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Jim, a hot guy who can set women’s hearts on fire from a glance and panties on flood from a smile, finds himself cripplingly cursed in the dreamy lore of lovemaking. To make matters worse, his beautiful wife had set him a time to change his impuissant condition in bed. If he were to fail her, she threatened to divorce him and tell her family and friends everything. Faced with an insuperable problem to overcome and the grave danger of utter humiliation a man could ever experience, Jim becomes HIM!


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“Jim, isn’t it done yet?” Lola’s voice echoed in the hall. “I’m dying out of hunger here.”“Almost done, ma’am,” a manly voice replied from the kitchen. “Just a minute.” It was Jim Drake cooking in the kitchen. With 185 cm tall, he was the tallest man in the house, but he was also the only man that did all the house chores. From cooking to cleaning, he did the job of a butler and a maid ever since he married Lola’s daughter. Because he did an exceptional job at it, no maid was hired to take care of the house.Pretty soon, Jim brought two dishes specially made for his mother-in-law. One dish was made of leafy vegetables, and the other dish was meat-based.Lola loved the taste of both the dishes so much she moaned while eating. “Mhm, what will I do without you, Jim? As usual, dishes cooked with your hands taste like heaven. I feel like licking the fork and spoon already. Good job.”“Thanks, ma’am,” Jim was happy to receive praise from Lola and then waited until she finished the meal. “U
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Jim probably never kicked a door harder and faster than he did now. He was a tall and sturdy man with well-trained legs, so the door snapped at the hinges and collapsed.Jim then saw Rena and Solomon wrestling in the bed and was baffled beyond belief.“Rena!” Jim stepped on the door, his hand shaking from anger. “What’s that piece of shit doing here?”Rena was a tall brunette with sexy looks and a sweet smile on her face. She looked a bit shocked right now. “Jim! Why did you break the door? Are you crazy?”“Huh? Are you kidding me?” Jim’s blood began to rush in his veins. He looked at Solomon, spitting fire through his eyes. “What the fuck are you doing here? Get away from her.”“U-Uh,” Solomon was only about 172 cm tall and was shorter than Rena. However, he was very muscular and was swole, but he seemed anxious right now. “J-Jim, Rena called me at dawn because she was bored.”“Bored?” Jim’s gaze shifted to his wife. “If you were bored, you should have called me. I’m living in the ve
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Jim cried out in pain and distress.Only one person heard his voice. It was Rena, but she thought he was just shouting while doing gym. He usually screamed sometimes while doing hard workouts, so Rena didn’t think it was abnormal.“He works out in the gym so well, but why can’t he work half as much in bed?” Rena wondered. “Is his testosterone going to his muscles everywhere in the body except to his crotch?” she could only shake her head and mind her business, which was eating. She was a slow eater, so she would take at least fifteen to twenty minutes to eat simple breakfast.Jim crashed on his bum and found himself gasping.[Your body has been taken under control. You’re now my property, Mr. Jim Drake.] A rather sinister voice rang in his head.“W-What?” Jim’s heart skipped a beat as he felt powerless like a man who didn’t sleep for three days straight. “Who are you? H-How do you know my name?”[I think I already told you. I’m Anne.] the female voice in his head turned less hostile.
