Rise Towards Supremeacy From A Nobody

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Rise Towards Supremeacy From A Nobody

By: Sebastian CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"Replace my son and marry the heiress of the Swan Corporation, and I will lend you $200,000." These were the words spoken by my father and stepmother when I went to their house to borrow money for my mother's medical treatment. Edward is an ordinary guy, a part-time salesman who is constantly trying his best. But his life takes a dramatic turn when he is betrayed by his girlfriend, falsely accused of voyeurism in the restroom, alienated and trampled by everyone, suspended from school, and shortly after, his mother falls ill and he doesn't have enough money. However, it is precisely these events that change his entire life. The heiress of the Swan Corporation, is she truly as useless as people often gossip about? And what lies behind the seemingly innocent girl within her family?

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    A good story, looking forward to the new chapter ...️

    2023-08-30 21:22:17
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    Very good, I love this book. Moahh

    2023-07-03 23:30:31
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171 chapters
Chapter 1: The noise in the women's restroom.
"Please ring up these items for me."On scorching summer days like this, convenience stores are still an excellent choice for many people. The line of customers waiting to pay was long and continuous. The young man at the cash register was swiftly tallying up the purchases, his movements incredibly fast, with constant beeping sounds. At the same time, a bright smile always adorned his face, and the phrase "Welcome to 10&3" was ready to greet each customer who walked in.Just then, another young man emerged from the changing room, apparently also an employee of 10&3, and had just finished changing into his uniform. He approached the cashier and said, "It's my shift now, Edward. Take a break.""Okay," Edward replied, glancing at his watch while switching positions with the new arrival. It was precisely one o'clock in the afternoon, and he had to hurry to the Winmart mini supermarket to make it in time for his shift from two in the afternoon until ten in the evening."Running another sho
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Chapter 2: Treachery!
Perhaps even in his wildest dreams, Edward had never dreamt of such a horrifying nightmare. What he saw before him was his girlfriend, Janet. She was in the most vulnerable state, entwined with another man, and her moans of desire filled the air.She had told him she was studying, but in reality, she was having an affair with someone else. Edward couldn't believe what he was seeing, and as he opened the restroom door, both turned to look at him, including the man Edward recognized as Jeff is one of the young heirs of a wealthy family in this city. The reason why Edward knows Jeff is that Jeff's mother is a member of the board of directors at this university, while his father is the owner of a company.This scene struck him with a tremendous shock. "Janet!?" Edward exclaimed, his voice trembling. "What is all this? Is this all true?"Edward clutched his head with his hands, unable to accept this reality, retreating further and further within himself. How would he confront Janet, and
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Chapter 3: Olivia.
Leaving the library, Edward returns to his dormitory. However, as he entered the room, his roommate, Harry, greeted him with a sad and panicked expression."Oh, Edward, what happened to you? Where were you? Do you know what's going on? The whole school forum is buzzing about you going into the women's restroom in the library and spying! I can't believe this!"Edward's heart tightened as he realized the seriousness of the situation.Did those people post about him on social media already? They were so fast that they didn't listen to Olivia's words. Yes, they took pictures of him, and someone even recorded a video. Those cameras were like guns, and social media were the most extensive courtroom where anyone could be condemned.Edward hurriedly sat down at his desk and turned on his computer. Despite mentally preparing himself, he couldn't help but fall silent when he accessed the university forum.He had become the target of gossip and false accusations, and now, terrible insults were b
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Chapter 4: That girl, Felicia, is blind!
The following day, due to staying up late the previous night and having no classes in the morning, Edward allowed himself to sleep in. He also requested time off from his library job because he knew that his presence there would cause a stir.However, as Edward was deeply immersed in his slumber, the telephone sound suddenly pierced through the room, resonating in the air. Gradually awakening, Edward reached out to fumble for the phone, his mind filled with questions. Who could be calling him at this hour? Could it be a terrorist threat from someone?Edward brought the phone to eye level, and upon seeing an unknown phone number, he hesitated. But at that moment, his heart suddenly started pounding, and deep within him, a sense of worry urged him to answer the call. Finally, Edward decided to press the answer button."Hello," he said."Hello, is this Edward Sherwood?" a gentle voice on the other end inquired."Yes, that's correct. What's this about?" Edward's voice trembled as he reali
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Chapter 5: Family secret.
