Heir to the Richmond Empire

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Heir to the Richmond Empire

By: Youngblood OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Poor Dexter Richmond is married to beautiful rich Sandy Wayne but the Waynes despised him greatly because he is poor and has nothing. Everyone and everything seems designed to remind him of his worthlessness, from his in-laws to his boss and colleagues at work. However, the death of his grandfather and a tattooed sigil changed his life forever. He inherits a multi-trillion-dollar empire overnight. Dexter is now set to punish all those who treated him as trash, and also face the challenges that come with his new status. Join Dexter Richmond on his adventures as the Heir to the Richmond Empire!

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  • Natalie Ordunez


    I like this story hope I can read the rest

    2024-01-31 15:10:52
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97 chapters
Chapter 1: Beat Him Up!
Dexter Richmond tiptoed slowly up the stairs, grateful that there was no one around as he returned home from work. He'd deliberately waited until after dinner before he came into the house. Just so he could avoid meeting his in-laws who never hesitated to rain thinly veiled insults on him. They possessed a twenty-four-hour clock of utter disgust for him. He didn't want to deal with that today. Today was a very special day. Today was his and his wife's third anniversary and he didn't want anything to ruin his mood. He'd managed to borrow some money to buy his wife something very nice. It was a gown from a designer she loved. He'd been saving money for it since their last anniversary – before the designer released the collection. And now he'd borrowed some money to complete it. It was the most expensive thing he'd ever gotten her before and he was proud that he could give her something like that. He couldn't help but be bubbly as he imagined the look on her face when she saw it. Acc
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Chapter 2: Oh, Shut Up!
She hurried to her feet, terror on her face as she looked around for her clothing.“Dexter! Dexter, please stop!” She shouted as she pulled on a shirt, too scared to go near him as he pummeled Ryan who was still screaming and struggling like a woman.She ran out into the hall,“Help!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Mum! Dad!” She cried, wringing her hands as she continued begging a furious Dexter to stop.Her parents rushed in like a storm with three heavy-set guards seconds later.The guards rushed into the room and it took all three of them to pull Dexter off a severely bleeding Ryan.“Beat him up!” Sandy's father bellowed.Ryan slid to the floor unconscious as the guards dragged Dexter and began beating him mercilessly.Dexter felt a hot slap from above as he lay on the floor, four guards towering over him and itching to continue beating the living daylight out of him. Sandy's mother bent down and slapped him again, “You run down, worthless fool!” She accused, “How dare y
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Chapter 3: Bad Start, Worse End!
Dexter's heart dropped to his feet,“S– Sandy?” He queried, not looking further than that at the contents.“I don't want to hear anything from you. Marrying you was a mistake I intend to remedy. Now sign these papers and leave my life forever.” She spat.“S– sandy –”Her father interrupted him with a punch.“I don't want to hear a word from you, you bastard! You heard what she said, sign the damn papers!”“P– please – Sandy please,” Dexter begged, a tear rolling down his eye without his permission.“You're not worthy of our daughter you scrap! Heck! You're not even worthy of breathing the same air as her!” Sandy's mother shouted into his face.Sandy didn't even act like she cared, she spat at his feet and ran back to her lover's side. She caressed him, putting his head on her voluptuous breasts and taking the ice pack from him to cool his head herself.“You'd better start signing now before you get the beating of your life!”Her father thundered.“Raphael, please, I have nowhere to g–
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Chapter 4: So Much Pain!
“Are you ready to confess or do we still need to take this interrogation session further?” The tall man with a scar on his face who'd become Dexter's kinsman of pain, asked as he forced his fist onto Dexter’s already bleeding face.Dexter groaned and spat blood.“You – you've been asking me that –” he coughed and spat more blood as his head lolled forward. “– that question f– for the past th– three days. And j– just like before… I don’t know what you are talking about!” Dexter yelled the last sentence with all the strength he could pull out of his already mutilated body. He felt pain. And anger at the fact that he was going through so much pain for something he knew nothing of.Sergeant Deem stood and stared at Dexter, his teeth bared as he tried to dissect the situation. Finally, he spoke up.“Fine.” He turned around and picked up a damp towel from the table, wiping his bloody fists. “You leave me no choice.”He rushed hastily out of the room, frustration carved in the hunch of his s
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Chapter 5: Too Good To Be A Prison!
Everything still seemed to be in a blur.Dexter couldn’t comprehend what had just happened; all he could process at that moment was the unexpected journey that he and the police chief had set on immediately after he'd been discharged from the hospital he was rushed to.His wounds had been treated and he'd eaten a decent meal for the first time in days. He was so confused he was on high alert. What could be going on? Was this going to be another form of torture? Were they fattening him up for the slaughter?“Young Master Dexter, do you need anything, and are you in any pain?” The Chief asked, turning away from the steering wheel for a second.“There will be a doctor on ground immediately we arrive and you will be tended to more closely.” The Chief added.Dexter was still trying to adjust to the situation before him so it wasn't out of disrespect that he turned his face away to the window.“Where are we headed, sir Chief?” He asked cautiously.“Call me Chief or better still Steve.” The