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Cutting one’s own finger off would be a nightmare for anybody, but Jim didn’t hesitate to cut his finger.Anne electrocuted his body to stop him from committing such a stupid act, but that didn’t work for long, as he just got back up and resumed cutting his finger.In the end, he managed to cut it off, and then he put it in an ice box. “I think throwing you in the toilet is the best thing to do, but I want to get my finger attached again, after I get rid of you.”He wrapped his hand with bandages to stop bleeding, and then he quickly went to the hospital. One of the doctors was his friend, and he didn’t tell him everything. Instead,he just told him, he ended up cutting his finger while experimenting with the dishes in the kitchen.The doctor was rather shocked. “How the hell did you manage to cut your finger like this while cutting veggies?” he could only shake his head. “Anyway, let’s remove this ring and replant the finger.”“Be careful with that ring,” Jim advised.“Haha, I’m going
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Jim brought home a bag full of green beans.[You don’t have to worry about physical condition, Jim.] Anne said. [Just focus on fucking your wife. I’ll take care of the rest.]“I can’t completely rely on you and do nothing,” Jim blurted. “Even though you claim that you can cure my condition, I will still do everything I can.”[Hmph, so unnecessarily strong-headed, but I don’t hate that. Bathe first, and then go to your wife.]“Don’t tell me how to deal with my wife,” Jim growled. “You promised me you’d stay silent when I’m around Rena, so stick to your word.”[I only promised that I’ll keep silent when you are in the bed with her. Nothing more. Nothing less.]“Tsk,” Jim really wished he could just pull the ring out and throw it in the toilet.As he was heading to the kitchen, a short, fat man entered his vision, stroking his pointy mustache. This man was Marc Adams, his father-in-law. If there was anyone who treated him like trash in this house, it would be this man. For some reason Ji
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On the same night, Jim didn’t cook Ants Fry. Instead, he made a juicy fry out of lamb chops, which made Marc completely forget about the fact that Jim was supposed to cook Ants Fry.Everybody except Marc didn’t praise the dish.“Today’s dish is a bit strange,” Lola, his mother-in-law, said. “Did you change the recipe this time?”“No. Is it bad?”“It’s not bad, but it’s strange.” She looked at her daughters who also said the same thing.Jim tasted the curry, but he felt its taste to be normal.Lola then openly took out a hundred dollar bill from her purse and handed it to Jim. She would do this every night after dinner. Jim would use this money for buying groceries and paying other bills. If there was any pocket change, he’d keep it because Lola told him to.However, it wasn’t just Jim who received money every night. Shiney also asked her mother for her pocket money. Lola, depending on her mood, would give her daughter a weekly allowance of anywhere between 100 to 1000 dollars. To put
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If there was a time that Rena could never forget, it would be her first night after marriage. She just married one of the most handsome men she had ever seen in her life, and he was also the son of her mother’s elder brother. She knew him from a young age, and she would be lying if she said she was never attracted by his looks and contagious smile. But because they were cousins, she never dared to ask him out.However, by a twist of fate, she ended up marrying him. Naturally, she had a lot of expectations on her first night, where she was ready to give her purity to her husband.But then, by another bigger twist of fate, that entire night went by with Jim doing his best to just get his little brother up.At first, she thought he was just tense, but as days went by, Jim was only barely able to harden his little brother, and this was nowhere near enough for doing anything. She secretly took him to the doctors and then understood that he has some rare complications, and that he might get
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“I never wanted to ask for the money I’ve given you,” Jim said with a heavy heart, “but you’re earned a lot through finance, and now you’re very capable of giving me my money. I don’t need any interest. Just give me the 4.3 million dollars, and I’ll sign the documents wherever you want me to.”Lola could not maintain a straight face anymore. “J-Jim, you gave me money, but I gave you my daughter. I let you live in my home for four years.”Jim didn’t like her response at all. “Are you saying you don’t want to give my money back?”Lola didn’t respond this time.“I worked my ass off in this house, Aunt, even though your husband treated me like shit,” Jim growled, “even though you treated me not as your brother’s son but just as would treat a maid. And I never complained about that, did I? So, stop with your nonsense, and give me money.”Lola sipped on the coffee that he made and softly shook her head. “Sorry, but my money is spread out, and collecting it from different people and companie
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Bernard Williams.Jim searched this name online and found out that Bernard was promoted to a lawyer in the supreme court about a year ago.“Whoa, this guy is a big deal,” Jim thought. “He should be earning a lot of money with every case, so why does he want to talk to me? Just how much does my dad owe him?” His heart started beating faster.[Until you go and talk to him, you will never know.] Anne stated.“... You’re right.” Jim was required to pay seven dollars for using the internet in the cafe. He also needed to pay three more dollars for the coffee. However, he took the sim card out of his mobile, deleted all the information in it, factory-resetted the phone and gave it to the cafe owner in exchange for letting him use the cafe. The owner shamelessly took the mobile.As Jim walked out of the cafe, Anne asked, [Are you sure you want to leave your mobile? You have a lot of online friends, don’t you?]“Yeah, but they are a distraction now,” Jim said. After workout, chatting online an
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The dog was still stuck in the gate, and the second dog was still trying to help.Bernard brought Jim back to the hall above and plopped down in his extra large couch, which was also his bed. He picked up his bowl of berries again.“So, tell me, why did you say you can’t give all the gold to me?” Jim asked the question that he had been itching to ask for the past five minutes because it took them five minutes to come up from the vault.“I’m your family’s trustee,” Bernard tossed a berry to Jim. He caught it but didn’t eat it. “My responsibility isn’t just to blindly give you money but to give you in a way it’ll benefit you. For instance, as per the agreement, if you have any debts unrelated to gambling and drugs, I will clear them all for you for just one time, in your entire lifetime. If you want me to provide for your house rent or your children’s education, I will also happily do that because it’s part of the agreement. If you want money for investment, then yes, I will gladly help
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