The Day I Was Reincarnated As a Goblin in a Fantasy World.

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The Day I Was Reincarnated As a Goblin in a Fantasy World.

By: Zorenico OngoingSystem

Language: English

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My name is Rey, A 28 years-old man who were looking for a job. As i was walking i witnesses a crime in which a girl was being abducted by someone, As i have a heroic heart i tried to save that girl but ended up dying. Pretty lame right? A man that was unemployed, single since birth, and on top of that closer to being 30 of age. ...But there was a big catch, The God of Reincarnation gave me a chance to live again in another world where mythical monsters, beast, magic, and different kinds of species exist. A journey of a mere Goblin with a blood of an Ancient Dragon begins...


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Chapter 01 :The First Domination
>The Day I Was Reincarnated As A Goblin In A Fantasy World< Author: Zorenico [Chapter 01: The First Domination] ... Ahh, hello! My name is Rey and I'm 28 years old guy who was once looking for a job when I was living on earth but.. I died because of saving a girl who was being abducted in a broad daylight. The abductor shot me in the middle of my heart and was on the verge of losing my consciousness but a sudden voice emanated from within. "Rey, because you have a heroic heart, I will give you a chance to live again. This is a world where magic, mythical creatures, and various kinds of species exist. You may live your life as a normal being or dominate the entire world at your discretion, but remember this; If you died, you may not be able to live again and will be sent into the afterworld. So you must cherish your life as much as you can." Rey struggled to open his eyes and eventually catch a view of where he was. "So that wasn't a dream.." He said. "Hm, why do I feel like m
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Chapter 02 The Lizardmen Village
------------------------------Name: ReyClass: OgreAbilities: Domination, Berserk, CurseStats:Str: 100Agility: 50Inner-gy: 1000------------------------------"The village has a lot of resources, but the goblins used them incorrectly, trading magic stones for food rather than hunting by themselves, using iron and steel to produce armor or a stronger weapon, creating a long-lasting dwelling, and distributing chores in a better method. If they used them correctly then this village might become a kingdom that will be on par with any neighboring countries." Muttered Rey. Trivia: Goblin is the weakest among the race but there are certain ways to awaken themselves and that is by slaying monsters, species, or studying magic skills. "So you have evolved into magi-goblin after studying some basic law of magic?" "Yes, master. I also tried to teach the others but they couldn't comprehend it too well." "It's okay. Everyone has their own talent, it's just a matter of time before they show
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Chapter 03 Orc's Settlement
After the domination, they decided to pack up for their departure, while Rey called the former chief of the lizardmen for something. Drakuru went to Rey and spoke, "Master, why did you call me?" "Based on my knowledge of this world if I can give you a name then you will undergo an evolution right?" Asked, Rey. "At first, naming is a process introduced as only being able to establish master-servant relationships. However, later on, it has been demonstrated that giving a monster a name causes them to evolve. The giver will lose its original Inner-gy and be transferred to the receiver that is why only reputable individuals can give such a name to us." Thus Rey learned that there was such thing as naming capabilities, and decided to give the former chief of the lizardmen a name. Though he might lose a little bit of innergy capacity, nonetheless, it would be helpful for him. "How about I call you Drakoru?" "Da-da-drakoru?" He stuttered. "Hm" "Uhhh this, master I am evolving..." T
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Chapter 04 Maharlika
After evolving to Aka-Oni, Rey was finally able to view the details of the spirit snake that entered his body. The spirit snake had become part of Rey's body, no, to be exact, it has created a new orb inside him and had gained a new ability. An ability to store things or even living beings inside his new orb, it was like a dimensional pouch but the difference is it was directly inside his inner body, and no one would be able to rob his wealth without his permission. The second one was that it had 10,000 innergy, with this, he could use innergy transferring that he obtain after dominating Drakuru and use half of its innegy to utilize it in a battle. >Earlier That TimeMonstri Hall< "Monarch, this old man has some serious questions about this realm." Said, Goblu. "Ohh, and what is it?" Aske
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Chapter 05 Sudden changes
The Maharlika was divided into four parts due to sudden developments. The officials live on the left side, and the residents are on the right. The agricultural will be on the upper right side, with the future arena on the upper left side. There was a river on Maharlika's right side that will be the source of water. Gobu has listed all the immigrants out of which 50% of them have the ability to help the developing country. Drakuru returned from the mission with the sheep human. He bought a hundreds of them, and so the worries of not having an agriculturist have been solved. Hundreds of them took over the agricultural activities with Alice (Sheep-Human Representative) as the representative of agriculturists. "Ohh? so you already evolved to DrakoLord huh?" Asked, Rey. Felt the changes in Drakuru's innergy. "Yes, master." "Even your appearance becomes somewhat similiar to a human. And to even think that you acquired the blue fire huh?" He said. Looking at Drakuru's Progress Bar.
