stairs on her toes.“Were you looking for me?” She had a soft, bright smile on her face.Was this the same woman who was crying a minute ago?Gabe found it hard to believe.“Ah, well…” Gabe hesitantly said, “I was looking around, and…”“Did you eat?” she asked as if she genuinely cared.He quickly nodded. “What about you?”“I haven’t. How are the items?” she scuttled down the stairs, holding her gown up slightly.He followed her. “I loved every single dish.”“I’ll tell them to pack some food for Aunt Nicole,” she said, surprising him. He didn’t expect her to remember about his aunt.She took him to the food section and told the workers to pack every item in boxes and give them to Gabe. He thanked her, and she said it wasn’t necessary.A short-haired blonde saw Gabe and Mia chatting at the food section. She was C
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