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Chapter 6: Last Will and Testament!
“Dexter it's such a shame that I couldn’t be there to welcome you myself but life has always been so fair to me I don’t mind it playing a smart one on me and making me absent at this time. But enough about me. I’m sure everything still seems very confusing. Especially your identity.”The man cleared his throat.“You are Dexter Richmond the child of my first son Fletcher Richmond Jnr. I’m sure you are confused as to why you never met me or knew anything of this life before. It is because your mother chose to raise you out of the family.“Your father, my late son died from a tragic helicopter accident a year after you were born and your mother who had never been a fan of the problems that came with being a member of such a widely known family, more or less blamed the family for his death. She decided to take you far away from us to live out there with the rest of the world where you would be safe.“I didn’t rest, I sent out a search party to find her. We then came to an agreement. I did
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Chapter 7: Buried in Gold!
“Now wouldn't it be something if we could be invited to such an occasion?” Priscilla gushed as she and her family prepared to watch the televised event of Fletcher Richmond Snr's burial. It was a must-watch for everyone who knew a thing or two about influence and affluence. “You do realize it's the burial of a person right?” Raphael chuckled, sitting beside his wife. “Oh, whatever! The man lived to a ripe old age and enjoyed his life to the fullest! It's basically a send-off party in my opinion!” Sandy and her new boyfriend Ryan laughed with her parents as they settled into a chair together, a bowl of popcorn between them. “But you're right mum, the kind of connections one would make at such an event –” Sandy shook her head for emphasis, “– Too good!” Raphael chuckled nervously, “But you've got me now babe. I'm sure I have all the connections you could need.” Sandy nodded distractedly as they watched the president of Germany arrive at the venue followed by other presidents and p
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Chapter 8: From Now On!
Dexter was settling into his new life quite smoothly so far.He'd been very busy familiarising himself with everything he had inherited. Which was a lot of work seeing as he'd inherited a lot.He didn't intend to be a lazy and passive leader, he was going to be actively involved in everything going on in all of his companies as much as he could.Richard Crossing had been with him every step of the way. He'd answered all of his questions and was doing an amazing job guiding Dexter on his journey.And Grandpa Fletcher hadn't lied, he was truly still with him. The man had left several videos, recordings, and handwritten files to aid Dexter in his journey.They basically enumerated all the secrets to keeping the businesses thriving and only Richard knew about them.Dexter spent all his time in a study, listening, watching, and reading the files. He didn't want to make any mistakes.His first step according to his grandfather's counsel was to consolidate his authority. Seeing as many would
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Chapter 9: You are Fired!
“Mum I can't believe we're going to meet him, this feels like a dream,” Sandy whispered excitedly to her mother as they made their entrance into the venue for the dinner party.“Tell me about it,” Priscilla whispered back.A shot of applause went up as it did for each family that arrived. They smiled and made their way to their seats, Ryan in tow with them.“You know, I'm pretty sure it's because of our company that the heir decided to come here first! Our records over the past two years have been outstanding!” Priscilla chipped in as they settled down.“Well, that idea might not be too far-fetched.” Raphael grinned and raised a glass in salute.It wasn't far-fetched indeed. Their family was all the heir could think about as he buttoned up his shirt and adjusted his tie in a room in the hotel where the party was being hosted.A knock sounded on his door,“Come in.”It was Ivy.“Hey. I'm ready. And I just got word that most of the guests have arrived. I believe it's time for you to mak
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Chapter 10: That’s a Foolish Assumption!
"I have never been so humiliated in my life!" Raphael Wayne thundered as he and his family barged into the house. He threw his coat onto the floor, his face red with anger and embarrassment. "This wasn’t supposed to happen this way not after all the care we gave him, talk more of the support we showed him, your mother went to all lengths to make sure he got a job in that delivery company to show she cared, but he does this instead!" He continued his eyes red with anger and pain from the embarrassment.Sandy and her mother sat quietly on the couch, Priscilla embittered dried up her tears whilst shaking her head in disbelief. Sandy lost in thoughts, her mind occupied as to how the Richmond heir turned out to be Dexter, the man whom she had just thrown out of her house not long. She had never imagined it to be him remembering all the days she and her family had humiliated and taunted him for having the surname of rich people but having no money or status to uphold the name, and now he
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