"Let me open the door," Emily said.After three knocks on the door, Emily finally stood up. She didn't know who was knocking, and whoever it was, they couldn't have come at a worse time during this chaotic and private moment for her family.Emily reached out and opened the door, raising her gaze. But as soon as she saw who it was, her expression immediately turned cold and changed.Her first words were not a greeting or an invitation into the house, as she had imagined in her head. Instead, she asked, "What are you doing here?"It was Edward who had arrived, someone who was not welcomed in this house. And Emily's words also notified the other three people inside the house of his presence.Edward glanced inside the house that had once been so familiar to him, where he had lived from birth until eight. It has changed significantly, with luxurious and eye-catching decorations, and even the people living within it have changed.Yes, he carried the Sherwood name and was also one of the "me
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Chapter 6: Whispers from a dream.
These were the most extended moments in Edward's life. He stood there, bewildered, looking at his stepfather and stepmother while Emily and Jasper exclaimed, "Father, mother, are you mistaken? This is absurd, impossible! How could you agree to lend him money!?" "That's right; I don't agree with this at all. He's shameless..." As Jasper and Emily continued to voice their anger, Mrs. Sherwood raised her hand, gesturing for them to quiet down. Then, Mrs. Sherwood and Mr. Sherwood helped Edward to his feet, leaving him in astonishment and confusion. Mrs. Sherwood placed a hand on Edward's shoulder. "My son, I consider you my own, and I hope you know that. And of course, as you said, we wouldn't give you anything for free. I also hope that you will become an independent man rather than relying on money given to you by others..." Hearing Mrs. Sherwood's words, Edward felt a sense of revelation in his heart. It wasn't that they suddenly changed their minds; they discovered he had value
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Chapter 7: His path of revenge was beginning!
Edward's consciousness finally returned, though he had no idea how much time had passed. He wondered what had happened to him after he had blacked out. Did the people around him do something to him? Was he still alive?Slowly, he began to feel the weight of his body, starting with his hands and feet. He could sense the heaviness, dampness, and a dull ache. Edward's eyes fluttered open, and before him was a blur of white, the ceiling of a plasterboard room. Then, his hearing started to come back as well. He caught a whiff of antiseptic, the distinctive smell of a hospital.A hospital?At this moment, Edward fully realized he was in a hospital. His gaze felt like a foggy lens being cleared as he struggled to sit and take in his surroundings. It was a spacious room, resembling more of a hotel suite than a hospital room. There was only one bed in the room, and in the middle, there was a settee, a cabinet, a TV, and various medical equipment."This is... a VIP ward?" Edward questioned, his
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Chapter 8: Has the groom arrived?
Three days later,After receiving the inheritance, Edward moved his mother to a VIP hospital room for better care. Then, he also moved into a new house, a mansion in the affluent neighborhood of this city.A new life... one that he had never thought of before.In reality, when this situation arose, Edward also thought that he would pay $200,000 to the Sherwood family and set aside the wedding ceremony, having nothing to do with that family anymore.But then, he reconsidered. If he did that, it wouldn't be right because he had promised them and agreed to the exchange. At that time, when Edward had nothing in his hands, no matter how you put it, the Sherwood family had saved him so that he could save his mother in time.Edward knew he couldn't go back on his word. If he did that, he wouldn't be different from his father.Moreover, marrying Felicia Swan was also the first step in the revenge plan of his family. With their wealth, company, and influence, the Swan family was alright, even q
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Chapter 9: I lost control because a dog stepped on my foot momentarily.
That must be Felicia Swan and her father, Mr. Swan.Felicia is a girl with a pleasant and gentle face. She has long, lightly curled black hair that falls on her shoulders. Her skin is fair like snow, and her facial features are not considered stunningly beautiful or overly sharp, but everything is harmonious and balanced. Her nose is not too high but straight, and she has big, round, sparkling eyes with long natural eyelashes. Her eyebrows are delicate, and she has heart-shaped lips. Her figure is also well-proportioned, not too tall or too thin. She is wearing a simple off-the-shoulder wedding dress and holding a white wedding bouquet.At first glance, aside from the slight flaw in her eyes, Felicia doesn't have any other imperfections.Edward walks to her side, and it seems like she senses his presence as she turns to face him. Edward holds her hand, and in the complex gaze of everyone around, her writing feels soft, like cotton, and warm. He raises his hand to his arm, allowing her
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Chapter 10: Get down on your knees and apologize to Jasper quickly!
Edward looked at the box in Mr Benson's hand and then accepted it, opening it to reveal a pair of sparkling diamond rings with the Dior brand. This left the onlookers astonished and admiring, in awe.Meanwhile, Edward looked at the wedding rings and then at Mr. Benson. He didn't know the extent of the relationship between Mr Benson and the Swan family. If they weren't too close, wouldn't it be too flashy and raise suspicions to give such valuable wedding rings?However, during the ceremony, Edward couldn't let his thoughts linger for too long. It would be awkward if he just stood there and let Mr. Benson hold the rings in front of him indefinitely. So Edward promptly accepted the rings, smiled, and said, "Thank you."Mr. Benson nodded slightly and then returned to his seat as a guest.The engagement ceremony began right after that. Although Edward knew that the Swan family had already prepared an engagement ring for their daughter, he decided to use the ring Mr. Benson gave him.He put
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