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Chapter 06 peace treaty?
After a month, Maharlika has become more stable, and its military can now compete with some of the neighboring countries. Rey noticed that some of them were not evolving into hob-goblins and drakozard and tried to name every one of them and since it's a bother to think of a good name, he used numerical numbers like Yi, Er, San, and so on. .. "Master, there are thousands of warriors outside, all of them appear to be well-equipped!" Reported, Gobu. "An enemy attack? well, it was possible because we are a nation of monsters. I thought we could at least have peace of mind for a month, sighed!" Rey pondered and spoke once again, Drakuru, Gian heed my order! " "Yes!" "Gather all of the troops and wait for me outside of Mahalika!" Ordered, Rey. "As you wish!" .. >Rey's House< "Rey-sama, the dress you asked for from Isabella was delivered some time ago; will you wear it now?" Asked, Theresa. "Yes, please. I need to look presentable in order to make a good impression as the king of
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Chapter 07 Beast Kingdom
Several hours have passed after Rey turned into a hibernation state. His stats drastically increased while some of his abilities turned into passive except for the domination. Rey's body turned into a humanlike appearance with one horn at my head and long black hair. Rey also acquired the new title Quansi-Lord. Since Rey became a Quansi-Lord his affinity for dark increased. [Acquired ability: {Black Flame} -that permits the user to expel very dangerous Black Flames from their body The Ability makes use of one's own inner-gy, and the size of a flame's maximal size may represent the user's inner-gy power.] Note: When used by a swordsman/spearman, wounds inflicted on an enemy would never heal for a while. .. After the hibernation state, he have been congratulated by his followers and the beast king himself acknowledges Rey as the strongest warrior in the forest, Tenebris Silva. Rey was astonished by the current state of his generals as they have become powerful. After the battle
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Chapter 08 Plans for the future
While they were at the banquet, Beast King Leonardo Vicente showed the map of the continent to Rey and explain everything there was to know about the other countries. "The holy Church of Divine Country is one of the countries that we are keeping an eye on. They are opposed to the thought of having a monster/beast like us having our own country, hence we have predicted that the attack of barbarians is the plot made by them. This is Dakufindo, a country of demons that rules over all of Paradisus Silva. Despite the fact that they are demons, they do not attack without cause. The Dwarven Kingdom is a country populated by dwarfs who specialize in forging and construction. Though the Dwarven Kingdom's military is not particularly large, half of its population is made up of warriors. In no way inferior to any other nation. Lastly, The Country of Human race, There are four countries that are ruled over by the human race but the ruler of them all is the Empire of Tigris and some of them were i
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Chapter 09 The Dungeon Owner
Will you use [Blue Stone] ?-Resistance to thunder attack ([Yes]/No) Acquired: Resistance to Thunder Attack. They rested for 2days to regain their lost innergy and another two days passed once again and continued their raid to the next floor. Both of them got to the 15th floor quickly because they were able to easily kill the enemies because the dungeon monsters were Fire Elementalists and Rey was immune to fire and can manipulate them at will. The two had the impression that someone was watching them from above as they entered the 15th floor and suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to kill. They looked up into the sky and saw a winged lion that resembled a mythical griffin described as an S-Rank Beast in the Book of Mythical Beast that Rey read. "O-ohh, it was not fully matured.." Said, Rey. He took a deep breath. Rey immediately told khufra to enter his dimensional space, and the griffin started to cast a skill [Wind Storm] with strength or equal to Rey's ultimate skill. R
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Chapter 10 The dragon's bloodline
The blood of an ancient dragon continues to flow throughout Rey's body and can feel all the changes in himself. His appearance became more human-like while having pointed ears. His hair color turned crystal blue while feeling an indestructible amount of dragon's strength in his body. Attainment Acquired: [Dragonification- Dragonification is an ability to turn thyself onto a half-dragon, giving a boost to his strength, agility, and innergy.] Ten days have passed, and Rey's stats increased. He also acquired new abilities such as; [Dragon's Breath] - The ability to emit Black Flame through his mouth. [The Step] - Able to teleport forward at a fixed distance. During this time, you are invincible to damage and attacks. [Dragon's Roar] - Imitate a true dragon's roar, if used, will suffer a decrease in stats and slow its movements for a minute. [Eye of Dragon] - Griffins Eye has been upgraded to Eye of Dragon, New ability: See-through lies, Measure the ability of others, See-through a
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